Alec and magnus meet

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alec and magnus meet

This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. It's a common tag. You can use it to filter works and to filter bookmarks. The Circle find the Warlocks' lair. Alec helps Magnus kill one of them. Shadowhunters - The Journey Of Malec Through Season One Is A Total Roller Coaster! -. To help with the infiltration, Camille had Magnus meet Tessa Gray, who had .. Magnus inquired if Alec would ask every person he had met such questions.

Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s First Kiss

His eyes closed and his elbow slipped forward, knocking into a picture on the counter. Quickly Alec ducked out and began trying to hurriedly fix the glass which had been covering a picture of Mrs. Knot's brother, Castiel, and his new husband. Which of course is Dean. So pray tell why I found clothes hung backwards, in the wrong place, ties knotted incorrectly, and this dollar cardigan sweater designed by Magnus Bane with a stain on it!

He had knocked over a bottle of bleach onto that sweater, and put it back, hoping no one would notice the white blotch on the hem. We have designers coming in this afternoon, including Magnus Bane who's sweater you spilled bleach on! Is he really such a douche that he'd care? She raised an eyebrow. Who is he anyways and why is like Did you just ask who Magnus Bane is?

Personally I think he sounds kinda shady. Magnus consoled his boyfriend, telling him that he wouldn't be any more ready to lose him in the future than he was "right now", which he firmly said was "not at all.

Magnus confronted Isabelle about Alec, directly telling her that he loved Alec, telling her that he'd noticed and was worried since Alec wasn't "happy. Alec let Magnus take his strength—like on the night of the battle on Valentine's ship—to heal himself.

  • Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood First Meet

Alec ended up finding him in an abandoned subway where he was supposed to be meeting Camille, obviously waiting for him, much to his shock. Magnus was upset that Alec would consider taking his immortality away at all and kept it a secret, not bothering to tell him about Camille's offer.

He said how since he had seen everything and been everywhere in the world, all he ever wanted was to simply live the rest of his life and grow old with someone he genuinely loved and wanted and hoped for it to be with Alec.

Though Alec emotionally pleaded for another chance, Magnus refused, asking him to take his things from his apartment and to leave his key to it on the table, also saying he wished to never see him or his friends and family ever again, being tired of being their "pet warlock".

The two shared one last passionate embrace and final kiss before Magnus reluctantly walked away, leaving a heartbroken and tearful Alec behind. For a quite some time after that, Alec kept calling Magnus but kept hanging up whenever Magnus picked up, and sometimes leaving him messages on his voicemail. This, eventually, resulted in Jace breaking Alec's phone in order to get him to stop.

Magnus was just as miserable over his break up with Alec when Jace went to confront him. Jace bluntly pointed out that he was obviously unhappy, since his apartment was a mess and he had takeout containers everywhere, clearly gorging himself on take out food.

Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s First Kiss – Cassandra Clare

Catarina brought up Alec, and told him she hadn't seen him so hung up on anyone like he was with Alec, adding that she saw him with Alec when they left for Idris in the Portal. She told him that with Alec, he was actually happy, rather than miserable, like when he was with Camille.

Catarina realized just how in love with Alec Magnus was and brought up Tessa as an example that sometimes love is worth the pain of death. She then insisted that Magnus re-take her position as Council Representative for the Children of Lilith so he could go to Idris and make amends with Alec.

After deciding to finally open up more about his past to Alec, the couple reconciled and got back together. The couple has since adopted two children: After they adopted their first child in "Born to Endless Night", Alec asked Magnus to marry him; Magnus explained to Alec that he doesn't want to get married unless their marriage could be honored the way it would be if it was among two Shadowhunters, not wanting Alec to experience anything less.

Malec: Who are you? TMI 1X4

Magnus still said yes, but someday in the future; the two have since had an understanding, and Alec has made efforts towards a better world for both Shadowhunters and Downworlders, both for everyone else's rights and to pave the way for their marriage. He rubbed at the knees of his jeans with his fists.

But do you like me? He had barely recognized him. The warlock was looking at him with a sort of admixture of curiosity and affection and puzzlement. He deposited Chairman Meow on the ground, and the cat moved over to Alec, and rubbed against his leg. You want to go out with me? It makes things difficult. Or he could pretend to be sick and sneak out. He was so lost in thought he almost banged into the front door, which Magnus was leaning against, looking at him through eyes narrowed to crescents.

Magnus was long and lean but not skinny; his body was hard, his arms lightly muscled but strong; he was an inch or so taller than Alec, which hardly ever happened, and they fit together perfectly.

alec and magnus meet

Alec heard a small hitching gasp come from his own throat and then their mouths were pressed together with a sort of controlled urgency. Magnus, Alec thought dazedly, really knew what he was doing. Just before he slid to the floor, Magnus let him go.

When Alec Met Magnus Chapter 1, a mortal instruments fanfic | FanFiction

His eyes were shining and so was his mouth. He felt dizzy, but he also felt alive — blood rushing through his veins like traffic at top speed, everything seemingly almost too brightly colored.

alec and magnus meet

As he stepped through the door, he turned and looked at Magnus, who was watching him bemusedly. Magnus stumbled against him, and Alec kissed him, hard and fast and messy and unpracticed, but with everything he had.

He broke off the kiss, and drew back.