Meet the cast of liv and maddie

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meet the cast of liv and maddie

Liv and Maddie, titled Liv and Maddie: Cali Style for the fourth season, is an American comedy television series created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart that aired. CHILL guests can have the opportunity meet the cast of Liv and Maddie by purchasing a regular CHILL event ticket. No additional fees apply. To wrap up our blogger adventure in LA we stopped by the Hollywood Centre Studios to visit the set of Disney Channel's Live and Maddie.

A full version of the song was recorded by Dove Cameron and is included on Holidays Unwrappeda holiday album released by Walt Disney Records on October 15, In the same episode, Liv performs "Count Me In". A full version of the song was recorded by Cameron and was released as a promotional single by Walt Disney Records on December 2, Two versions were created: Both versions are included in the Liv and Maddie soundtrack. The second version was released on iTunes on March 5,while the original version was released on March 17, On March 17,the Liv and Maddie soundtrack was released.

With the announcement of the soundtrack on March 5,the singles for those songs, minus FroyoYOLO, were discontinued and are no longer available. Like she did with the other songs, Dove Cameron recorded a full version of the song which was released as part of the Liv and Maddie soundtrack on March 17, Over the years, we have seen identical twins getting us all confused on the set of Hollywood movies and series but Liv and Maddie are not one of them.

meet the cast of liv and maddie

The two characters were remarkably played by one person — Dove Cameron but she had help. Applying a few visual tricks with the help of some extras who can pass as Dove at a glance, the crew was able to put up a good show and make it appear like Liv and Maddie were two different people.

Disney Channel was kind enough to share some behind-the-scenes production secrets, revealing 2 body doubles, Emmy Buckner Liv 2 and Shelby Wulfert Maddie 2. So, no, Liv and Maddie were not played by real-life twins.

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Dove Cameron Liv and Maddie Dove Cameron — image source With the help of a few tricks and body doubles, Cameron was able to pull off the challenging roles of the eponymous characters to rave reviews.

Born January 15,the American actress and singer is popular for her role as Liv and Maddie but asides the Disney Channel teen sitcom, she has also appeared in Descendants and its sequels, among other projects. In "Continued-a-Rooney", he and Maddie officially break up. In "Scoop-a-Rooney", Diggie returns where he tells Maddie about him seeing a picture of Maddie with Josh, making Diggie jealous with the fact that Maddie has moved on and has a new boyfriend — that being Josh.

Who Are The Liv And Maddie Cast Members, Are They Real Twins In Real Life?

In"End-a-Rooney", when Maddie gets the grant to make tiny houses in New Orleans, Diggie decides to come with her, saying all he wants is to be with her. She plays center and often exclaims that she "doesn't go down! Willow's only weakness is her obsessive crush on Joey, as seen in "Slump-a-Rooney", when she misdirects a love note to be from him. They win the battle and continue to perform as a band. Around the end of season 3 and into Liv and Maddie Cali Style she and Joey are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

She is a petite girl with a hearty appetite. She gets her name because her clothing gets inadvertently dirty in each episode she appears in. She has a recurring tendency to rub the side of her nose with her thumb whenever she gets involved in a scheme, as seen in " Team-a-Rooney ", when the team rallies against Principal Fickman, in "Sweet a-Rooney", when she helps plan a surprise party for Maddie, and in "Shoe-a-Rooney", when she has to take over for Maddie in a game because Maddie was too busy obsessing with her new shoes.

She also has a habit of ending each sentence with "man", even when referring to Maddie and her other teammates. They are often competitive in proving who is smarter than the other, with Joey usually falling short, but they have worked together before, as shown in "Brain-a-Rooney" and "BFF-a-Rooney".

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Artie has some unnamed student followers who serve as his "minions". He is also a sci-fi fanatic, showing up at a promotional event for Space Werewolves. In " Frame-a-Rooney ", it was revealed that Artie is Diggie's brother. In the episode "Match-a-Rooney" Liv turns down Artie's invitation to the Sadie Hawkins dance and was originally Willow's date but then Liv decided to ask Artie herself to take Willow's place to be his date so she can be Joey's date.

In the episode "Voice-a-Rooney" it revealed that he has a kitten that he named after Liv and he thanked Joey for taking care of her when she got lost. Ocean[ edit ] Ocean Cozi Zuehlsdorff is Liv's first friend from school who first appeared in " Steal-a-Rooney ", when Maddie organized for Ocean to befriend Liv since Liv felt that people only liked her because she is famous. Later, Liv realizes that the whole friendship was a setup by Maddie and she temporarily gets upset.

Over time, however, Liv later realizes that Ocean likes her genuinely and they become good friends.

meet the cast of liv and maddie

Ocean is of a bohemian -style family, lives on a sunflower farm, and has limited use of technology, thus not knowing of Liv's former television career before befriending her. Ocean loves the environment, school and learning.

She and Liv take a German language course together. Evan[ edit ] Evan Carter Hastings is one of Parker's "dojo buddies" and a close friend. Evan is an underhandedly polite child, whose mother an unseen character is perceived as mildly overprotective.

A year younger than Parker, the pair tends to get into difficult situations, with Parker often protecting Evan, as seen in "Slump-a-Rooney", when Parker helps Evan stand up to his mother.

Evan also helped Karen "reprogram" Parker in "Shoe-a-Rooney", when Parker tried to avoid having to do chores by pretending to be incapable. Reggie[ edit ] Reggie Herbie Jackson is one of Parker's dojo buddies and also his best friend. He takes karate classes with Parker and Splat and is often seen at the Rooney house. He refers to Parker as "Doctor P" and is often up for Parker's schemes.

He assists Parker in creating a skin cream for Karen in exchange for baloney in "Gift-a-Rooney".

meet the cast of liv and maddie

At the end of the episode, Karen tells Reggie Parker's middle name as Parker's punishment for creating a skin cream that grew long hair on her elbows and swelled up her feet. Reggie and Parker love the show "Linda and Heather" and are often seen watching it together singing the theme song for the show.

Reggie's parents are never seen and Reggie is often in the Rooney household doing experiments with "Doctor P". She first appeared in " Upcycle-a-Rooney ". She plays the bass in a band that includes Liv, Willow, and Holden. In " Prom-a-Rooney ", Andie is seen to like Holden and asks him to the prom.

A few episodes later they are seen dating. In " Triangle-a-Rooney ", Holden breaks up with Andie and asks out Liv, but she denies because of her friendship with Andie.

meet the cast of liv and maddie

She later shows interest in Dump Truck in "Cowbell-a-Rooney", and it was mentioned in "Ridgewood-a-Rooney" that he gave her his leather jacket. In his first appearance in " Detention-a-Rooney ", Dump Truck tells Parker to do his cleaning for him, but gains a newfound respect for Parker and becomes his friend after seeing him scrape gum off all the desks in school nicknaming him "Gumball Machine".

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In "Flugelball-a-Rooney", it is revealed that Dump Truck cannot ride a bike, but Parker teaches him how to by the end of the episode. Holden[ edit ] Holden Jordan Fisher is Liv's main love interest. His first appearance was in " Neighbors-a-Rooney ", where he has just come back from boarding school.

At first Liv dislikes him because when they were younger he stole her Goodbye Puppy pen, but later in the episode he confesses that he only took her pen because he had a childhood crush on her.

By the end of the episode, Liv develops strong romantic feelings towards him. However, in "Prom-a-Rooney", Holden goes to the prom with Liv's friend Andie and they begin a relationship that lasts for the remaining episodes of the second season. In "Triangle-a-Rooney", Holden begins to realize his true feelings toward Liv after he sees that he and Andie aren't right for each other. During the episode, Holden and Liv come close to sharing their first kiss after singing a duet of True Love together, but are interrupted and caught by Willow.

meet the cast of liv and maddie

Holden finally figures out his feelings for Liv and breaks up with Andie, but ends up breaking up with her on live television. At the end of the episode, Holden admits his feelings and asks out Liv and although Liv admits her feelings for him in return, she denies his request to start a relationship because of her friendship with Andie.

However, Liv and Holden are shown to still harbor deep feelings for each other. Eventually in "Coach-a-Rooney", Liv and Holden finally became a romantic couple after Andie assured Liv that she no longer possessed any romantic feelings for him.

Behind The Scenes: Exclusive Interview with the Cast of LIV AND MADDIE #LivAndMaddieEvent

Liv and Holden broke up in "Scoop-a-Rooney". Alex[ edit ] Alex Brianne Ashleigh Tju is an emotionless science wiz student who is one of Joey's love interests and is also admired by Parker. She is also seen in Liv's song "What a Girl Is". Aubrey[ edit ] Aubrey Audrey Whitby is a female student who is the latest member of the Weekly Intergalactic Council meeting that is attended by Joey and Artie.

Aubrey first appeared in "Neighbors-a-Rooney", where she recommends a cute robot character for a cameo in the upcoming movie The Revengers II: Age of Fultron a parody of Avengers: Age of Ultron and later befriends Joey becoming one of Joey's love interests. Liv's schedule in "Voltage" at the time when the Dream is asked to get back together causes the rest of the band to enlist Aubrey to cover for Liv. After some in-group disputes is solved, the Dream performs at Karen's event with Aubrey assisting them on tambourine.

He is close to his mother and somewhat stern when it comes to school related matters, as seen in "Team-a-Rooney", when he had cut the girls' basketball team's budget. Kneebauer[ edit ] Mrs. Kneebauer Tara Karsian is the superintendent of Ridgewood High who was first seen in "Kathy Kan-a-Rooney" interviewing Karen for the role of vice-principal. In "Detention-a-Rooney", Superintendent Kneebauer gave Parker detention for ripping off her top skirt as his way of getting out of an event that Karen wanted to partake with him.