Meet and seat klm malaysia

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meet and seat klm malaysia

KLM is not the first airline to tout the idea with Malaysia Airlines releasing a service on Facebook enabling passengers to see what friends. “What people don't like is meeting and talking to people they don't have offering the option to choose your seatmate was Malaysia Airlines, back in Dutch airline KLM also launched Meet & Seat in it is one of. Social Seating is a type of social networking service that allows users to choose their seatmates Social seating is currently available with a few airlines, notably KLM and Malaysia Airlines, and also for music events via Ticketmaster. For example, with KLM's Meet and Seat program, passengers are able to go into the .

Air Baltic and Malaysia airlines are two others. Socialising the experience can happen during the booking process by, for example, allowing consumers to opt-in to choose a seatmate based on their social network profiles. Why is this happening and is this trend really taking off?

KLM Adding Fee For Economy Seat Assignments - One Mile at a Time

Initially there were several factors that needed to be addressed. The most important was to ensure that brands did not intrude on the online shopping experience. It was simply about adding a new dimension to the booking or check-in process, and to let users make better seating choices.

Thanks to social seating, the marketing of online ticketing and booking is changing forever and for the better.

KLM Adding Fee For Economy Seat Assignments

What progress has the concept of social seating made in the travel industry? Social seating is rapidly catching on.

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This year we have seen the commencement of a broad evaluation process in which a large number of companies are involved, large and small: Several forward-looking companies [such as Malaysia Airlines and KLM] have already implemented a social seating solution and have received recognition for their initiatives.

There is no doubt whatsoever that more companies will soon follow suit and social seating will become a mainstream element in the booking process. Have travellers embraced social seating so far?

meet and seat klm malaysia

Here are my observations: People want to use it, and given the opportunity, they'll opt-in to be part of the social seating process and have fun doing it. What kind of objectives are travel suppliers trying to achieve with social seating? The main objectives are to increase engagement and conversions online.

Everyone is looking at the bottom line. With social seating being implemented properly, users are more engaged on relevant websites and also buy more. Some of the brands we're working with are also interested in addressing the younger, more socially engaged audience and offer them meaningful things to do with their social network profiles.

KLM Airline 'Meet & Seat' Program Makes It Easy to Get Laid On a Plane | L.A. Weekly

Then you search for flights. This is the first point at which the SeatID algorithm kicks in -- and differs to existing systems in that it shows you contacts across various flights, not just on a single flight. Savir says this stage could also be a money earner for airlines, as it also shows who is sitting in which class.

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See someone you like in Business and you may be tempted to upgrade, for example. See who's on which flights. Website reconnects fliers who forgot to swap numbers Scan for cuties, select a seat next to them.

meet and seat klm malaysia

It also pulls information from your own profile and passes it to the airline. We can tell them seat 18A has a birthday, for example, and they can respond.

meet and seat klm malaysia

Will you have to pay? But he would prefer airlines to offer it for free, at least initially.

meet and seat klm malaysia

Ultimately, it will never be a catchall development, he admits. In five years time we may get percent of online bookers on the system. Satisfly -- You choose your mood, the airline chooses your seatmates for you.

meet and seat klm malaysia

Planely -- Connects you with people in the same airport or on the same flight, so you can choose to meet up. Facebelt -- Connects you with other Facebook users on flights.