Alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

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alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

As the clock is ticking, Alvin and Brittany find themselves racing to save each after the end of Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman, meaning that but was saved by the quick thinking of the Chipmunks and Chipettes. In this animated adventure, chipmunk Alvin has werewolves on his mind. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (Video ) . Carolyn Lawrence was considered for the role of Brittany, Kath Soucie was considered for the role of. Summary: Theodore was the star of Alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolfman, but Brittany had not forgotten and she was very annoyed.

As they entered the car, Alvin and Brittany remained silent and deep in thought while everyone else around them were talking about numerous things. After Dave and the Chipmunks dropped off the Chipettes, they proceeded home themselves and entered the house.

They quickly changed in pajamas, brushed their teeth, and got into bed. After about five minutes, Simon looked to his left and saw that Alvin wasn't just awake; he was sitting up and looking into space. Talbot was a werewolf, aren't you satisfied enough to get some sleep?

Why wouldn't I care? I thought you and Brittany couldn't stand each other. I don't want to fight with her; I just want to BE with her. You and Brittany are friends, even if things don't work out romantically between you two; nothing can change the fact that you're best friends. At the Millers' House "Brittany, just tell us where you're going tomorrow night.

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You can't keep it a secret forever! Just tell us and we'll leave you alone. They both knew that Alvin and Brittany liked each other, but they never expected for them to every go out A fight can sever the bond of a relationship, but nothing can sever the bond of a friendship, especially the one between you and Alvin.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

The next day seemed to be a little out-of-the-ordinary; there was a lot less trouble in school because of the new principle having more of an impression than the old. Alvin and Brittany also had an off day, instead of fighting like they normally would; they were acting like a couple.

Alvin would help Brittany with her work, give her complements, and even hold her hand; he was trying really hard to make the relationship work. It was the last class of the day and the only class that Alvin and Brittany didn't have together, math. As the bell rang, Alvin quickly got out of his seat and rushed towards the door.

Jeanette VOICE

Olsen asked before Alvin had the chance to escape. Olsen said as he explained his intentions. I have a C- in this class! Olsen said, his face turning serious. There aren't any monsters out there ok. Alvin must have just seen a tree branch sway. You have nothing to worry about" Miss Miller said softly, gently rubbing the still frightened Jeanette's back. After a few minutes of hugging, Jeanette seemed to calm down a little and released her grip.

Miss Miller carried her out of the closet and placed her gently onto her bed, with Brittany and Eleanor right behind. They had completely calmed down now and realized what they had just done. Thinking about it they both felt a little embarrassed at what had happened. They knew there wasn't such thing as a real monster, but they had run screaming home like 5 year olds none the less.

They would both have a word with Alvin in the morning, but right now they were worried about Jeanette. She was always the timid shy one, and they hated to see her so upset. I need to go and speak with David about this" she said softly but sternly.

Miss Miller was very angry that Alvin had managed to frighten all her girls, Jeanette especially. Brittany and Eleanor nodded and climbed onto their sister's bed and sat next to her.

They watched as Miss Miller left the room, and moments later they could hear her screaming into the phone. Jeanette had stopped crying and shaking, but she refused to look at anyone. Brittany joined in as well. Jeanette hugged back but she still refused to look at them, choosing instead to stare at her bed. Brittany and Eleanor were still worried. We were all scared" Eleanor said softly and patted Jeanette's leg. She smiled for a moment then she frowned and almost began to cry again.

Simon didn't get scared, he just ran after his brothers. He is going to think I'm just a big scaredy cat" she said and covered her eyes to try and stop the tears forming behind them from rolling out. Eleanor and Brittany looked at each other and sighed. They knew Jeanette had a crush on Simon, but she was just too nervous to say anything to him. They knew though that he cared about her.

Jeanette would have been crushed if Simon started to think less of her for something like this, but Brittany and Eleanor knew he would never do something like that. He would never think of you like that. He cares about you deeply" Eleanor said soothingly. Jeanette picked up the picture of her and Simon together and pulled it close to her. Eleanor started to rub her back kindly.

Brittany suddenly let out a growl and jumped off the bed. How dare he bring my sister to tears! I'm gonna go over to his house right now and give him a piece of my mind! I'm annoyed at Alvin too, but just leave it for now.

Ending of Alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolfman

We'll both talk to him in the morning" Eleanor said facing her eldest sister. There were three reasons Eleanor not wanting Brittany to go to Alvin right now, the first being that Eleanor was also angry at Alvin and she wanted to have a word with him just as much as Brittany did. The second reason was that she was actually afraid for Alvin. As angry as she was at him right now, she knew he had been scared out of his mind at the time, and she didn't want Brittany overreacting and beating the chipmunk.

And the last reason was it truly was now getting pretty late and it was very dark out. She didn't want Brittany going out alone. It was just too dangerous. Brittany grumbled for a moment then she seemed to comply and sat back down on Jeanette's bed pouting.

And thank you Eleanor" Jeanette said timidly. Both of her sisters immediately forgot about Alvin and turned back to Jeanette. She was still clinging to her photo but she was no longer staring at the bed.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

We'd do anything for you" Brittany said kindly and the three Chipettes began to hug again. Miss Miller reentered the room and watched the sight for a moment. She loved her girls so much, and she loved that they loved each other just the same. They all smiled happily and followed her from the room.

A few hours passed and now the girls were all getting ready for bed. After the events prior, Miss Miller was certain she left the door open a crack for Jeanette. She had calmed down a lot since earlier but Miss Miller didn't want her to get frightened again. As the girls finished brushing their teeth and got changed into their pajamas, she moved to each of their beds and tucked them in.

I'll see you all in the morning. I love you" she whispered and gave them all a kiss before leaving the room and turning off the light.

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Eleanor and Jeanette fell asleep very soon after, but Brittany remained awake. I don't care if it's late or if he's even asleep. I'm going over there right now to talk to him" she thought to herself. She checked to make sure that her sisters were asleep before hopping out of her bed and getting changed. She put on the same outfit she had wore earlier and placed on her blue jacket.

As much as she hated the jacket, it really was comfortable. Normally she would have placed her hair back into a ponytail, as she slept with her hair loose, but she wanted to get to Alvin as soon as possible so she skipped doing her hair and left her room. She tiptoed down the hallway, hoping not to wake Miss Miller. She walked passed her adoptive mother's room to see her snoring loudly on the bed.

Letting out a sigh, Brittany moved passed the room and down the stairs. As she opened the front door she felt a blast of cold hair hit her face. The fog was still very thick and the night sky was darker than ever.

The only light at all came from the street lamps that stood next to the road. Brittany shivered for a moment and contemplated taking Eleanor's advice and simply waiting until tomorrow to speak with Alvin. The Chipmunk's home was not very far away. They lived just slightly up the road from the four way intersection in front of the Miller's house.

Carefully Brittany looked around before crossing the street. She was almost at the Chipmunk's house when she felt another sudden gust of cold wind.

She was about to keep going when she heard a rustling noise in the bushes behind her. There was no one there, the path was completely deserted.

She turned to keep walking when she heard a low growl to her side. She slowly turned and let out a startled scream as a pair of glowing red eyes looked at her from the bushes. Suddenly a dark shape shot out and pounced towards her. Alvin shot out of bed. He had heard a scream.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

Normally it would have been him doing the screaming as he awoke from another nightmare, but this time he knew it wasn't himself. Both his brother's were asleep and he couldn't hear any noises to indicate it had been Dave. He hopped out his checkered red bed and approached the window. He looked around for a minute. He was about to go back to bed when he noticed a small silhouette appear under a street lamp, slowly moving towards his house.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

Moments later there was a knock at the door. Nervously Alvin looked around. What could he do? No one else was awake and there was someone at the door. He was frightened that it was some sort of creature, but he knew that right now someone was at the door and he needed to see who, so he gulped and headed downstairs.

The door knocked again as he approached it. He closed his eyes tightly and opened the door, waiting for the growl and the monster to attack him. But it did not come. He opened one eye and saw the figure of Brittany on his doorstep. Her hair was messy and had some twigs in it. Her clothes looked ruffled. But the thing that caught Alvin's attention was her frightened look and her bleeding arm. The frightened girl walked passed him and into the den.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman chipettes brittany

Alvin closed the door and turned on the lights. The play was ready to start, not everyone in costume yet, they were getting to the infamous transformation scene.

Henry Jekyll have perfected a formula which can turn me into the evil, cruel, Mr. What're you trying to do, poison me!? I just got it back from the lost and found Rochelle talked with Alvin about remaining in character, even if it included having something old from his lunchbox. Darla opened the double doors and walked into the room wtih Amber following.

Rochelle smiled, he never would've dreamed to have the former child star in his theater room. I was gonna get Li'l Ark Angel Atticus tightened his hands into fists as he saw what Nathan did. Jeanette had to go to the bathroom, so Cherry and Amber decided to come to Brittany with the tree costume.

Though Cherry thought it was just an excuse to escape Brittany's wrath once this would be explained to her. Alvin mentioned he got a chemistry set from someone named Madame Raya and Mr. Rochelle allowed it if it would help him with his new acting position. Alvin ignored everyone and poured the chemicals together.