Owari no seraph mika and yuu meet me halfway

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owari no seraph mika and yuu meet me halfway

Aug 2, for those of you who have watched this anime, take a shot every time "family" is said. why no synonym? friend? brother? no? okay. btw i like this. Dec 19, Anime: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End): Nagoya Kessen-hen(Season 2) - EP 9 This video is for viewing/entertainment purposes only. Debby Ogunnoiki | BEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET!!!.

Krul just raises an eyebrow when she sees him, but Ferid has a shit-eating grin on his face. But then Mika realises it must be visibly big on him.

Ferid's smile only broadens when Mika's only answer is a blush. The silence stretches on while Mika stands in the doorway, all eyes on him, not understanding what exactly is going on. As far as he's concerned, it's the best feeling in the world. It's strange to think he's known Yuu for more than two months now, which seems both like an incredibly long and unbelievably short time.

He feels quite rueful now Tuesday mornings won't be filled by two hours of teasing Yuu without their professor noticing. Instead, he bends over his books dutifully.

Until one morning, Yuu is at his door, because "everyone always throws me out and I can't concentrate when I'm studying on my own. Mika would throw him out as well, except that he knows he'll still pass easily even without studying 8 hours every day. And of course, as Krul puts it, because "he's a lovesick little puppy". He decides to ignore that comment, just as he ignores Ferid's leers, which are increasingly more common as time goes on, and unlike Krul, Ferid never tries to be subtle.

Also unlike Krul, his preferred method of teasing - or annoying, in his case - is dropping creepy nonverbal hints. Mika would punch him if it weren't for him being too vague for Yuu to understand anything.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet me halfway

He's pretty sure Yuu is freaked the hell out by the older man though, and who can blame him? Mika does throw a punch a few days later, when Ferid tries to blackmail him. Apparently he feels that helping Ferid write all his assignments for the next two years in exchange for Yuu's ignorance is only fair. Apparently he's also a lot faster than he looks, because he dodges the fist easily.

And bumps into Krul standing in the doorway, who shuts him up with nothing but a glare. The dormmates sometimes call her The Queen, and it's moments like these Mika is reminded it's not just a cute nickname. She tells Mika afterwards to come to her if her cousin ever tries to pull shit again. Yuu arrives sometime after breakfast and they start studying, Mika behind his desk, Yuu on the couch or bed.

It takes about an hour for him to lose interest and start distracting Mika, so then they talk for a while. After two days, Mika realises he should set an alarm for these breaks, because spending two hours talking for every hour studying is not the right way to go. After that, Yuu makes tea, and they start studying again until noon, when Yuu prepares lunch. It's the healthiest both have eaten in a while, because Yuu refuses to eat plain sandwiches and Mika refuses to eat hamburgers every day, so Yuu wastes his time looking for and preparing healthy snacks.

He doesn't mind, because every excuse is a good one when it comes to procrastinating, even if it involves greens. The afternoon follows the same pattern. It's a system that fits both of them surprisingly well. Mika looks up and shakes his head, smiling. It's one of those afternoons that Mika suddenly notices it's been a while since he's heard the other guy.

When he turns around, he finds him peacefully dozing on his couch. His mouth is opened slightly while he breathes softly and the winter sun catches his eyelashes in such a way that they almost look a little bit brown.

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Mika tries to gently shake him awake, but Yuu just snoozes on. He contemplates somehow getting him to the bed, because he's gonna wake up with the worst strain in his neck if he keeps lying like that, but there's no way that's ever going to work, so he opts for a well-placed pillow under his head and a cosy blanket over his shoulders. He goes to set tea for himself afterwards. Krul is in the kitchen too and she can read his face as if it is an airport novel.

She's afraid that he's losing himself in this, that he's flying too high and too fast when he's never even flown before.

She's afraid that he'll fall. But sometimes Yuu makes those jokes that are just a little too much like flirtation or he looks at Mika like he's the whole world and then he smiles and Mika is convinced that these wings are made of something more than wax, because maybe, just maybe Yuu likes him back. When he eventually falls, he falls just that much harder because he wasn't prepared for the impact. It's the week after finals and they're drinking and playing games in Yuu's room and everyone from Yuu's dorm is there.

They're playing a card game he thinks is called The Ring of Fire and Yuu has to answer a question. Shinoa is kind of like the devil of the group and so she wastes no time in asking "do you like Mika? But then Yuu looks at Mika and his grin falters. Yuu's carpet does have some interesting stains, probably coffee and Red Bull. He makes up some dumb excuse to get away early. Nothing is the same after that. They still meet every week for tea or lunch or whatever, but something has changed.

Mika feels like talking to Yuu is like trying to run through water, and Yuu's jokes have diminished into nonexistence. Instead of laughter, awkward silences ring between the walls of his room. They keep ringing long after Yuu is gone, because they never used to be there before. It fucking hurts to get your heart broken, but comparing it to death is becoming a bit too melodramatic.

It doesn't quite work, but then again she's always been good at making people obey her. He appreciates the gesture though. So they go shopping. Light bounces off of his glass of water, right into Krul's eye and it doesn't take long before a reflection fight breaks out between them, ending in uncontrollable giggles and a waitress staring at them, unsure of how to react.

The wine in it swirls to the top, but her eyes are on him. Her gaze is confident, with a hint of mockery, as if she knows all the truths in the universe and she's surprised Mika doesn't know them too, because it's just so obvious. Anyone would notice that. For a second it's almost as if they're back to whatever it was they had, and Mika feels like he's flying again.

But Yuu takes a long drink from his coffee and starts talking about his classes. Hesitantly, as if it is not really what he wants to talk about, but he doesn't know what else to say. Just like that, he's back in the small coffee shop again. There are no wings on his back after all, just the hard wood of the chair pressing into his spine and his feet are still rooted to the ground.

The tea in his hands is slowly getting cold. When the sun shines and he can slowly feel it getting warmer when he goes outside. Mika caught him glancing to where the group of friends were still sitting.

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There were four of them total, and they were all suddenly very interested in their drinks. Those green eyes went wide. Did they put you up to this? As a joke on the guy sitting alone in the bar? He would be on guard this time.

Yuu, though, looked genuinely perplexed, then his shoulders sagged and he spun to face the bar. Mika smiled at him and spun to face the bar, his knees brushing against Yuu. Think you can keep up? They had sat at the bar talking until getting kicked out, though the drinks had stopped at some point. Mika had become focused on Yuu, on talking to him, on looking at him.

Throughout the night they got closer, until they were almost constantly touching. Mika had felt his heartbeat speed up.

As they had walked, the two had brushed fingers, once even wrapping their pinkies together. He just wanted to get Yuu home, before he vanished, maybe turned into a pumpkin or something. He opened the door and motioned for Yuu to enter first.

Yuu laughed too, and seemed to lighten up as he walked in. Mika closed the door behind them, wobbling a little on his feet, bumping into Yuu, who stepped forward with hands in his pockets, looking around. He practically attacked Yuu, pushing against his lips as tenderly as his emotions would allow, hands on the chest he had been staring at all night.

They were almost the same height, Mika just barely taller.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet me halfway

So you are still drunk, then. Yuu let out a small gasp, and Mika decided he liked the sound. He wanted to hear more of it, wanted Yuu to make more sounds like that. This kiss he dove into, all the emotions from the night collapsing into this one moment. He pushed deep, their mouths opening in unison, gasping for air. He went along with it, of course. The moment their skin touched, he was on fire. Mika wondered if he had died and was in heaven, and this was some sort of way to make up for all the shit he had been through when living.

Whatever the circumstances, Mika would take advantage of this, because maybe he would never see Yuu again. The fear still plagued him. He found, for the first time, he was grateful his roommate and supposed friend was out of town. They tumbled onto the bed, Yuu straddling Mika, looking down at him with a bright red flush across his face and chest.

He leaned over Yuu, hands on either side of dark hair, staring intently. He was going crazy on the inside, holding everything together somehow still. Yuu could leave before he woke up, for all he knew. But you saved it from being my worst birthday ever, so, thank you. Mika felt hands slide up his shoulders, pulling him down. His throat was dry. He slid his face into his pillow and sighed, curling his legs up- Wait, why was he naked in bed?

He hated sleeping naked. Fragments of green eyes, smooth skin, lips. Mika groaned and rolled his head to look beside him.

No one was there. They came home together. He looked around the room, but saw no sign of him. Well, I was right.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet me halfway

Mika fell back onto his pillow, staring at the ceiling, the memories of the night before coming back more clearly as he woke up.