Did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

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did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

"While Nelson Mandela is the father of South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi is our grandfather "Mandela was inspired by the Satyagraha campaign led by Gandhi . Manilal was present at a crucial meeting of the ANC in , where he pressed the of the one or the other that labels a struggle," Mandela said. The man who freed South Africa from apartheid died on December 5th, aged Nelson Mandela was a credit to his race - the human race. What kind of adversity, let alone oppression, did Reagan ever have to fight as a rich .. Prize, he was sent as a delegate to Pan-African Freedom meeting in Addis Ababa with . To honor Nelson Mandela's bravery and determination, we take a look at 7 other Suu Kyi, who was heavily influenced by Gandhi's philosophy of non-violent protest, Or Susan B, as some gender studies students know her, is an American social . We'll only ever ask for your voice, not your money.

I was not old enough to remember you as President.

Nelson Mandela's Legacy :: Tribute to His Life & Influence

Yes, I am unfortunate for I was too young to enjoy your leadership completely. However, your actions have defined the life that My family and I are able to live. For that We should be eternally grateful. And so long as we protect our democracy, You will live on in all of us! Long Live the Legacy of Rolihlahla Mandela! Yvonne Barrett December 7, at Ian Paul, York, England December 7, at Your soul rests with us. We well know that Peace in the World would give you Peace.

did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

A great man who will be remembered and honoured for all time. Helen Lawrance December 7, at I remember hearing of your struggles in the news and from my parents, and then I went to study more about it at Birmingham University where I did African Studies.

I remember these studies turned my brain inside out and a great truth was revealed to me. I discovered what colonialism really meant, what its legacy was. I learnt more about how white people were able to view black people as savages. You were a mighty beacon of hope.

did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

You worked tirelessly and have showed no bitterness. You did not get tempted by corruption. Thank you forever for what you have done on this Earth. I am very sad to hear of your passing and wish you an eternal, peaceful rest. Karenne December 7, at A man of great character. His love for his nation and his forgiveness is inspirational.

did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

Natalie December 7, at An angel sent to remind us of what love, courage, justice and democracy stands for. Nelson Mandela has been my personal hero and I have applied his teachings to my life. I am truly sad that we no longer have him with us but it was time for him to join the rest of the angels in heaven. We, South Africans of all colour are his rainbow nation, we have to continue to walk in his footsteps and work together as a nation.

We have to forget the past and become one team, working to better all equally and fairly. We are all unique, have different skin colour and different cultures but we all want peace, respect, love and democracy. We have to live by what he has taught us, change starts with Forgiveness.

Mandela Took Inspiration from Gandhi

Lets us forget and start today now for that is what he wanted. We are his rainbow nation, South Africa and the World. I will cherise him always. Deborah Renaud December 7, at You have shown us what it is to live a life of integrity, love and peace. You have demonstrated how powerful these qualities are. What a different world we would have if there were just hundreds, or even thousands, more like you! You have lived life well and have shown the way.

God bless Deb x Sarah Park December 7, at 1: The world has lost a great man and a great leader. The world mourns his passing but celebrates in his legacy and achievements.

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Nelson Mandela will not be forgotten. Patimass Seu December 7, at 1: If I have to sacrifice my life to achieve such a society then I am ready to die. On February 11, Nelson Mandela was finally set free.

Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated his release.

Nelson Mandela - the 'South African Gandhi'

Four years later he was elected President of South Africa in Conquering poverty and racial differences In Mandela said in a speech that peace can only exist if every individual in a society is wealthy regardless of where he lived and regardless of his social class. Like Mahatma Gandhi, who also tried to overcome the caste and religious barriers in his country, Mandela wanted to reconcile people with each other and to eliminate poverty which divided society.

According to Mandela, religion, language and culture should enrich mankind. Until his arrest in Mandela advocated non-violent resistance — even after the infamous massacre of Sharpville on March 21,when peaceful demonstrators were shot.

did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

That day, 69 people lost their lives, among them many women and children. The event shook Nelson Mandela to the core. InMandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president, a position he held until Jimmy Carter — As the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter left office in with a low 34 percent approval rating. The nonprofit center has a remarkable list of accomplishments under it belt including: InCarter received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work "to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development" through The Carter Center.

Martin Luther King Jr. King led the first African-American nonviolent demonstration with the bus boycott, which began in and led to the end of segregation on buses.

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In the year period between andKing traveled more than 6 million miles and spoke more than 2, times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest and action — all the while authoring five books and numerous essays. At the age of 35, King was the youngest man to have ever received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was assassinated four years later in He has consistently advocated policies of nonviolence, even in the face of extreme aggression.

He also became the first Nobel laureate to be recognized for his concern for global environmental problems.

did gandhi and nelson mandela ever meet someone who changed

And the man is busy in his pursuit of peace.