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mandy and violet meet again

When I See You Again is a Taiwanese romantic comedy television series produced by Sanlih E-Television, starring Jasper Liu, Mandy Wei, Jet Chao and. Trailer from our show business Mandy is a film tailor-made for Nicklos Cage, I just want to get that out of the way, this film I'd watch it again. . Violet F. October 5, Not nearly as weird or crazy as the critics or the fans would like you to believe. Our team will review flagged items and determine whether or not they meet our community guidelines.

Choices - Diane Robinson is worried that her single parent Mum could be hurt if she becomes involved with new boyfriend Mike, so she decides to split them up before they become too serious. Things get even more complicated when she discovers Mike is actually her father! However, the new situation causes a few problems. Now she has inherited some money and given up work to spend more time with Kate. But Kate is becoming more and more irritated with her mum, who is taking over every part of her life.

The Hardings are hard employers, but Holly takes solace in Golden Harvest, her favorite horse. When Golden Harvest is injured in an accident, Holly offers to buy her to save her from being destroyed and then starts training her for a championship.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (video game)

Lucy Lane is given a locket by her Great-Aunt Jane for her 13th birthday. Then Aunt Jane sends a letter saying that the locket belonged to someone who may have dabbled in witchcraft, and any object put in it will cause its owner to have bad luck.

Aunt Jane says she does not believe it, but Lucy is not so sure after seeing what happened when she put a photograph of her boyfriend in it.

Newcomer Beryl Blake finds it difficult to fit in at her new school and make friends. It gets worse when she is wrongly accused of stealing a peacock brooch from one of her classmates. Later, Beryl goes to a fortune teller, who warns her that there will be trouble and sadness for her over a brightly colored bird that is not hers. To offset the bad fortune because of the bird, the fortune teller gives Beryl a whistle that has the power to charm birds.

But Beryl is to use it with good intentions because the birds will sense it if she is using the whistle for angry reasons. Beatty Ward is a selfish girl who always wants her own way, and she never helps out or shows consideration for others.

One day Beatty grumbles about there being no bingo for kids, but then she is surprised to receive a bingo card in the post — on a Sunday. It comes with the message: Greed overtakes Beatty and she becomes determined to get all the other numbers on the card by the full moon to collect the riches that must surely be waiting for her.

Barbara Bunting has lived an isolated existence under Lady Tarbett, who lives in a private world that is old-fashioned and hopelessly out of touch with the modern world. When Barbara's governess falls ill, she is thrust into modern life and school. She does not have the tools and experience to deal with them and so is nicknamed "Baby Bunting".

mandy and violet meet again

Barbara is learning to look after herself, but Lady Tarbett is still living in her private world. A trilogy of serials starring Tammy Thumbe. Her next door neighbour Bobby Brown is into chemistry, but Bobby's formulas have strange effects on Tammy. In her first story, Tiny Tammy, Tammy shrinks whenever she gets wet. In her second story, Where's Tammy?

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In her third story, Be Your Age, Tammy! A Boy-Friend for Bonnie: Bonnie Martin always takes an interest in the sports and hobbies of her boyfriends. But this gets her into all sorts of scrapes such as a black eye from squash and dropping weights on her latest boyfriend's foot. A Girl Called Squirrel: A girl named Squirrel lives in a tree at Greenoak Park. She wants to learn to play table tennis properly and sets out to earn a scholarship to Highgrove Private School because it has a first class table tennis team.

April Fool — Talented scholarship pupil April Matthews is being blackmailed into helping nasty Shirley Kingsley be the star of their stage school — at April's expense. To ensure April's compliance, wealthy Mr Kingsley is threatening to withdraw the money he invested in April's fathers business, which would cause the family to be unable to afford vital sight-saving operations for April's little sister.

Kyra seems to know little about modern life and arrived in Victorian clothes, which convinces Melanie that Kyra is from the year Then Kyra reveals she is really from and was sent back in time to for a history projectm but her timeship crashed, stranding her in Melanie agrees to help keep her secret. A Friend Like Freda: Freda has always been jealous of Joyce because she is a kind, popular girl. So when Joyce suddenly moves back to the neighbourhood, Freda pretends to be friends with her while secretly causing trouble for her.

Joyce soon realises she has an enemy, but does not suspect Freda. Bad Luck Barbara — When Barbara Petty and her parents move to Wavertree, she becomes persecuted by the villagers who believe she is descended from an old witch, Grandmother Petty, and blame her for any bad luck in the village.

Barbara is finding it difficult to escape the situation because her parents refuse to listen and the family depends on Mr Petty's job in the village. It turns out that their Mums used to be best friends in school and plan to pick up where they left off. They also expect Joanna and Terri to become best friends too.

One day a mysterious girl appears in their garden. Jenny notices something strange about Birdie, and she seems to be causing trouble for the other children. A Horse Called Henry: Henry the horse tells the story of his life. Margaret keeps hearing strange music, played by a mysterious piper. Double Trouble - Mr Carter was stranded on a desert island for eleven years.

When he returns his wife has died in a train crash and his baby daughter was given to Sunnydale Orphanage. He finds that two girls with red hair survived the crash and were raised in the orphanage. He has taken both girls Rose and Jenny, now 13, on holiday to try and figure out which one is his daughter. Stephanie Jarvis has a curse put on her by Miss Troughton, an old lady who wrongly accused Stephanie of stealing from her.

The curse causes an evil double to emerge when Stephanie sleeps, and Stephanie gets the blame for the trouble the double causes. When she arrives, it seems the Flemings are surprised, as they had requested a boy. Ellen hopes to prove she can work as hard as a boy so she can stay on the farm. Belinda Stewart is blind, but also a talented singer. Her managers are Gloria and Keith Foxton, who promise her she will make enough money to receive a cure from a famous American doctor.

But in fact the Foxtons are out to pocket any money Belinda makes for themselves. The Reluctant Witch - Wanda King is the last in a long line of witches - but only gains the power on the death of her mother.

Northend is a tough neighbourhood, but the girls manage to gain the friendship and trust of many Northenders. Princess from the Past: Twins Toni and Tessa Taylor are devoted sisters but different in character; Toni is boisterous and mischievous while Tessa is quiet and thoughtful. At an exhibition on Ancient Egypt, the twins hear about twin princesses who were also different in character; one kind and one evil.

The evil twin poisoned the kind twin, assumed the throne, and her reign was a cruel one. After Tessa gets a strange shock from a goblet that the evil sister may have used to poison the kind one, Toni starts acting evil towards her. This was just for a laugh, but things get complicated when they are forced to carry on the deception when their deception gets them to the next heat.

Bonny and Belinda — identical twins Bonny and Belinda are dismayed when only Bonny is adopted. Bonny smuggles Belinda into the house where they take turns enjoying their new life.

Mr Crumleigh the solicitor thinks there is another will, but the only one available divides everything among Mrs Weston's greedy nieces, Beryl and Dora Weston and Lydia Crool. But to get the money they must live together in Mrs Weston's house for six months and give Cleo and Caesar a home.

If Cleo leaves before that time they inherit immediately, so they are trying to drive her out by making her life miserable. Carol's Cauldron - Carol Carter inherits a cauldron from an old woman who was said to be a witch, and soon discovers that the cauldron causes strange things to happen whenever anything is put inside it.

Carrie Chase, Girl Reporter! She starts copying more successful people - with hilarious results. Aunt Betsy wants to turn Honor into a criminal, but Honor is determined to defend her honour to the last. Chaos ensues as Julie-Ellen tries to keep up her double life. Then she is adopted by the Howards and now lives a life of luxury and is very happy. When she finds a photograph of a girl named Louisa who looks just like her, she reasons the Howards must have adopted her because she resembles their late daughter Louisa.

Terrified she will be sent back to the orphanage if she loses her looks, she starts going to great lengths to keep her face maintained. Unfortunately Twinkle has seven toes on each paw a polydactyl catso the superstitious villagers think he is descended from the legendary seven-toed cats of the witches of Lynhoe.

They start persecuting Twinkle and blame any bad luck on him. Their hostility drives Jenny to run away with Twinkle. Aged thirteen, Billie is fanatically keen on athletics, particularly running. Billie returned in several sequels with a new artist including when she runs away from Paradise House, a home for girls, in an attempt to track down Mr Watt, the father of one of the girls in the home.

The Homecoming — Janey Wellson returns to her real family after learning she had been stolen from them as a baby. But the adopted son, Richard, resents her and is determined to cause trouble for Janey. The Singing Hinneys - The 4 Hinney siblings - Helen, Ben, Sandy and Susie - make a living by travelling around the country in Bessie, their minivan, and performing as a pop group.

Helen, Ben and Sandy do the singing, while Susie handles the finances whenever they get any money and acts as band manager. Late Kate - She's always late for something. Cherry — Channel Champion!: Tough Cherry Perkins is a talented swimmer. A greedy couple is out to take advantage, and it involves a Channel swim. But Terry is a horror, and his tricks always get Dianne into trouble.

While Hamble is away, the manager and his sister, the Joneses, ill-treat the apprentices, especially Meg. Meg runs away, but comes back when she learns that the Joneses are cheating Mr Hamble. Can she unmask them? Anna Konrad befriends some aliens. When it looks like her father's hotel, the Berghoff, will go out of business for lack of a winter sports instructor, the aliens send a bionic man, Bruno, to do the job. Cindy Thrower slaves for a cruel uncle and aunt and spiteful cousins.

She starts secretly training as a javelin thrower, but the lies she has to tell her nasty relatives in order to slip away to train start to catch up with her. The Bird of Happiness: Susan Manners feels miserable with her lot. She wishes for some happiness, and then the Bird of Happiness appears.

It comes from the Land of Ssenippah, the land where dreams come true and everyone there has a Bird of Happiness. Susan travels with the Bird of Happiness into Ssenippah to find happiness.

mandy and violet meet again

She has a lot of amazing adventures but finds true happiness eluding her. Tilly has been given the job of travelling the globe and checking on the firm's international agencies accompanied by her aunt's personal assistant Melinda - a woman who appears to be capable of ANYTHING. Mighty Minnie - Minnie Biggs is a tennis ace who supports herself and her grandfather by travelling the country on her bike and competing in competitions for money.

The Lies of Lara - Lara Dennis and her mother move to a poorer part of town. Lara pretends to be from a wealthier area to impress her new, snobby classmates and gets caught in a tangle of lies. Charmette is a fairy who inhabits a wishing well. Her job is to make sure wishes are granted to satisfaction.

Claire Ramsay finds her new neighbour, Elaine Benson, a bossy sort and hates her. But she fancies Elaine's brother Steve and is trying to find a way to get him to notice her, including trying to do it through Elaine. This gets Claire into a lot of scrapes, such as dyeing her hair green to impress Steve — only to find he is colour blind, and all she does is get herself into trouble with her parents and headmaster. Matters come to a head when Elaine finds out about Claire fancying her brother and tries to use it blackmail Claire into helping her cheat at a test.

The family are poor but Mollie, the eldest, tries to help out her widowed mother by doing odd jobs to earn money. Mollie is a talented musician and has taught herself to read sheet music.

The miners of the town help out first by getting her an old piano and then funding her studies. Cindy and the Crystal Shoes: Cindy Reeves, a very talented young ballet dancer, is competing in secret for the Crystal Shoes Trophy ad the chance of a scholarship to a famous ballet school.

Cindy is an orphan and her guardian, Vi Burke, ill-treats her and forbids her to dance. But Cindy is helped by Mrs Webster, a friendly neighbour. Then both girls are picked for the pony club horse trials teams — but each for a different team. Only the best team will compete at the arena competition.

The Caretaker Mr Henry has a strict "no dogs allowed" policy, but when Mary finds a stray dog she smuggles him into the flat. There are two strange men that are intent on taking the dog for some unknown reason. Once Upon a Rhyme - Classic rhymes retold by a fairy. Molly Jackson is hailed as their Queen because her hockey stick resembles the crooked club - a symbol of tribal leadership.

Mercy Green is stricken with a tropical fever and finds herself in an alternate London where life is hard and so are the people. This is because they are ruled and tyrannised by gangs of criminals known as "The Families" in a fascist jack-booted manner. The Ring of the Red Witch - Cara Kemp is staying at her aunt and uncle's while her parents are abroad.

She finds a mysterious ring in the garden and when she tries it on she is unable to get it off again. Then Cara begins to have strange bouts of moodiness and bad temper. Mona's Monkey - Mona Harding helps her parents run their farm with the help of her mischievous pet monkey Tiko.

My Dad Next Door — Karen Walton pretends the dashing next-door neighbour is her father because she thinks her own is boring. Perri — Rosanna Lee's father gives up the gipsy life and becomes a farmhand.

But Rosanna finds herself bullied at school and her only friend is a fawn called Perri. But Perri has to be kept hidden. Sleeping Beauty from the Stars — Banished to the penal Planet Peutridd because of her mischievous ways, an alien beauty queen instead lands on Earth, and is awakened from deep sleep by a kiss. She becomes a model, "Stella Saturn", but danger looms when her home planet, Xerox, discovers her whereabouts. Sally Best does not have a happy home life with her aunt and uncle.

She turns to sewing and other craft skills to make secret earnings. Jake and Ruby Walters run a successful show with performing seals. When they visit a remote island in Scotland they find a girl who has been raised by seals. They call her Shona, pass her off as their niece and incorporate her into their show, planning to make a fortune.

But Shona begins to learn human ways too fast, which threatens their plans, and Cherry, the other girl in the show, is jealous of Shona. My Pony Next Door: Jenny West is forced to sell her pony Jester to her new neighbour, Willa Trent, so her dad can pay off his debts.

mandy and violet meet again

But then Jenny discovers Willa is an unfit owner for Jester. The four Carson sisters — Wendy, Joan, Lucy and Beth — have been in a Children's Home for years because nobody would agree to take all four of them. Then Mrs Niberdy agrees to foster them all. But when the sisters arrive at their new home, a mystery begins because the house is creepy and neglected-looking. The mystery deepens even more when the girls find Mrs Niberdy is nowhere in sight — just a note saying she has gone away — and nobody but themselves seems to be there.

So they dub Mrs Niberdy "Mrs Nobody". They stay on in the house anyway because they do not want to go back to the Home, and pretend Mrs Nobody is there. But strange things start happening which suggest Mrs Nobody may not be as absent as she seems. Sara Briggs goes to Offshore Island, a school for children from broken homes.

But Sara is getting suspicious as the pupils behave very strangely. They march like puppets and emerge from accidents without a flinch or hint of pain. Then Sara discovers that Miss Macey has a very strange treatment for her pupils and has a "great plan". But their daughter, Susie, resents Bettina and is trying to get rid of her — even going as far as to start a fire in her own bedroom. But Janette does not realise that whatever facial expressions or poses Moppet is put into cause her to act in that exact manner, which gets her into trouble.

Sally and the Sinister Sisters: He is trying to mend them so as to make enough money to repair his shop. Sally is making new dresses for the dolls, but is finding that each doll is taking over her mind, which causes a lot of trouble for her.


The Posy Princess — Jill Bailey is treated like a servant by her relatives, but finds friends in Mrs Smith the Cook and Barbara the part-time chambermaid. Cook tells Jill about the Posy Princess competition, where contestants win posies at various tests, and the girl who wins the most posies wins. As this year's Posy Princess competition is the centenary one, there is a special prize of a month's holiday anywhere in the world.

Now Carol is encouraging her mother to build a social life. But then widower Mr Thomson and his five children move into the street. Carol is worried at the way Mum is getting involved in looking after them when she is just building her social life and does not want her mother to get ideas about marrying Mr Thomson.

The Truth About Mum — When Mrs Morris returns home after an accident, she starts telling tall tales, then losing the memory of them. Her daughter Lucy covers up for her because she does not want to be separated from her mother again — but this causes problems for Lucy. This leaves Julia with three "mums" — her mother, new stepmother and Auntie Joyce. Each mum has different ideas on what is best for Julie, such as which school she is to attend.

This causes a lot quarrelling, and Julia is caught in the middle. Lisa Norton is delighted when her boyfriend, Neil Radley, moves in next door. But then she finds this is causing problems. Bessie, maid to Mr Owens, had promised before he died that she would take care of the five children he had adopted. Mr Owens leaves them a strange-looking house that is shaped like a shoe!

Mr Owens had been over-generous in his lifetime, so there is no money left to support the children. But Bessie is determined to keep the family together and make their own living.

Hope Watson has a talent for singing, but her ambitions are not for fame. Toni Dixon's parents are divorced. She lives with her mother during the week and her father, stepmother Diane and baby William at weekends. This is causing problems, even at Christmas. Topsy Turvey — Topsy Turvey is sent an aborigine witch doctor's pendant, and finds that the pendant can turn upside-down the personality of anyone else who looked at it e.

Then a great aunt dies, and leaves a fortune — but with the stipulation that any expenditure be approved by Jill.

mandy and violet meet again

Now the family treats Jill like a VIP - but there is scheming afoot. Lisa Murray's mother becomes a pop star. But the demands of her new career are not leaving her much time for Lisa. Daughter of the House - When Sharon Welch's parents die, she finds there has been a mix up at the hospital, and now comes to live with her real parents, the Gowers.

However, Janice Gower, the other mixed up baby, is convinced Sharon is trying to push her out. Roll-along Roma - the story of a roller skater. The Whispering Shell - Dawn Fenton finds a mysterious sea shell that whispers messages in rhyme to her. A Home for Helen - Helen Grant is staying with her grandmother after her parents are killed.

Frankie from the Film - Karen finds an unusual boyfriend when Frankie a character from a movie comes alive. He can only stay around as long as the film is on though. Malice in Wonderland - an amusement park turns into a nightmare for Becky Shaw.

My Cousin Quacker - A witch turns Kate into a duck in retaliation for an insult. High jinks ensue as Cousin Sally and her friend track down the witch to remove the spell. Janet Knight overhears Nurse Camp relieving her guilty conscience about accidentally switching two babies at birth and was too terrified to report it because she feared the dragon Sister. She gives a written confession to her mother before leaving on missionary work, who advises her to keep quiet.

Janet realises she is one of the switched babies and Sally West is the other one. Fearing the heartbreak that speaking out would cause, Janet tries to discreetly get closer to her real family, but it always goes wrong.

Pam of Pet Parade - Pam Bruce is keeping animals in secret to save them from being put down. Rita - Rita Barraclough is determined to break a record at any cost. Selfish Susan - Susan Smith has been temporarily deaf after an illness. When her hearing returns, she keeps it a secret so as to continue getting preferential treatment.

They decided to settle down so their children could get a proper education, but then Susan fell ill for years. So even though she is no longer ill, she never learned to read and write. Swim, Sally — Swim! She is a keen swimmer and wants to become a world championship.

mandy and violet meet again

The assistant Matron finds Sally a coach in the form of ex-army sergeant, Carol Cannon, whose training methods are tough going! No Love for Linda: Linda King tours clubs and theatres with her parents, King and Queenie. They abuse her and do not allow her to express her talent for singing or mix with other people. Linda begins to suspect there is some mystery about her past when she recognises a house in Hanworth as her old home.

The mystery deepens when Linda discovers her family records and finds that "Linda" is nearly eighteen, but she is only thirteen. Swinging Sue - Sue Carter works in the publicity and advertising department of a large London store, Clarrod and Sembridge. She earns the nickname Swinging Sue as she is always so full of life.

Sue and the Simple Life: Sue Bartlett's father decides to go "The Good Life" way and live a life of self-sufficiency. But this does not always make Sue popular with her friends. Time Slip — During half-term break, Trudi Clark accompanies her father on an archaeological excavation at a site where a medieval village is said to be. The dig yields an old box that looks at least three hundred years old and Dad asks Trudi to hold it. But when she does, the whole environment changes to a medieval appearance, with no sign of her family The Sorrows of Sarah: In the early 20th century, Sarah Smith is a music-hall conjurer and juggler.

She had been looked after by Maggie Miller, but now Maggie is crippled and unable to speak after a stroke. Welfare authorities of the period force them to run away together, but music-hall work is hard to find. This forces Sarah to resort to third-rate halls, which are proving undesirable. Dad Must Never Know!: Sally Randall wants to be a show-jumper, but her father has banned ponies.

Crippled show-jumper Ruth Hanbury has secretly trained Sally on her own pony, Storm. Sally is entering events under the name of "McAndrew" and competing in the Junior Championships. Then jealous Joyce Heath discovers that Sally is competing under a false name, which is grounds for disqualification.

She does not realise that Joyce is trying to figure out her motive for competing under a false name, which must be a serious one, before reporting her.

Unfortunately the cousins hate each other due to a family feud, and poor Starlight is caught in the middle. The Sorrows of Smiley: When her parents die in a flood, Kathy and her younger brother Tim were taken in by her Aunt Vera and Uncle Reg, whose only concern was the money Kathy earned.

Charity Black pretends to be crippled to take advantage of people. Although they are kind, Susan finds life with them very different from what she is used to because Uncle Jack works as a scrap dealer. Susan finds solace in Snowy, the pony that lives there.

Snowy has been trained differently to other ponies and Uncle Jack is doubtful about Sue managing her, but he decides to give her a chance. Sisters in Secret - Jackie Munroe and Alison Brown are half-sisters, but the trouble is, their mothers hate each other.

Nora Carrie and her dog Skipper go out on a trip with Granddad aboard his boat, "Ark". It turns into a nightmare when tsunamis strike and cast the Ark adrift.

Worse, Granddad is taken ill, so it's up to the inexperienced Nora to navigate the Ark. She is the one who ends up solving the mysteries and getting Homes out of scrapes he gets himself into. The Outcasts of Underwood School: However, they pass the scholarship exam and find themselves at Underwood as its first day pupils. But the snobby pupils do no make them welcome, and Virginia Fishenden is their worst enemy.

Karen Day's mother has an evening job and now her father has been forced to change to the night shift, leaving the Day children on their own in the evenings. Dawn, the eldest, is supposed to be in charge, but is unsuited for the job because she is scatterbrained and this causes things to go wrong.

Karen takes the blame because she does not want her parents to worry about Dawn's incompetence, but this keeps getting her into trouble with them. They Must Stay Together - When her friend's parents split, Debbie fears the same may happen to her parents so she tries to find them more interests to share.

But the task of finding a common interest is leading into scrapes. A Switch in Time Olga the Trapped One: Olga is an orphan who earns a meagre living from singing and dancing around the countryside.

She is taken in by the Dent family who promised a fine future, but they just want her as a slave and keep her prisoner. The Gregg children adopt a grandmother, Mrs Goodheart. They are in for a big surprise when they find Mrs Goodheart is a real fairy godmother. Patti Charlton is a talented artist and wants to go to art school. But when her unscrupulous Uncle Sid adopts her to look after his motherless twins, he forbids her to paint, so she has to find ways of getting to art school in secret.

She also has to contend with bullying at school, especially with spiteful Alice. The Jonson children advertise for foster parents when their parents' marriage fails and the mother is hospitalised with a nervous breakdown. There are plenty of replies, but none of the applicants seem to work out. Baker's Dozen - Louise Baker has to protect her puppies from horrible relatives. Behind the Green Door - Maidservant Emily Dove is hiding her siblings in her attic bedroom to save them from a horrible orphanage.

Twin Trouble - Rona and Lynn Jefferson were twins—but they were oh so different. This is causing all sorts of problems. Diary of Despair - Karen Kemp's older sister Donna runs away and ends up in a coma due to a road accident. Her diary reveals that pupils and staff at her school have been giving her a bad time. Karen sets out to take revenge on them. Door to Yesterday - Sally Dean is staying with her aunt for the holidays. Aunt Mabel is a housekeeper to a scientist Mr.

Winslow through a door in his attic and finds herself lost and alone in London in Now she must track down Mr. Winslow and return home. Fran's Four Friends - What's going to happen to the horses if the stables close down? Ghost Writer - Tina Baxter is hopeless at writing until she acquires a strange typewriter. Lisa says she and her mother look after animals of all descriptions and invites Katie and her dog Soda around for the weekend.

But something very strange is going on - the walls of the house are lined with paintings of animals done by Mrs Jones, but no real animals are present No Room for Rosie: Rosie Palmer's father is made redundant and the family buys a guest house. This causes difficulties for Rosie, including sharing the house with strangers. The Girl Who Hated Horses! Hannah and Herbie - Amnesic Hannah is trying to find her past.

A girl volunteers for a conjuring act, which is visited by the ghost of the magician's deceased assistant. Diana and the Doomstone: Diana Blake brings home a stone, and her sculptor father carves it into a bust.

Diana starts feeling strange powers coming from the stone. Then she starts acting as if she is hypnotised and doing things that are completely out of character.

Crystal Ball - Humour strip about Crystal, a girl who can see into the future with her crystal ball. Green Fingers — Sarah Peters is a very selfish girl who never helps anyone, not even when it is an emergency. In an attempt to win prize money from a green issue project, she steals a cutting from an unusual plant - which turns out to be a very big mistake Callie Conway is bullied at school because she is plain, awkward and has no friends.

Her Aunt Susan is no help because she is not really interested in Callie. Then Callie meets a kindred spirit in Clop, a pony who is being bullied by the other ponies because he is plain and awkward too. Callie gets a job at the stables so she can get close to Clop, but most of the things she does go wrong — as usual. Diana Sefton is an excellent gymnast at Linwood School despite being completely blind.

When she regains her sight after an accident, she keeps it a secret because she cannot bear to part with Goldie, her guide dog.

But her conscience keeps niggling. The Jinx - anything nasty written in a book called "the Jinx" comes true. Lady Lucy - Lucy Lamford is determined not to be turned into a lady and starts leading a double life. Lonely - Anna Jackson is looking after badgers. Mary's Mini Mum - an accident with a chemical formula makes Mrs Myers shrink whenever she gets hot.

Aunt Clara tells Dorinda she is frightfully ugly. So Dorinda has to wear a mask at all times and every mirror in the house save the one in Aunt Clara's room is removed.

House Warning - Julie Wood and her family move into a large house in the country. Julie is bewildered when everyone at her new school avoids her for no apparent reason, and then things start going strangely wrong for the family in the house.

This brings her only trouble, and the only way to get rid of The Sight is not to act upon the things she foresees for thirteen days. Ruth is sometimes jealous of the baby, and when Jenny tries to cover up, she makes trouble for herself. The Rescuer - Vikki Brantwood is trying to make amends for neglecting her pony by rescuing others. Complete story about Debbie Smith and her new dog, Dash.

Rosa's New Friend - there is something strange about Rosa Mason's new friend who appears to be her guardian angel. I Must Fall out with Mary!: Marsha Noble and her sister Mary have always been close. But when their parents head for a separation and think the girls will cope as they are so close, Marsha tries to fall out with Mary in the hope it will keep their parents together.

Skin Deep — Nadine Andrews is a vain girl who infuriates everyone with her conceit. But an encounter with an elderly fortune teller while on holiday may change all that.

A car accident kills Jane Carlton's father and leaves her with a scarred face that she is very sensitive about, and she has a long wait for the plastic surgery to fix the problem. Jane's sensitivity about her face is causing problems at her new locality and school. More problems arise when Mum falls for Roger Kemp and Jane realises he is dodgy. Sarah's Secret - After a run of bad luck with foster homes, Sarah Roberts finally gets lucky with the Taylors.

She discovers that Sharon James next door is her long-lost sister. But Sarah does not want to share her foster parents with Sharon and plays tricks to stop them getting to know her. I Should Have Stayed in Bed!: Humour with Jane, who always ends up wishing she had stayed in bed after what happens to her every week.

Afraid the family might be split up, Gail decides to take charge of things, while keeping up a pretense to the outside world that her mother is coping.

Fair Shares - The Watson family have always been hard up, but become rich when Mum wins big on the pools. The daughter Kathy, believing in "fair shares", is determined to share her good fortune with her friends. Unfortunately her generosity always seems to backfire and make her unpopular. Sorry, Sue - After mistreating foster-girl Sue Grant, Janie Clarke now regrets her actions, but she cannot convince Sue of her good faith - especially since her efforts always end in disaster.

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Strange Neighbours - Tracy Wilson is puzzled with her neighbours. Tessa Goes to Town - Tessa Mercer's mother abandons their farm in favour of the town life, causing separation between the parents.

Violet Evergarden - Violet meet Gilbert

Us - Plus Boys! Janice Knight is spending all her time looking after her stepsister Lesley because she mistakenly thinks has less than a year to live. Lesley knows Janice's mistake and is taking advantage of it to get Janice's full attention. Wendy Out West - Ranch life in America. But Sarah's spoiled cousin Lila resents her and is trying to get rid of her while pretending to be friendly. Between Friends - Best friends fancy the same boy and each is finding it difficult to break the news to the other.

Classmates - the life of pupils at Tower Hill Comp. Cuddles - the adventures of a teddy called Cuddles. Double Take - Toni Dayley thinks that everything that happens to her is also happening to the Baileys. Fast Fido - a computer dog comes to life! Happiness House - Laura Willoughby is determined to find out why Happiness House has become a jinxed cottage.

Home, Sweet Home - Claire Maxwell is caught in the middle of her separated parents. This has her brothers and father taking her for granted, expecting her to wait on them all the time, and sneering at her for not being at good sport like them.

Fed up with this, Samantha starts to secretly train as a rhythmic gymnast and show her brothers she can be a sporting success too.

Neil Next Door - Lisa Norton becomes bored with her boyfriend after he becomes the boy next door. The girls return in later series. Sara's Secret Garden - Sara Stanford can't handle living with a noisy family, until she finds a neglected garden. After their parents split up, Kelley King stays with her father while her sister Claire goes abroad with the mother. Then Claire comes back to live with Kelley, Dad and his new wife.

But Claire has been nasty to Kelley ever since her return and is poisoning her friends against her. Little Sue Lister wins the title of "Little Miss Loveliness" and is now in great demand to appear at public functions.

Only Sue's sister Karen knows that sweet-looking Sue is in fact a crafty schemer and troublemaker and when she puts on her sweet smile, it means big trouble.

Lizzie Simpson and her parents run a donkey sanctuary. Mr Jeffries, the man who owns the land, is an unpleasant character who threatens the sanctuary with closure. Kim was a tomboy while Carol was a budding beauty queen. While their parents were abroad for a year, the twins were left in the charge of Mrs Jameson, a neighbour.

Then Carol's face was scarred in an accident, and she proposed that Kim should take her place for a year while the scars faded. After winning a big beauty contest in Carol's place, Kim found herself in great demand. Snow White and the Seventh Dwarf: Sara White is nicknamed Snow White by her father. She finds one of the garden gnomes is actually the youngest of the Seven Dwarfs.

His name is Grem, and he has been disowned by the other dwarfs for running off with a gang of naughty elves and then turned into stone by a witch for playing tricks. The name of Snow White was needed to break the spell, and now that has happened, Sara is trying to help Grem reform so his brothers will forgive him. Second Hand Sal - Sal Edwards has to keep the fact that her mother is now running a used clothes stall secret from her friends. Madame Rochelle, the principal, works her hard, but Dana wants to learn more about ballet.

She worked rapidly and rhythmically, casting quick glances in my direction from behind her easel while sketching the outlines of my features. I soon fell into a kind of revery, a trance-like state induced by too many drinks, too little sleep and the need to keep sitting upright in the same position. As the sun slanted in through the high windows, time seemed to slip sideways into another dimension. Still Mandy continued to work, sometimes smoothly and precisely, at other times stabbing at the canvas with her brush as if she were attacking it.

Again I found myself wondering what the result of all this frenetic activity would be. Finally, though, she seemed to be satisfied.

As she told me to relax, that the sitting was now over, I checked the time and was astonished to find that something like 90 minutes had passed since the sitting had begun. In some ways it seemed much longer, and in other ways much shorter, as if the whole experience had taken place in the blink of an eye.

My view of time seemed to be slightly distorted, as if I were looking down the wrong end of a telescope. While it is certainly recognisable, there is a certain amount of subjective expressionism at work that I find really interesting. This expressionistic quality was only heightened in the finished picture which Mandy mailed to me some weeks later.

Maybe a dock-worker after a pub crawl on the waterfront, maybe a trucker, maybe an off-duty circus performer. Whatever the case, there is definitely more than a hint of criminality around the eyes, something a little dangerous or threatening. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the huge political changes of the time meant that routes into art were often indirect.

Thus, for example, Mandy Friedrich began her working life in horticultural jobs, trained as a florist then proceeded to study at the College of Design in Plauen. During this period, she produced landscapes, portraits and figural paintings. She became a freelance artist in She feels committed to this, and reproduces the theme repeatedly.

A small picture from gives an early indication of the direction her painting would take. Areas of blue and violet form the compositional scaffolding around her. Her red hair and the yellow dot on the back of her chair make for a taut colour contrast. The work seems to be keeping a secret, to be a dream full of sadness, drama and internalised sensibility. Later portraits are of people whose total immersion in a particular moment fills the whole picture.