Arnav and khushi meet joe

Samuel and Elina rushed into Arnav's room followed by Joseph and Maria in tow. They found Khushi laying unconcious on bed and Arnav. Link for Part 63 - madhu/ff-you-ought-to-be-mine- . She feels little uneasy to meet his eyes, especially after the last message his sent. . Joe Hana I love this update so much . Rachèle Joseph December 8, at PM. Wonderful update Very interesting meeting between Arnav and khushi! Looking forward to.

Except for the slit. Or maybe, even the neck line. Or that low cut back. But still, if this was the dress he had to choose for anyone other than his sister, he would not have bothered to glance at it for the second time. It was modest and pretty and little amounts of skin that was being exposed.

But that was for others. For his sister, this was too much.

A hopeless daydreamer's stories Predictably Unpredictable - Part 1

And he knew he was being unreasonable. I know you like this dress. The nervous smile on her face made him chuckle as he stepped in, walking towards her while ignoring the mess in the room that he was sure his wife and sister-in-law were responsible for. Her eyes flickered as she stared at him in the mirror, her smile slipping away as he neared her. Of all the things that he was known for since childhood, their family had been astonished when he had announced his decision of getting married and to his decade old girlfriend.

I just hope to never hurt Arnav ever again. Some things are never going to change. This was his sister who never failed to amaze her by keeping everyone and anyone before her own happiness with unnecessary worries. The corners of her mouth twisted into a soft smile even as he felt her hands stilled in his, her eyes looking at him exceptionally and he knew that he had to speak, something that never came naturally to him.

But if speaking it out loud was all his sister wished to hear, than he might as well do just that. In fact, Arnav offered to have a Maharashtrian wedding but Mamaji suggested having a reception instead.

You surely have to do something with it. As they sat on the plush leather sofa, Khushi decided that some apologies were due.

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Arnav arched his eyebrows at herand she realized that she had missed a fatal full-stop somewhere. After a brief pause Arnav raised a hand in stopping motion as she moved to continue. She almost gazed hopefully beneath her.

Khushi nodded her head. Thinking that he probably was an amnesia victim, Khushi cleared her throat, prompting him to continue. So that is what I am telling you to do! In one swift motion Arnav got up from the sofa and motioned her to follow him upstairs Trying her best, to keep pace with his long strides, Khushi rushed upstairs behind him.

Once they reached the long passage leading to the individual rooms, Arnav turned his attention to Khushi. I don't want it here. I don't care where you keep it but I don't want it here. That shouldn't be the guest room, and I don't give a damn to which one does, this wall shouldn't be blue, I don't care what the colour is as long as it is decent enough. The flooring should change.

From your work history, I guess I can expect that much of you.

ARNAV & KHUSHI = ARSHI: First Meeting

See the rooms and decide what you want to do about it. Just kidding' kind of man, nor did he disappoint her in her estimation After an initial jaw drop, Khushi opened her mouth to say something, then shut it, then shook her head and extended her hand to Arnav.

I am sorry to disappoint you. Exactly what he needed! A crack interior designer on his first floor acting loony. That's what you guys do right? I don't care as long as it is an advice. Khushi, though not very much experienced in dealing with '50 shades of face', tried her best to keep a nonchalant exterior as Arnav took a step forward. Arnav had to clench his fists tight from keeping the rage brimming within from making a royal appearance.