Disney world meet anna and elsa

5 Tips for Meeting Anna and Elsa at Disney

disney world meet anna and elsa

Are your kids dying to meet Anna and Elsa (From Frozen)? They can meet the famous sisters at the same time at Disney World. But you are going to read this so . “Frozen” characters find new home at Walt Disney World as FastPass+ cuts wait to meet Anna and Elsa – when it works. in Disney. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna arrive in Norway - Photo by WDW Shutterbug They have a whole new Royal Sommerhus area set up for their meet and greet.

It was time to give up.

disney world meet anna and elsa

I intended to visit the Magic Kingdom today only to see Anna and Elsa, planning to leave immediately after. After an always-excellent trip through my favorite Disney attraction, I was walking toward Main Street to leave the park when my cell phone rang with an unfamiliar local number.

I thanked him profusely and headed back to Princess Fairytale Hall to wait for my new reservation time.

Can I Dine with Anna and Elsa?

This is how the system is supposed to work and it would have been a wonderful experience at Even with the glitch, the time I spent wandering the park trying to get it all sorted out was still less than the posted wait time when I arrived in the morning, so it was ultimately a positive result. Though I was mildly disappointed and rather annoyed that the system had initially failed me today, I would have been far more upset if had been traveling with a little girl whose one dream was to meet Anna and Elsa, only to be denied and repeatedly told to simply enter the hour standby line.

These are the types of bugs that can be expected during any major software rollout.

"Frozen" characters Anna and Elsa greet Tommy at Epcot in Norway

This is not the case. I never once mentioned my site by name, except when I was asked for my e-mail address by Cast Members to access my account on their system. When I showed the City Hall Cast Member my tweet, I did not mention or emphasize my name or site in any way, simply showing her the content of the message and timestamp to affirm that I had booked the reservation 30 days prior.

To the best of my knowledge, PR had nothing to do with the positive outcome. As far as I can tell, it was simply Walt Disney World doing their best to follow up on a poor situation, admitting their fault and making it right.

disney world meet anna and elsa

Though it took a couple hours to get fixed, and I was nearly out of the park when it did, I was ultimately happy with the result and even more satisfied that they followed through. While it is entirely possible that someone could do that, it should not be mentioned. What about Snow White?

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Snow White was formerly meeting there, but now there is no room for her. So instead, she is meeting with guests in Town Square. And while the Easter Bunny and Miss Bunny were occupying the meet-and-greet area next to City Hall, Snow White was simply out in the street mingling with guests today, even sitting down to play a game of Duck Duck Goose with some children. Stumbling across Snow White on my way out of the park solidified the smile I had on my face after finally meeting Anna and Elsa.

Where to meet Anna and Elsa at Walt Disney World

Subscribe to our Newsletter: Time slots for each day become available at midnight, Eastern Time. They're snapped up quickly, so be prompt. Sometimes people's vacation plans change. Anna and Elsa meet guests early from 8 a. This option is only available to those staying at a Walt Disney World hotel or one with Disney privileges, however.

Get to the Magic Kingdom park entrance minutes before the park opens at 8 a. Then, walk very briskly actually many run straight to Princess Fairytale Hall and get in line. Arrange for an early breakfast in the Magic Kingdom.

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus | Epcot

These early morning breakfast slots are very limited, so make your reservations as early as possible. Advance Dining Reservations can be booked as much as days in advance of your visit.

disney world meet anna and elsa

Booking an early breakfast will allow you to eat and quickly go to Princess Fairytale Hall to get in line just as the park opens. Breakfasts in the Magic Kingdom can be pricey, so make sure this option is worthwhile and within your budget. Character breakfasts are fun and it may be hard to justify rushing through the experience to get into line to see the princesses.