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clooney and alamuddin meet

George Clooney First Met Amal in the Comfort of His Own Home After that, he and Amal (then Alamuddin) exchanged email addresses to. It may be hard to meet people when you're single, but for George Clooney, he was able to meet future wife Amal Clooney without leaving the. How did George Clooney meet his future wife, Amal Alamuddin? She came to his house in Italy. That's revealed in the new Netflix teaser for.

Money isn't everything, and although they have resources at their disposal that most of the world does not, not everything in their home reflects that. Some of the art that the couple keep in their home, for example, is not of an expensive nature but of a nostalgic one instead. Amal recounts how they had some appraisers at their home who looked down on the art of George's dogs and their giraffe paintings that depict Amal's favorite animal.

One of the pictures is of George's dog Einstein, who was posing at a chalkboard as a physics professor. The two also decorate with lots of photos of family and friends, as well as some photos they must be quite proud of, such as ones where they are shaking hands with President Obama and the Pope. Many people prefer to text or use messenger or social media over the "dinosaur" known as e-mailbut that was Amal's preferred method of contact when she met George.

With that in mind, George had to become a frequent e-mailer as well!

George Clooney First Met Amal Clooney Without Having to Leave the House | E! News

The two fell in love with one another through a series of sweet yet fun e-mail messages. Are you going to meet this person? I was 35 when I met him. Hopefully the couple saved them all to show their children and grandchildren someday.

clooney and alamuddin meet

In a world with way too many communication options, Amal is all about e-mail, and George had to use that to his advantage. Even without reading the letters we know it had to be adorable. We're picturing a cuter version of You've Got Mail here.

clooney and alamuddin meet

Hey, George, maybe that's an idea! While some of these email messages are probably not meant for a young audience, hopefully the twins will have the ability to check out their parents' love letters one day when they are grown. It's such a revealing and moving experience to witness who your parents were before you knew them and how they fell in love, and to have a record like that truly is a gift.

George is quick to refer to his wife as being beautiful, fascinating and brilliant to the public, so he must make some really sweet comments in private. The couple keeps a photo booth on their property to make instant mementos for any occasion. While this is already proving to be hilarious for them based on the antics of party guests using the booth at 3 AM, it's going to come in very handy when the children are old enough to jump in for a quick snap every now and then, too.

The Clooneys even have it set on the best setting: This means that they always get photos for their own personal albums while guests get pictures to take home, too. That's a much better party favor than a candle or mints. Amal even has a special bulletin board on which to display guest photos.

She says that the ones displaying guests at 3 AM are easily discernible because people are in bathrobes, but then you also get the random pics of George just hanging out in a hat. With such a cool toy to have on the premises, you have to wonder if they spend any time taking photos at their parties at all or just leave it to their guests to spend a moment in the booth. George says that it was when he saw his future wife mingling with some of her favorite animals, giraffes, that he knew he wanted to be her husband.

Both the giraffes and the idea caught George by surprise.

clooney and alamuddin meet

He says, "Some giraffes walked up to her. They just came out of the blue. I took a picture of her, and she was smiling. I said to my buddy Ben, 'You know, I think I should ask her to marry me. George has also stated that he knew right away that this relationship would be different from all of his previous relationships.

Although he was in his 50s and she in her 30s when they met, both were surprised to finally discover the person they both thought they might never find in each other, proving that love can come quite unexpectedly even for those who don't believe it will. Unfortunately in the West, we live in a "by your bootstraps" culture where parents, even single ones, are expected to do it all without complaint. While that idea is slowly unraveling, parents in many other cultures enjoy the help of extended family, friends and neighbors or even government help with child-raising.

George and Amal have assembled a team of staff including a nanny, chef, assistant and others to help them manage their family and careers. During her Vogue interview, Amal passed her baby off to a nanny while the child began to fuss.

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Some parents might soothe the child themselves and some might do what Amal did; both are okay! In fact, the interview was part of Amal's work load for the day, so it made sense for her to utilize the help she had available. Parents have demonstrated both reactions to a crying child during their work time and different things work for different families.

It was around this time that word began to spread that the couple were planning on having their wedding in Italy in September. July 8 — Clooney goes to war with Daily Mail. The newspaper published an article online that claimed Amal's mother didn't approve of her daughter's impending marriage due to Clooney's religion. Clooney write an editorial for USA Today refuting the story and claiming the article was entirely "fabricated" and even "dangerous.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Get Marriage License August 6 — George and Amal took the mandatory first steps towards tying the knot by filing for their marriage license. The notice had to, by English law, be posted on a public board on Chelsea Town Hall.

George Clooney Describes the First Time He Met Amal — Without Even Leaving His House!

August 23 — George Clooney's close friend and occasional co-star Brad Pitt marries his long-time partner Angelina Jolie in a secret wedding in France. Clooney later responded to the news, telling ET, " How great is that?! I'm really happy for Brad and Angie and their whole family.

Dressed to the nines, George repeatedly professed his love for Amal, and at one point he even took to the stage and toasted, "I met my lovely bride-to-be here in Italy, whom I will be marrying, in a couple of weeks, in Venice, of all places… I would just like to say to my bride-to-be, Amal, that I love you very much and I can't wait to be your husband.