David gregory and meet the press

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david gregory and meet the press

Sep 9, It's been a year since NBC News dumped David Gregory out of the moderator's chair of Meet the Press. Gregory's messy exit from the network. How David Gregory Lost His Job. Last summer, Gregory was let go from his gig as host of "Meet the Press." Here's an inside look at his fall from. Former NBC Chief White House Correspondent and moderator of Meet the Press David Gregory continued his book tour, appearing with.

Comcast also had an even more personal way of sucking up to Washington.

david gregory and meet the press

Nevertheless, efforts like this one have surely helped Comcast boost its standing inside the Beltway and improve its chances of winning regulatory approval for its next big conquest: There was one key finding: It's likely that different and correct impression wouldn't have saved David Gregory, but it almost certainly might have saved the show. Who cares whether people "know" the host of Meet the Press or not? That's just public relations gobbledegook, meaningless and empty.

David Gregory Wasn’t the Real Problem with NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’

The problem wasn't "knowing" David Gregory. The problem was that Gregory couldn't be bothered to challenge his guests, no matter how wrong they were. Inwhen their focus groups determined that all viewers needed was a warmer, fuzzier view of the show host, there was some serious criticism happening here and elsewhere over the unchallenged nonsense and bizarre guests appearing on MtP.

Rich Lowry was allowed to lie about the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate.

Former ‘Meet The Press’ Anchor David Gregory Joins CNN as Political Analyst

Jim DeMint was allowed to go on about how women just want free ultrasounds. Those are just a few from the hit parade, but those ratings didn't tank overnight.

david gregory and meet the press

The more corporate and milquetoasty Meet the Press got, the less viewers it drew in. Think maybe there's a relationship there? Joe Scarborough When Gregory was in the hot seat, some thought Scarborough reached for the knives. As a compromise, Savannah Guthrie moderated and Scarborough led the roundtable.

david gregory and meet the press

Boredom and bias loses viewers According to the article, Gregory was phoning it in bythough he denies it. I would do it again. And so is he. He has no problem taking people on and asking people questions and probing and pushing.

Was there a sense of relief after you left? I get that from the book. I miss covering the stories and doing good work. Watching what happened to Brian Williams, what did you think? I have a lot of respect for Brian. I never did anything wrong, and I faced a lot of scrutiny.

No one questioned my journalistic capability or my integrity. But you know, the other side is: My wife was in the military. My father-in-law was a nuclear-submarine captain. My father was in the military. How does it make you feel now that his suspension is winding down? But is the lesson here that TV news is about ratings?

5 Reasons David Gregory Was Fired From Meet The Press | Crooks and Liars

What would that have done to the franchise? You would have done it? But yeah, I understand why they wanted to have Jon Stewart. If you could book one interview now, who would it be? I was surprised that the title of your book comes from something President Bush told you.

Q&A: David Gregory on Losing His Dream Job, Brian Williams, and His New Book About Faith

I thought about it more deeply as time wore on. The question was increasingly important for my life. I think I respected his personal growth and how he spoke about faith and how he spoke to me about faith. But the critique is he put faith above reason.

david gregory and meet the press

I just have never put much stock in the idea that he had a messianic view of Christianity that led him to make certain decisions or that appealing to a higher Father rather than his own father was somehow code for God tells me what to do. It came up a couple of times. As a more religious person, I know that this identity is who I am.

Gregory Introduced As 'Meet the Press' Host

It reminded me of that scene in Homeland where Brody is praying to Mecca in his garage. It felt very foreign to me. Do you still do it now?