Kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

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kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

Ahsoka Tano (codenamed "Fulcrum") was a former Jedi Padawan and Rebel After escaping Vader, Ahsoka questioned Kanan and Ezra about their earlier . up a new base on Atollon, Ahsoka traveled there to meet with Kanan and Ezra. Kanan, Ahsoka, and Ezra weren't alone on Malachor, though. My favorite thing: Maul calling Ahsoka Lady Tano—I feel like there's a story. What happened to Ahsoka Tano? After her I think Ezra has been trained well by Kanan, but there are some big repercussions for them [in the finale]. No one Well there were more, and we met one in the finale. While we.

Always Two: Building a Jedi Legacy with Ezra and Kanan

Where were you when I needed you? Do you know what I've become? After Kanan and Ezra were attacked by the Inquisitors on Oosalan Mesathey realized their presence was endangering the rebellion's search for a base and met with Ahsoka on the Ghost to discuss a plan of action. While waiting for them, she viewed a holocron of Anakin giving a demonstration in lightsaber combat, which Ezra also watched when he arrived. Remarking on his skills, he asked her what happened to him.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

Hesitant, she revealed she saw him once more when he was sent to rescue Palpatine, but did not know what happened to him as the Jedi Purge unfolded. When Kanan arrived expressing his concerns, she mentioned in difficult times she would have had asked Kenobi or Yoda for advice.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

Kanan revealed that they had communicated with Yoda in the Lothal Jedi Templeand chose to return there in the Phantom. Through a vision, Ahsoka accepts that her former master fell to the dark side. Ahsoka declined to raise the entrance to the temple, pointing out she was not a Jedi. Kanan and Ezra raised the temple from the ground, discovering a new door below the one they had entered before. Inside, Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra had their own visions. She was confronted by the spirit of Anakin, who expressed anger at her departure, calling her selfish and accusing her of abandoning him.

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He finally asked if she knew what he had become. Lashing out with her lightsaber, she howled in agony as she finally accepted her master became Darth Vader.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

The Inquisitors arrived, but the visions in the temple took the shape of the Jedi Temple Guard and distracted them, allowing Ahsoka and the Jedi to escape. As she fled, Ahsoka turned and saw Yoda on Dagobahwho waved at her.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

That would be the last time Ahsoka would see her former teacher as the man he was. During Vader's attack on the Rebel Fleetboth Ahsoka and Vader became aware of each others' existence, and Ahsoka was left suspicious of who Vader was. Later, when Vader informed the Emperor of Ahsoka's survival, the former ordered him to personally hunt her down and use her to find any surviving Jedi. While meditating in the Lothal Jedi TempleAhsoka had an illusion of Anakin's disappointment in her leaving and then transformed into Vader.

Ahsoka then lashed out, only to find nothing there.

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Despite finding out the truth, Ahsoka still refused to believe Anakin and Vader were one in the same. Upon their long-awaited reunion on MalachorVader offered her mercy in exchange for the location of any remaining Jedi, which Ahsoka refused, and voiced her doubts of who she thought was behind that mask, to which Vader coldly responded that he killed Anakin Skywalker, spurring a duel between them. When Vader finally revealed his true identity to Ahsoka, she finally accepted the truth and offered him compassion.

Despite this, he cruelly declared his intent to kill her, and any trace of the bond he and his former student once shared died completely.

Ahsoka Tano/Relationships

Ahsoka came to accept, she could not save Anakin from the dark side of the force after the survival of her battle against Darth Vader; it is unknown if she ever learned about Vader's redemption.

Wilhuff Tarkin Main article: Before they were rescued by the Republic, Ahsoka saved Tarkin from being thrown into a lava pit, which he then thanked Ahsoka for her help. Even though she saved him, Tarkin had no problem prosecuting her when she was framed for murder and treason. The Inquisitors Main article: This mixture of pragmatism and kindness is key to Kanan, a lone Jedi who for a long time hid his identity from anyone around him and refused to settle in one place or on one philosophy.

Yoda also encourages Ezra to act selflessly instead of aggressively. When Yoda speaks to Ezra during his meditation, he notes that what is most important to a Jedi should not be whether they win their battles but how they choose to fight — a lesson which Ezra does not yet take to heart.

Kanan finds a new way to look at his philosophy when he meets the Bendu.

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In some ways, the strange creature has lived a similar life. Before Kanan met Hera, he also drifted without choosing a side in the war. The Bendu is right when he says that even the desire to do good can lead people to evil. And on Malachor, when Maul claims Ezra as his apprentice, we see some of the rough edges that set Kanan apart from other Jedi.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka costume

Ezra, who always wanted to save Lothal, gets his chance — and Kanan, who never wanted to be trapped by loyalty to any one place, finds himself fighting for it, too. As animals once thought extinct, they symbolize both destruction and hope.

During the turmoil of the Imperial occupation, a creature thought lost returns. Ezra is used to paying attention to the animals in the world around him. Loth-cats brought him to the Jedi temple where he spoke to Yoda and learned about the Old Republic and the Jedi Order.