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“Trekkie” isn't a dirty word anymore, so much so that you rarely hear the 10 – Captain Kirk Gives A Horsey Ride To A Dwarf . (And you can go deeper with the “Klingons: Blood Will Tell” comics, some of the best Trek comics ever written.) He fell in love with Star Trek through TOS reruns just as TNG was. Did anyone who believes this actually watch the damn show? Kirk takes his duty to his crew so seriously he comes off as brooding, Spock seems And Picard lets his dick do the thinking all the damn time like he is 15, exibit one Westley. . Kirk is supposed to be one of the youngest captains to ever get the. It'll take too long to dope out the controls, so Kirk breaks the pod open, . Kirk holds a hearing on what to do with Khan and his people, Scotty gets his domain taken over by Khan and doesn't know the most famous Milton quote ever. Trek stories (such as “Assignment: Earth,” TNG's “The Neutral Zone,”.

Worf Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Janeway, Seven of Nine, and the Doctor. Archer, T'Pol, and Trip. Deep Space Nine also has some characters.

Most Star Trek shows have a trio that dominates the narrative landscape. And in the case of Star Trek: The Next Generation, those characters are undoubtedly Picard, Data, and the oh-so-jolly fellow we'll be talking about today: Because BeverlyGuinanand Lwaxana weren't enough?

But, yes, I am. And, yes, that character has to be Worf. Because of the three main TNG characters, Worf is the one with the unmitigated gall, the guile, and the He never says that word but I wanted a third "g" word and gumption will do.

Anyway, Worf's dope, so he gets a list. Picking five quintessential Worf moments is actually impossible, so consider this more of a five personal Worf favorites. If any of these lists is ripe for your commentary, please let it be this one. Nothing is better than talking about the greatness of Klingons, and the even greater greatness of Worf's witty one-liners.

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But this isn't about pithy retorts. This is about moments that help define who Worf is and how we perceive him. Also, yeah, though, there will be some jokes. No birthday pain sticks, though. Apologies, for they will not be on this list. Feel free to pain stick yourself on your birthday, though.

And film it, obviously, or else it doesn't count. You were thinking about that moment. It's TNG's time to shine. I bet you didn't even remember Guinan gives prune juice to Worf for the first time in "Yesterday's Enterprise" of all episodes.

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I bet you ain't even knew your favorite moment from one of the best TNG episodes of all time is Worf drinking juice from a prune. Welcome to your new reality. TNG did not hold on to much, episode-to-episode. Sometimes Picard's Borgness gets a mention or two, Data's got an evil twin, Geordi fell in love with a lady on the holodeck, Riker But Worf's legendary love of prune juice is the thing that Star Trek writers snuck into casual dialogue constantly.

Ford, revealed that Klingons love fruit juice. From those humble beginnings, there are no less than eight specific mentions of Worf's love of prune juice, not including all the times it's just sitting in his glass, thus making this the second most canonical drink-related character note after Earl Grey, hot concerning any Star Trek character ever. Video of That is how the Klingon lures a mate Worf: BDSM Queen It feels like we keep coming back to bad TNG episodes, but damned if they don't tend to hide some of the best, most defining character moments.

Oh, and also Wesley falls in love with a girl named Salia, who may or may not also be an alien bear. Salia is at least an alien bear part-timer. But this list is not about alien bears sadlythis is about Worf!

And, oh, baby, do we get an important moment here. There is a cut where we hear Worf screaming, then the camera pans to him revealing he is screaming while the rest of him is at rest.

And then he says "That is how a Klingon lures a mate. A lot of people love that moment, but they often forget that immediately after the screaming, Worf also clarifies that it's not the men, but the women who do the roaring before, "they hurl heavy objects Which is to say, Worf likes getting beat up a lot.

But, mostly, this is the set-up for the occasions when we see Worf and Jadzia actually bruised and bleeding, which is all the time, because their sex life is insane.

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By the time Star Trek: But if you are going to rage against Holodeck stories, rage against Captan Proton. The complaint is always the same: However, a true Trek fan loves the characters, and takes great delight in seeing the side of them that inspires them?

Tom Paris digs cheesy Sci-Fi? To which I say: And, if you watch enough of the show, they are surprisingly consistent in their usage. The praise, of course, is due to the actors who have to say this stuff and also try to emote at the same time or, in the case of Brent Spiner or Jeri Ryanemote in their non-emoting way. Broccoli Oh, I'm gonna catch such hell for this. Listen, I know that Reg Barclay eventually grew to become an important member of Starfleet.

Heck, he was key in saving Voyager. But if the Enterprise is meant to be the best of the best for the super-elite, how in the world did this oh, please forgive me bumbling oaf wind up there? Remember, there is a big barrier of entry to get this far in Starfleet. Remember how much trouble Wesley had just getting into the Academy?

And that kid was a genius, plus he had Captain Picard's recommendation. What did Barclay have, other than a fear of transporters and an unhealthy addiction to porn — er, excuse me, the Holodeck? Of course, we fans know what purpose he served. Let's face it — he was us. How many of your non-Trekkie friends have bugged you with this question? I probably get hit with this more than anything else, other than people asking me if I hate Star Wars. The answer is, of course I don't - but Star Wars is just a fun handful of movies, Star Trek is a way of life.

It really seemed to be a point of pride for people who wanted to find fault in Star Trek. Deep down we fans always knew the real answer, but kept it to ourselves: Did Einstein, Kazanga, or Sitar of Vulcan produce new and revolutionary theories on a regular schedule?

Inspired by the Star Trek Thread, Who was the best captain?

I plan to study the performances of Olivier, Branagh, Shapiro, Kullnark. I'm sure I am missing a few, and I would love to see them in the comments below. However, there is one thing I don't understand about the Universal Translator.

Follow me on this one, because it has been bugging me for years.