Ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

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ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

Nov 10, One fair aspect of NCIS: Los Angeles is that the show is all about gender At one point, Kensi makes a goodbye call to Deeks because this is kind of a Are you going to have a kid in a family where both parents go to work. Kensi took a round to the torso but, wearing a bulletproof vest, survived; she steals away, hunting the shooter; she clobbers a tail NCIS: Los Angeles (– ) . Add content advisory for parents» Marty Deeks: You don't have to shoot me. The sixth season of the police procedural drama NCIS: Los Angeles as Marty Deeks, L.A.P.D. Liaison Detective; Barrett Foa as Eric Beale, NCIS Technical . the attack is one in a string of attacks on parents with children in military school. . An ongoing case leads Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi to Moscow, where the.

ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

So thanks for your patience and here's the next chapter The last thing she saw was Deeks lying on the floor. Kensi focused all her emotions into anger. She beat him up, a lot. She kicked the big man "right in the cul-de-sac" as Deeks would say. And as soon as her mind went back to Deeks, she ended the short, one sided fight by putting him in a choke hold. It didn't take long for the man to be knocked out, and soon as he was Kensi ran over to Deeks.

She held him in her arms and started to cry.

ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

Her emotions preoccupied her brain, she didn't even notice the fall and rise of his chest. Kensi's sobs abruptly stopped and she let go of her partner to look at him, to make sure her ears weren't playing tricks on her.

ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

He didn't have very good aim with the bullets, but he sure did have good aim with the butt of his gun. Kensi was realizing that she could've just lost her partner. She tried to express what was going on her brain. Deeks grabbed Kensi and pulled her into a firm hug. She gladly accepted and nestled her head into the crook of his neck. They ignored Kensi's family around them who were all very confused.

ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

Maddi, Jake, Donald, and Julia were all standing in the living room, looking very lost. Kensi knew no amount of lying would keep this secret. She decided that she would tell her family, it would take away a load of guilt. And the dangers, well, she would make sure that they were well aware of the dangers of her job. They were only about 2 minutes into their story and gotten down the basics.

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They were interrupted by a loud noise that came from the door being kicked down. Kensi and Deeks prepared themselves and reached for their guns. They stopped mid-way when they saw who was at the door.

Callen, Sam, and Nell ran in, guns up. But they were slowly moved down as they saw the man on the ground.

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Then Callen, Sam and Nell all saw what they could only guess as Kensi's family and tried to put their guns away subtly; with no success. Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen 's character has been hinting at wanting to leave behind his dangerous life, so he's one of the top names on this list.

Oh, and he was also in the aforementioned burning car. When they geared up to save Mosley's son, Deeks even followed Kensi Daniela Ruah there despite wanting to be done — could it be his last mission?

ncis los angeles kensi and deeks meet the fockers

Yet one of the only details which would make his death confusing is the impending wedding between him and Kensi. After all this time, it would be a hard pill to swallow. For the first time, the 'Blue Bloods' star shared with us his feelings on his show being remade.

There could be more than one casualty, but we have our doubts.

NCIS Los Angeles Densi "Meeting Deeks mom" 7x02

Still, a burning car is still a burning car. Harley Hidoko Actress Andrea Bordeaux left a message to fans on social media hinting that this is the end of the line for her character — it's believed that the character's body was lit on fire — but you can judge for yourself. The caption from Instagram reads: Thank you so much to the amazing cast and thebestcrewinhollywood.

Thank you to every director. Thank you to the service men and women who work in various positions on the show, whether as background or as our tactical experts. You make me proud to play a Marine.