Brian and mia first meet

brian and mia first meet

Brian and Roman are the first to reach the shipyard and locate the package inside . After his meet with Mia, Brian continues searching for David Park with the. At the beginning of The Fast and the Furious, Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) tests in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium during the first Fast and Furious race. I don't think enough people concentrate on Brian and Mia so I will:) Rated: Fiction M Hey guys this is my first fast and furious fan fic. I've just.

I let go and rush after her. I walk into the kitchen and pause outside it as I hear her crying. I walk in slowly, take her arm and turn her around. All of a sudden I can't hold back anymore. I have this urge to kiss her. I haven't felt her lips on mine on 5 years. I've missed her so much. I place a palm on her cheek and pull her face to mine.

Our lips join and I kiss her softly, pleasure flowing through me. It takes everything I have to pull away. We look into each other's eyes. Me into her heavenly milk chocolate brown ones and her into my ocean blue eyes. I can feel the charge around us. Within seconds we are hands and lips. I pick her up and sit her on the bench.

Mian (Brian and Mia), a fast and the furious fanfic | FanFiction

We hear things falling but at this moment we couldn't care. We were together again after 5 years apart. She pushes my hoodie off and I push her jumper off. I pick her up again and she wraps her legs around my waist. My shaft hardening even more against her.

Brian O'Conner - Wikipedia

I carry her up the stairs our lips still joint. I reach the top of the stairs and lean her against her door, trying to open it without breaking our lips. I find the handle and push it down, opening the door. I walk in an put her down. We break apart as I turn to lock the door. I turn around to see Mia stood in front of me gloriously naked. She walks upto me. I kick my shoes and pants of in one go. I walk towards her and pull her flush against me.

Her hands travel down my biceps, up my back and into my hair as our lips make love once more. I've wanted this for so long. Waited for 5 years. I feel like I'm in heaven. I'm just a big blob of emotion at the moment. I walk her back wards towards the the bak of her knees hit the bed I lie her down and let go of her lips.

I look her up and down appreciatively. I lie on top of her, my shaft resting between her thighs, but I take my upper body weight by leaning on my arms. I start to kiss her ear biting her lobe lightly making her groan and arch against me. I travel down her neck nipping lightly and leaving a trail of wet kisses. She arches her neck to give me better access. Her scent intoxicates my mind.

It takes every ounce of power not to ravish her. I make my way lower down.

brian and mia first meet

I take one breast with my mouth and I take the other in my hand. I suck and bite softly, whist teasing the other one with my thumb and finger. She groans loudly as I suck a little harder.

I swap breast and repeat what I just did. I leave her breasts and move lower. Kissing and nipping my way along as I reach the junction of her thighs. I place a soft wet kiss on her v. She's shaved her hair of so it's sensitive when I kiss her there. Her legs are hanging of the bed. I get of the bed and kneel in front of her. I push her legs apart and blow softly on her intimate area.

I move my head forward and lick her once making her spasm. Then my youngest starts it's relentless attack on her. She grabs my hair and wraps her legs around my neck pulling me as close as possible. My tongue moving in and out my finger rubbing her clit.

brian and mia first meet

Her moaning driving me crazy making me move faster. Before I know it she falls still. Her legs and hands loosening their hold on me As she climaxes. I lick her juices wringing every drop from her. When I'm done I climb onto her bed and pull her up so she's fully lying on it.

I pull her into my arms and kiss her softly. Mia pushes me onto my back, still kissing me and sits on top of me straddling me. She rubs her pelvis against my shaft as it jumps beneath her, causing me to groan loudly. Her lips leave mine. She takes one of my hands as support as she stands a little. She takes my shaft in her hand and slips it in to herself moving down slowly so my whole shaft lies inside her.

She moves a little and desire bursts inside me. I take hold of her hips as she holds ontoy biceps. She is so tight. I start slowly moving her up and down but I can't take it anymore as she matches me thrust for thrust. I flip us around so Mia is beneath me without separating.

I pick up the pace. Miss nails dig into my back. I move faster and faster.

Catching up with the Fast & Furious: a complete guide to the movies so far

Mia tilts her hips upwards and meets my every thrust. My lips are at her collar bone sucking and biting. I feel so hungry for her. I can't get enough. All too soon I feel her tighten around me before she denotes and climaxes around me so hard it rips my own climax from me as I drive in for the last time to the hilt.

I spill everything into her. I almost collapse on top of her but manage to turn so we are lying face to face. I'm still inside of her. Half her face covered with her hair.

I gently place her hair behind her ear and her eyes flutter open. My heart expanding with more love for her. I lean closer to her and kiss her lips again, before pulling back. I pull out of her slowly and she winces.

brian and mia first meet

I pull my t shirt over her head as I pull on my boxers. We rush into the bathroom. We take a quick shower together and wrapping ourselves in towels we pick up my shirt and boxers and walk back into Mia's room. I lock the door behind me. We quickly dry ourselves before dropping the towels and getting into the bed. I pull Mia into my arms as I drape the duvet over us. I kiss the top of her head.

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She kisses my chest where my heart is as she snuggles up next to me. There's something I want to tell her before I leave with Dom. We don't have much time but I don't know how to tell her. She must have sensed me tense up as she asked me what was wrong. I loosely wrapped an arm around her waist. I'm gonna tell you about my past Mia. He was killed in a car crash, during a race. Ever since I was a kid I knew cars inside out.

brian and mia first meet

My mum told me my dad kept me with him at the garage all the time. She said it was no wonder I knew how much I did about cars. Said when I was 7 I could already fix parts and start a car without a key.

She told me after my father died I spent all my time in the garage fixing his car. His friends would bring their cars over for me to fix to.

Go On Location: Los Angeles Locations from The Fast and the Furious Movies

He also used to take me to races. But my first race was when I was My dad's friend took me to it. She said after that I became obsessed.

But my mum hated the fact that I wanted to race.

The Fast And The Furious(2001) - Brian, Mia & Vince

When I was 14 she said she had to tell me the truth. She told me my dad had been murdered be coz of a race deal gone wrong. Said he lost his car but couldn't give it up so he ran. The killed him and trashed his car. She wanted me to stay away from the tracks. She wanted me to become a cop to avenge my fathers death. I couldn't suppress my need for cars so I kitted them up but I drove alone. Spent my life becoming a cop.

That's what my mum wanted. But dad's death was too much for her. She hung herself when I was I came home from school and she was hanging from the kitchen ceiling. All of dad's friends bailed. After that I put everything into becoming a cop and stopping street racers. I blamed them for taking my parents. I don't remember anything about my dad because he was never around. You know you asked me why i let Dom go? Well being in that team showed me you don't have to be blood related to be a family.

I saw Dom as the good guy. I've yearned for a family my whole life. Closing the case in fittingly ludicrous style, Brian and Roman crash a car onto Verone's yacht as he makes his escape. With a title that falls firmly under so-bad-it's-good, it's disappointing that the rest of the film doesn't follow suit. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Director: Justin Lin In brief: The one without Paul Walker New characters: Teen tearaway Sean Boswell has a run-in with the law due to his love of reckless driving, and is sent to live with his father in Tokyo.

Falling in with the local drift-racing scene, Sean vies with Yakuza-connected rival Takashi for the title of Drift King. Drift racing, it seems, is a driving style that involves skidding around corners, Mario Kart-style.

A genuinely hair-raising drift race through the streets of Tokyo, with a flaming demise for fan-favourite character Han. At one point they were caught by police and the production was closed down. Chronologically, this is actually the 6th film in the franchise.

The plot is almost non-existent, the dialogue like nails on a chalkboard, and main character Sean comes straight from the Chad Michael Murray school of forgettable American beefcakes. Thank God for director Justin Lin, who delivers some fun chase sequences through the visually-striking Tokyo streets and returned for the next three entries in the franchise. And then there's genuinely engaging fan-favourite character Han, who the filmmakers somehow decided to kill off — a poor decision that would be rectified later on.