Avatar legend of aang and korra meet

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avatar legend of aang and korra meet

Avatar Aang, Avatar The Last Airbender, Avatar Funny, Korrasami,. Open . The Legend of Korra/ATLA,Young Team Avatar meeting their older selves (part. Still, traveling back to meet the Aang and his friends is a whole new form of I'm friends with the Avatar after you, her name is Korra and I'm. Book Two: Spirits is the second season of the animated TV series The Legend of Korra by Elizondo reprises his role from Avatar: The Last Airbender. . allowing Korra to travel to the Tree of Time, where the portals meet in the spirit world.

I mean seriously, it's really really evil to get a person hooked on a show only to end it twenty episodes later. Anyway, after falling madly in love with the show, I came on here, obviously, looking for fics that pertained to Korra meeting Aang.

But as I searched, I realized I wanted more than that; I wanted to read something about Korra going back in time and meeting original Team Avatar. I hadn't figured the rest out at the time, but thought I'd know it when I found it. And you know what?

avatar legend of aang and korra meet

I never did find what I was looking for. So I did what any good writer would do in my situation. I sat down, and I started to write the story I wanted very much to read. As I started typing, things started coming to me and I know where I want to take this and what I want to do with it. Now in the TLA world, this takes place Okay, I hadn't figured that out exactly yet.

I'm obviously taking liberties here and kind of messing around with things, but so what; it's a fanfiction, after all. So, after some thinking and a little bit of research, I came to the conclusion that this takes place after "The Boiling Rock, Part 2" but before "The Ember Island Players," and we're going to pretend that, in "The Southern Raiders," Suki went with Hakoda and all them instead of Sokka and the rest of Team Avatar.

Because I forgot all about Suki whilst typing this up and I kind of don't want to bring her in now and mess with the vibe of things, you know? They're in the fire nation, trying to avoid Azula and everyone else who wants them dead, all while trying to come up with a plan and figure out what their next move is. Oh, and they're all back in their fire nation garb.

Otherwise everything is the same as it was after "Out of the Past. On with it, then.

avatar legend of aang and korra meet

I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Legend of Korra. I sure as hell wish I did, but, alas, I don't. It was a cool night in the fire nation that night as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko all sat around a fire, waiting for their dinner to finish cooking, with Appa and Momo napping nearby.

The sky was dark, the moon high in the sky illuminating everything with no clouds around to dilute it, the stars were shining bright yet dimmer than usual, as though allowing the moon its moment to be the true center of attention, the air was cool and refreshing considering it was the fire nation, but welcoming nonetheless after a day of having to travel on foot through the humid forest, each and every one of them sweating buckets as the day wore on until finally they refused to take another step forward for the day and made camp early.

Usually, they would have just all climbed on Appa's back and traveled that way, but the flying bison had suddenly come down with a cold that made flying too much of a task for him, and, quite frankly, too much of an aggravation for everyone else; as every time he sneezed, instead of going forward, he went backwards, causing them to lose a good chunk of any land they had managed to cover.

When Extremes Meet

So they had decided it would be in everybody's best interest if they just walked everywhere until Appa was feeling better. To their surprise, Appa was actually sneezing less now that he was walking instead of flying, so they had speculated that maybe it wasn't a cold and perhaps allergies instead. Or something… Regardless, they were ground-bound until further notice, and it was becoming such a pain in the ass for them.

And she was right, too; all of them had throbbing feet, aching muscles, sweaty brows. It had been a hard couple of days for all of them, but somehow they made it through each and every one of them and kept moving forward the next day.

Somehow, they always made it through and kept with what they were doing.

Avatar the legend of korra meeting toph

Being young really had its advantages. Stubbornness was one of them, though some preferred to call it persistence, not that it really mattered which word was used, so long as the job got done.

To an extent, anyway. The others all kicked off their own shoes as well and took a couple of minutes to relax, feeling their muscles unclench and loosen up as they forgot for a moment all their worries and problems and aching muscles and joints. For just a minute, each of them was in their own state of relaxation, their own personal happy place, if you will.

At least, not all at the same time… What if… Fire nation soldiers…" he trailed off with a moan, stretching his neck by tilting it from side-to-side. They all knew what he meant, of course, but that didn't mean it really registered with all of them. So you take first watch and the rest of us will just sit here and… Relax.

She really never noticed during the day just how tired and taxing their predicament was on her, and all of them really, but once night rolled around the reality almost became too much to bear; they were just a bunch of kids biting off more than they could ever hope to chew.

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As a team, however, their chances of success weren't so slim. When they worked together, sure they were still tired and sore and achy, but they got much more accomplished. Sure they were still just a bunch of kids who were expected to end a hundred-year-long war, and sometimes all that responsibility and expectation might be a bit intimidating, but knowing they had one another to rely on definitely helped ease that feeling in all of them, whether they were willing to admit it or not.

If any Fire Nation soldiers come a knocking, we'll just… Do what we do. Bash skulls and all that magic bending junk you guys do… Is the food ready yet? It was a stew of some sort that Katara had thrown together after they got done setting up camp and had all voiced their hunger and had whined about who was going to cook, what there was to eat, when were they going to eat, and all that junk.

avatar legend of aang and korra meet

All Aang really knew about it was that there was no meat in it, much to Sokka's dismay. Katara had told her brother that if he went out and caught something, she would prepare it for him, but he had decided against it; either too tired or too lazy to go out looking for something, though since it was Sokka and it was meat they were talking about, it was probably the latter.

Aang took the ladle hanging off the side of the pot and stirred the stew then raised a bite of it to his mouth. Mmm, Katara had really out-done herself this time!

It was smoky and sweet and sour and salty all at the same time, coming together in a taste that he could only describe as… delicious. And she did, which made him smile wider, as well.

avatar legend of aang and korra meet

God, how he loved her smile! He loved it even more when it was him who was making her smile. The moment was ruined, however, by none other than Sokka, who brandished his spoon as a sort of weapon high in the air, as though holding a sword above his head and about to run off into battle. It would have looked silly on anyone else, but it fit right in with the kind of person Sokka was, so no one batted an eyelash at him as he twirled it in the air and cried out indignantly, "I'll be the judge of that, Mr.

Seriously, what did you do to this stew to make it so incredible without meat? Not quite as wide as she'd smiled at Aang, the air bending monk noticed, but still wide enough to show she was flattered by his compliment. With a sigh, Aang began to pass out a bowl of the stew to everyone else. First to Toph, then Zuko, then Katara, and then he took his own bowl and returned to his place beside Katara with another inward sigh.

They might have been at war, but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy themselves every now and then. Good food, good friends, good memories, what more could a person ask for? So they were all a little sore and dirty and tired, they would get through it. They always did and they always would. It was just after dinner so everyone was still hanging around, letting their food digest and all that. Mako and Bolin were playing with Pabu, Tenzin and Pema were cooing over the newest addition to their family, a baby boy they had yet to name, Asami was in the kitchen doing the dishes, Jinora had her nose in a book, Meelo and Ikki were in the corner playing some sort of guessing game, though considering how fast they were talking, it really was hard to be sure, Lin Beifong was sitting near Meelo and Ikki, tasked with making sure they didn't go off and break something or get into any trouble, and Korra She was sitting peacefully away from the others.

Meditating, of all things. Ever since experiencing those flashbacks of Yakone's trial and Aang taking away his bending, she had been meditating more than she'd ever been able to in the past, not for the reason Tenzin liked to believe, however, which was trying to get in touch with the spiritual side of bending and find inner peace or whatever sort of junk he talked about when she wasn't paying a lick of attention to him.

But the boy with the tattoos simply gave them an elated, yet confused look. I'm friends with the Avatar after you, her name is Korra Kai wracked his brain to remember the guy's name, he was one of Avatar Aang's friends Sokka, that was it.

There were some other teenagers, too, one who was obviously Firelord Zuko and his future wife Mai, along with Sokka's future wife Suki. Stranger things have happened. Besides, Toph, are they telling the truth? He's one of the new airbenders. Aang reached up to wipe his eyes. Her brother let out a loud retch that sounded like "Oogies! A former-nonbender who got airbending, my Uncle Bumi. They play airball with me sometimes. Jinora likes reading too much. Like her dad - Tenzin's a bit of a stick in the mud.

She went pink; she and Kai weren't together. She could feel how their heartbeats got faster around each other, and how nervous they were around each other.

Jinora was immensely enjoying herself, however. She had so many questions, and it was so much fun to be around her Gran-Gran and Grandpa, especially since she had never actually met the latter. Aang seemed just as glad to see her and Kai as she was to see him, which made sense since he had lost his people. Jinora accepted the cup of tea Firelord Zuko offered her and took a sip; it was delicious. Iroh had passed away long before she was born, and it was wonderful to see the old man.

It was strange seeing Firelord Zuko so young, so seemingly uncertain yet at peace at the same time. Iroh tried to suppress a chuckle.