Jellal and erza meet again lyrics

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jellal and erza meet again lyrics

Read Jellal and Erza from the story Fairy Tail Texts by Fairy_Tail_Maniac with reads. juvialockser, gruvia, natsudragneel. This one here is for @I_Love_.. . As they approach Fairy Tail, they reveal themselves to be Jellal Fernandes, The three Mages also reveal that, after Jellal was free again, they When Erza meets Jellal, she reminisces Bisca and Alzack Connell talking to. Fairy Tail Jellal, Jellal And Erza, Fairy Tail Manga, Anime Fairy, Gajevy .. really sad, especially when (spoilers) Igneel's and Natsu meet again and Igneel dies.

I actually wanted to formally introduce myself to her right this instant but it's a shame to distract her in her state now, so I just decided to wait for a moment, casually leaning the left side of my body against the now closed door and just continued to watch her, a smile slowly creeping over my face.

This was the girl who wrote on my notebook. This was the girl who unintentionally helped me in making one of my songs. Levy told us she was a writer but didn't say that she's also a musician.

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Does Levy even know her friend could play like this? I was currently lost in my own thoughts when I heard a soft and melodic voice accompany the piano's sound.

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At first it was just so soft that you could even hardly hear it above the sound of the piano. But as the sound went on, it became more and more distinct. It made me focus all my attention to her again. I was sure that her lips, which were set in a grim line a moment ago, were now moving ever so slightly.

jellal and erza meet again lyrics

It was a bit strained but sweet nonetheless. It made my smile grew wider. It was rather an old song for our generation, but even so, it was still a pretty good song. I said to myself as I watch her get herself lost in her own music, mentally resisting the urge to join her and unintentionally ruin her moment.

But after a moment of hesitation, I slowly inched myself towards her, careful on not making any noise. I stopped on my tracks when I didn't hear her sing the next part and her playing slightly faltered. I noticed her lips were set again in grim line. My brows furrowed upon seeing the expression on her face and it made me wonder what was currently on her mind.

Jellal Fernandes: Synopsis of Jellal Fernandes

But that expression vanished just as quickly as it had appeared on her face. Fortunately her eyes remained closed through all that. So I strode purposefully towards her again when I heard her resume her playing once more. But I noticed a hint of sadness on her voice now which made me want to reach out and comfort her.

I don't even know why. But just as my hand was about to reach out to her, her eyes suddenly opened wide, revealing a lovely set of big, brown orbs which I would gladly lose myself into. I decided to open my eyes just as I was about to sing the next part.

I knew I was alone in this room, and I haven't heard anyone come through the door when I was playing, so imagine my shock when I saw a flash of pink in my peripheral vision. I abruptly ceased the movement of my hands, the sounds of the keys softly hanging in the air, as I turned to look at… Oh my god!

I gasped loudly as I suddenly stood up, making the stool I was sitting on fall behind me in a loud thud. The keys made a series of indefinite noise as my hand tried to balance my body as I stumbled, my eyes never leaving this person whose presence I failed to notice.

I could feel my heart pound rapidly inside my chest now. This is just so embarrassing. So embarrassing that I think I'm gonna faint. He's now standing gloriously in front of me. He's wearing a simple black shirt with a small dragon logo at the upper right.

His scaly white scarf that was present when I first saw him, hung loosely around his neck. While his brown cargo pants has its ends tucked inside his black boots. His look was simple and yet looked impeccable on him. But what had really caught me off guard was the face splitting grin he now wore over his face. It was the brightest and cheekiest grin I have ever seen in my entire human existence.

And it made me want to cower more in embarrassment at being caught. This can't be happening. I don't want our first formal meeting to be like this.

I must look ridiculous to him right now. I can only imagine his face. I'm sure he's probably trying his hardest just to stifle his laugh. But I was really surprised with what I saw when I finally had the courage to slowly lift my head and glance at him after a few seconds of self-deprecating. He was still wearing that bright smile of his while his eyes looked back at me kindly.

And I can't help but to marvel in the depth of those onyx eyes. It seriously and ridiculously made my knees weak just by looking at it. But before I could embarrass myself even more, he suddenly gave a hearty laugh just as he went on his knees to reach for the now upside-down stool before placing it properly.

I'm pretty sure I startled ya. He extended his right hand towards me when his laughter had finally died. I mean, nice to meet you.

He scooted at the very edge of it then patted the space next to him. I would only forgive ya if ya gonna play that song again. But I only looked at him incredulously, which earned me another bark of laughter from him. I didn't even bother correcting him on my name.

jellal and erza meet again lyrics

I don't really mind. I just really want to hear ya play that song again. I hesitated for awhile, contemplating whether I should accept his offer or not. But after seeing that smile of his again, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to play that song for him. After all, this piano was theirs and he requested me to play for him.

jellal and erza meet again lyrics

Who am I to decline? So I slowly sat on the same stool, careful not to sit too close beside him. And I guess he did notice my stiffness cause he scooted further away from me, giving me enough space to play comfortably. I breathed out a loud sigh before placing my hands over the keys and my foot over the pedals. I looked at his grinning face for the last time before closing my eyes. I remembered I was suppose to play the bridge of the song, so I suddenly glided my fingers over the keys and pushed the pedals that made the sound much louder.

I thought I was doing great—I thought it was going great—, but a sudden tap on my arm abruptly made me stop from playing. I opened my eyes and looked at Natsu once again, confused to why he suddenly tapped me. His dark eyes searched mine for an answer and I resisted the urge to squirm beneath his searching gaze.

He noticed my discomfort, so he slowly but hesitantly peeled his eyes away from me, finding the piano keys much more interesting now. I know this habit of his. He only does this thing whenever he's embarrassed or shy. It's so cute seeing it in person. We caught the eye of some major music producer there.

He contacted us a few days later saying that we're pretty good and he's interested in our band and he could make us big in the music industry. We were elated thinking that that might be our big break. The next thing we know, we're signing a contract for our band. It went really well if you asked us. After we were formally introduced to the public, we gained a lot of attention and I mean a lot. I don't know how or why but we suddenly become a thing.

Thanks to our promoter I guess. We had gigs and shows frequently and in much bigger venues. Then after a year or so, we released our first album. We never thought that it would immediately be a hit and we were willing to wait but we were wrong.

It became so popular, that in a few months, our album sold over a million copies. It was just unbelievable. How the people welcomed our band, how they embraced our music.

It was all unbelievable. Who would've thought we would get this far in our career. We're finally living our dream. Just when things couldn't get any better, we were informed that were going on tour with other popular bands like Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel. All of us were so pumped up and hyped.

I couldn't even describe it.

jellal and erza meet again lyrics

The crowd, the bands, the experience, it was all amazing. But, at some point, while watching other bands perform, we felt the need to give something more from our band.

jellal and erza meet again lyrics

We knew we could do so much more. So after the successful tour, we decided to have a little break for a few months to prepare for a concert and a new album. We told our manager and promoters and they supported our decision and assured us that they would definitely wait.

So, here we are, raking our brains out for that album. We really need to do this sooner or later. We already took our sweet time over these past few months and we couldn't delay this any longer.

For a few months, our fans haven't heard anything from us. We knew they couldn't keep on waiting forever. We've got to release another shit out there. We immediately have to. There are so many talented bands out there, talented individuals, that could easily snatch the limelight and that will only leave us being "something" that only lasted for awhile like any other one-time-big-time artists. And I don't want that. Damn, as far as I know, any of us doesn't want that kind of thing to happen.

We want to prove that we deserve to be here, that they won't be disappointed in supporting us and our music. We want to make good music and that music to reach others. To reach the people who listened, listens, and will listen to our songs. We want our songs to have that connection to the people. But to be honest, I'm not that productive these past weeks. It's been bugging me how to top our first album off and it's a little frustrating coz we need to have a firm foundation of this album by now.

And I also don't wanna be on the bad side of the manager. Only god knows what she'd do to us once she finds out we've been slacking lately. However, Natsu suddenly appears and pulls her out. Erza warns Natsu to leave her, as Jellal is too strong, but he refuses and knocks her out.

He then prepares to fight Jellal, who gladly accepts the challenge. However, Natsu gets back up again with steel determination when he overhears Jellal's comment about the destruction in the tower causing Magic to leak out.

Natsu's cockiness and destructive blows towards the tower greatly enrages Jellal, who in turn prepares to cast one of his strongest spells. Erza, awake and aware of the attack's power, defends Natsu with her body. However, Simon appears and uses his body to protect the two, causing his own demise. Jellal starts badmouthing Simon's death, calling it foolish and useless, when Natsu suddenly appears before him and angrily hits him with great strength, subsequently starting to eat the Lacrima of the tower under Jellal's shocked eyes.

Before he can launch the spell though, he feels the aftershock of a slash Erza gave him during their fight, and his Magic fails. He then finishes Jellal off by sending him smashing to the ground within a huge blast, which causes the tower to crumble, not being able to contain the massive Magical energy.

On the beach, after Erza is rescued by Natsu, Erza looks out at the sea and hears Jellal's voice saying that she has become strong.

It is revealed that Jellal, freed from the control of Zeref, is most likely the one who saved Erza and Natsu by fusing with the Etherion and guiding its Magic up in the sky.

Wendy mistakes Jellal for his Edolas counterpart, Mystoganwho once saved her life. Having been given five minutes to think it over, Wendy decides to do so, and Natsu arrives just in time to see Jellal restored and awakened. When Brain compliments Jellal on his power, Jellal turns and knocks him down to a lower level of the base before silently leaving.