Meet with fellow believers

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meet with fellow believers

Psalm - We who had sweet fellowship together Walked in the house of God in the throng. You are also family with believers right where you live. They are waiting to meet you – in a Christian organization on your campus or local. At Spirit & Truth Fellowship, we encourage Christians to participate in regular gatherings, be they in homes, church buildings, offices and places of work.

In the times of Isaiah people were gathering at the Temple to worship, but their hearts were not right before God. Your incense is detestable to me. New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations—I cannot bear your evil assemblies. They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them. Thankfully, later in the chapter, God says that if the people change He will once again accept their worship and the people will prosper.

26 Bible verses about Fellowship, Among Believers

We need to understand what makes a meeting valuable or harmful, and work to be part of meetings that are a blessing to God and the people. Furthermore, people did not take care of each other, but oppressed the poor and weak Isa.

Thankfully, God has given us His Word to help us determine what constitutes a good meeting and who is a good leader to follow. That is because the Levites acquired their positions by birth, and people were supposed to worship at the Temple no matter who was priest.

meet with fellow believers

Things are different in the New Testament. God tells us specifically that a leader must have certain qualities, including being above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money, managing his own family well, not a recent convert, and he must also have a good reputation with outsiders list taken from 1 Tim.

Just as the leaders we follow should be knowledgeable people with godly character, the meetings we attend should help us to be holy and effective in our own ways of serving God. These facts do not constitute a mandate for Christians to worship exclusively in homes, but they do establish solid precedent. Certainly every group of Christians is free to worship in whatever setting they choose. But it is hard to imagine improving upon the model God used for the birth of His church and the spread of the gospel to all the known world Acts We often stay rather late, discussing personal or church matters and doctrinal issues.

Sometimes, advice or counsel is sought by one, and given in return by another, or even several. Sometimes, two or three will find a quiet place to pray together.

All in all, it is like the most wonderful sort of family reunion—and we get to have one every week. This kind of fellowship certainly can take place in a sanctuary setting. But in the home it is natural—it is built in—it is virtually guaranteed!

meet with fellow believers

And think of this: Even as we grow large in numbers, we will never lose the familiarity and intimacy that we have experienced in our beginnings! Instead, we will be forming new congregations—teaching others how to experience this same kind of rich Christian fellowship. A Wise Use of Resources How much money does the typical church set aside for building expenses?

The figures would range from modest to astronomical. And what happens when even a smaller traditional church—one with only a modest budget for building costs—grows too large for its current facilities? Usually the solution is to buy or build something new and bigger. The point is, for the sanctuary-style church, buildings cost money to own and maintain, and increased membership almost always means increased building expenses. We have chosen instead to use an existing resource for our gatherings—one that need not be bought, built, or expanded when growth occurs.

As the needs arise, we will simply expand to other existing homes. Instead of spending money on buildings, we are able to direct more of our resources toward the support of the poor Acts 2: There are other costs involved in our gatherings, but they are minimal when compared to the expenses necessary for the maintenance, and particularly the growth, of a traditional church. A Well-tended Flock Pastors have the God-given responsibility to diligently feed, guard, and care for whatever flock has been entrusted to them Acts They are also informed that they will one day give an account of their care to the Chief Shepherd Hebrews Any pastor who takes this responsibility and accountability seriously should shudder at the thought of giving an account for two hundred, let alone two thousand or more.

Our home congregations are led individually by men who are biblically qualified as elders or pastors—the terms are interchangeable. This means that each elder is responsible for the care of as few as ten or fifteen, and as many as twenty-five or thirty people. In some cases, where an elder can dedicate sufficient time to two congregations, the number might be as high as fifty.

And as the Lord provides, home congregations will have more than one elder, thus enhancing the care for the members.

Is there someone in your home cell with a need that you can meet?

meet with fellow believers

Spend extended time in fellowship Church going on Sundays can turn out to be a rush-rush event. People may not have time to spend extended time in fellowship with one another.

The cell environment is an excellent place for Christians to avoid the crowd and rush of church and really enjoy the company of each other.

meet with fellow believers

Be accountable to a core group of Christians If you go to a big church, you would not be missed even if you fail to go for several weeks.

There is no one we are accountable to. In the cell group, our close contacts will surely know if we have not been going to church or we have not been spending time with God daily.

Why Meet in Homes?

Accountability is important because there is someone to correct us and bring us back to the right way. Partake of deep spiritual truths Jesus spent a lot of time teaching to the multitudes but He also set aside precious time to convey important truths to His small group of followers.

He reserved difficult truths for the small group setting because He knows that they may misunderstand Him and have to be corrected. When we are in contact with the teacher, we can have interactive Bible lessons. The teacher is able to ensure that the students got the message. Mentor others The cell group is an excellent platform for mentoring others.

Our Lord Jesus mentored a group of 12 men so that they could take on the task of evangelizing the world when He has departed from this world. This small group spent a lot of time with their Master so that he could impart not just knowledge but also His life to them. Cell meetings are a platform for evangelistic support Acts 2: And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

They also had an outward and evangelistic focus. The group was active in proclaiming the message of salvation and the group was growing because many people were added to their numbers.

The cell meetings can be an important platform for your evangelistic efforts. Sharing with each other the list of people we are reaching out to so we can prayer support.

meet with fellow believers

Tangible support in our evangelistic efforts. Can you help me? Or I have a friend who likes to play chess. Since you also play chess, perhaps I can introduce him to you so that the two of you can spend some time together. As a cell member, are you supporting your other members in their evangelistic efforts by encouraging them, praying for their oikos, etc?

Transforming the community Luke 9: If we are eager to reach the community, there is no better way than to do it through the cell groups.