Asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

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asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. 'Asterix and Obelix take on Ceasar' (),' Mission Cleopatra' () and . The jokes are generally cute-but-harmless, notably the hot water break .. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate. Trailer-Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar; Ushipizin; Dogora Year Of Production , hilarious sequel, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra in Region 4. Disc one is dual layered (DVD9 formatted), with the layer break. Asterix Obelix Mission Cleopatra Trailer on WN Network delivers the latest Videos Music by, Philippe Chany. Release dates. Running time. minutes.

Suffice to say, we had a ball. For those who are not familiar with the series of books by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, the basic premise of the story is fairly simple. Set during the Roman conquest of Europe in 50 BC, most of the known world is under the governance of Caesar and Rome - that is, aside from one small village in Gaul.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

The Gauls have managed to resist occupation by the Romans thanks to their druid, Getafix, and his magic potion that gives super-human strength to those who drink it. Obelix doesn't need the potion much, as he fell into a cauldron of the stuff when he was just a baby. The pride of all Egypt is at stake, because Cleopatra Monica Bellucci must complete the project in order to win a bet she has made with Caesar Alain Chabat.

Problem is, they only have three months in which to finish the structure, not to mention the labour problems and attempts at sabotage that have been plaguing construction. If they fail, Cleopatra will feed them to her pet crocodiles! This is an hilarious, action packed film, full of fun and good humour. Standout performances by Clavier, Depardieu and an especially delicious Bellucci in a milk bath with her courtesans are a highlight.

Alain Chabat, Gaumont Team on ‘Santa & Cie’ With Audrey Tautou, Golshifteh Farahani (EXCLUSIVE)

The story has been adapted for the screen and directed by Alain Chabat, with quite a few contemporary jokes thrown in for good measure. I recommend it highly. Don't wish to see plot synopses in the future?

This is an altogether great video transfer, with no major issues to report.

Asterix films (live action)

The image is clear and very sharp, although there are a few scenes that come across a little soft in comparison, such as aboard the ship at The depth of blacks are good and shadow detail is excellent. I suspect much of the film has been colour graded in post production. I'm tired of playing another 'spot-the-star' game and Deneuve as the Queen, had the same atrocious vibes than Delon as Caesar, not to mention the anachronism.

Well he supported "Olympic" as well, before changing sides and wishing his Gallic warriors had bigger roles, and who can trust the judgment of someone who despised Alain Chabat's "Mission Cleopatra".

Asterix Obelix Mission Cleopatra Trailer

Well, Laurent Tirard directed the "Little Nicholas" movies, also adapted from Goscinny's stories so there was a connection. Besides, "Asterix in Britain" is one of the most entertaining book, and inspired one of the best animated adaptations, so it could join "Cleopatra" as the only adventure to be adapted in the three formats.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

Besides, the film couldn't be worse than the previous, well, Tirard not only made a more watchable film, but a more rewatchable one too. And if the CGI aren't less overused, the're less irritating because you finally have something to distract you from then, starting right at the opening scene, with the pirates' boat mercilessly sunk by the Roman fleet. I don't know if it's a nod to the fact that he first wanted to direct the third live-adaptation a project whose refusal lead to the disaster but his presence is a way to come full circle with these bad memories.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

And the good omen is immediately confirmed by another reassuring presence: Fabrice Luchini as Julius Caesar. Luchini is known as an intellectual actor whose trademark is to embark viewers into delirious monologues with deliberately histrionic gestures and over-the-top deliveries.

He's so unlike Caesar, and the genuinely pedantic Delon, that the gag works by a simple contrast effect.

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Then the film goes faster with the conquest of Britannia owing to the exploitation of their peculiar time schedules and the story takes off when Jolithorax is assigned a mission to bring the magic potion to the last British village resisting the invaders. At that point, I was thinking that if the film maintained itself to this level, it would be all right, but then one sight made me 'uh-oh! Didn't he have his shining moment in the "Vikings" animated film already?

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra 2002 trailer brake

What was he doing here?