Iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

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iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

Nicki Minaj threw what some felt was a not-too-subtle jab at Iggy Azalea when she took to the stage on Sunday night to accept the BET Award. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B surprised fans by meeting up at this year's Met Gala in New York. The pair, who are rumoured to have a long-running. Nicki Minaj said Monday her recent dust-up with fellow rapper Cardi B was " mortifying and humiliating.".

She was admired for her retro US southern-style flow, twisted vowels and filthy humour but no one had quite decided whether she was the real deal.

iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

Azalea behaved like a star and understood the pulling power of an glossy video — such as Murda Bizness, where she performed alongside tots in a beauty pageant. I expected her to be frosty, to give me the cold shoulder when I asked her if people took her seriously, a white rapper from small-town Australia.

iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

What I got was a breathlessly enthusiastic kid, like a teenage boy, who compared her ambitions to wanting to be an astronaut, and steamed through production terms — she said she liked things chopped and screwed — with an unabashed geekery. She explained how she'd pored over rap sites, wormed her way into the Houston hip-hop scene and was unafraid to ask silly questions: I thought, what is a vogue? I found out it was a tyre. I asked [Texan rapper] Slim Thug's brother in a parking lot what a vogue meant, and then I knew…" All in all, she was refreshingly uncool.

The last 12 months have brought colossal successes: But the controversies surrounding her from the start have escalated. Rapper Azealia Banks said she was racist.

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The internet fizzes with blogs accusing her of "minstrelsy" — pretending to be black — or else just being a plain old copyist with no new ideas. She's had so much flak, in fact, you can understand why she might want the boyfriend on hand.

Nick Young of the LA Lakers is a big quiet chap sitting in the corner, wearing ear-buds and picking at a rice pudding. We have a manager, manicurist and caterers in attendance. Azalea is wearing a pair of heavy men's flip-flops, the kind you see in the bath houses of former communist countries.

She is distracted and speaks more slowly, more economically than she did last year. We pick up the story where we left off. Even I had a warped perception of how I would be received in this business.

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What I've come to realise is that it's the people who write about music — or who are outside it in some way — who have a problem with what I am doing. The only true insiders are the musicians themselves.

iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

Since then, she has always had powerful mentors. Her hand is tattooed with the title "Live. Other early supporters were Nas and Kanye Westwhom she name-dropped fiercely when we last met. She'd been listening to West's latest "scriptures", as he calls his lyrics, at his house and was inspired by an idiotic rhyme about McDonald's which, she felt, exploited the line between art and ignorance — a grand and rather Gaga-ish concept which informed the name of her debut release, Ignorant Art.

Did Kanye warn her she'd have her work cut out defending herself in the industry? You know, I just read the Keith Richards autobiography and I thought it was so interesting when he pointed out that no American blues musicians ever accused the Rolling Stones of "imitating" their sound — but people were writing that stuff about them back in England.

A few months ago she was buying a rotisserie chicken, her preferred dinner, when she caught sight of a gossip magazine with Kim Kardashian on the cover, heartbroken over Kanye's "new girlfriend".

She flicked through and saw herself.

iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

Reports spoke of the listening sessions at his home, "neglecting to mention there were a dozen other people in the room," she says. To recap, in early the pair had an unfortunate career clash — same name, same age, same attitude, similarly provocative songs about vaginas.

Around this time, Azalea also caused controversy for her song "D.

iggy azalea and nicki minaj meet

Azaleans need something new. On 21 July, the official music video for "Murda Bizness" was released online.

Iggy Azalea Addresses Nicki Minaj Drama

Gloryalthough not released in May, as it was originally scheduled, was released 30 July The New Classic[ edit ] Main articles: It was also revealed that the music video for her second single " Bounce ", would premiere on Vevo at the end of the month. Azalea also confirmed that she is not signed to Grand Hustle Records ; however, heavily affiliated with the label. The setlist contained songs from previous EP's and album material such as " Bounce " and " Work ". The show was the start of a short set of UK pre-album promotional appearances.

Fucked if I know! It's done, it's so depressing to say this but it's the beginning of March, it's so far away but I just have to accept that.

After the song's premiere, it was revealed "Fancy" was the song that had leaked titled "Leave It". On 17 Februarythe song was serviced to urban contemporary radio in the United Kingdom as the album's fourth single and became her highest charting song at the time.

Azalea also logs the highest bow for a female rapper's debut album since Pink Fridaywhich had entered at number-two withcopies sold. The song was released as the lead single from Grande's second studio album. Shortly after, Azalea also appeared on Jennifer Lopez 's single " Booty ". On the same day, "Problem" rose to number-two on the Hotwith Azalea becoming the only artist since The Beatlesto rank at numbers one and two simultaneously, with their first two respective Hot entries.

It eventually peaked at number-three on the Billboard Hot On 10 Decemberwhen reflecting on the year she's had and the struggles she faced in the years before, Azalea announced plans of an arena tour for and a second studio album via her Twitter account.

The same day, she revealed the title of the tour, The Great Escape Tourand the concept behind it, which is Azalea picturing herself as "a musical escape artist for people. Career setbacks and Survive the Summer[ edit ] In OctoberAzalea revealed the initial title of her second album to be Digital Distortion. I don't want to go and promote my album and get asked about my relationship that has just crumbled. On 7 NovemberAzalea stated that she wasn't allowed to release music until Januaryas she signed with a new label.

She additionally announced the new title of her second album, Surviving the Summer, and put four new tracks for free download via WeTransfer. She also stated that the reason behind the postponed release date—originally for 2 June, then 30 June release—was the changing president of her record label, Island Records. On 3 November, Azalea left her record label, Island Records, according to her tweet, which she was signed to in She created her own label "New Classic Records", where she would be signing upcoming hip hop artists.

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She would also be an independent artist and own all her masters, with exceptions to her music licensed under Universal. On 20 November, it was announced that she has signed a partnership deal with Empire Distribution.

The people who taught me to rap are all from the South and so was the music I had listened to as a teen. That would later make me pick up my own pen and write songs".