Rick and the governor meet walking dead

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rick and the governor meet walking dead

Rick pummels the Governor, who is later shot dead by a devastated Lilly. On the road, Glenn and Tara meet Sgt. Abraham Ford and his comrades, Rosita. "Arrow on the Doorpost" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of the post- apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead. It originally aired on AMC in the United States on March 10, In this episode, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor (David Morrissey) meet. Mar 10, 'The Walking Dead' continues to ratchet up the tension as Rick and the Rick sees right through the Governor, but maybe not quite far enough. leading me to question why Daryl was chosen to go to the meeting rather.

Noting that one of the victims turned without being bitten, the group deduces that the sick pigs are spreading a virus. The Prison Council quarantines all residents exhibiting symptoms.

The Walking Dead 3x13 - Rick Grimes meets The Governor

Lizzie mourns the death of a walker she named Nick. He follows a trail of blood to the prison yard and discovers the charred bodies of Karen and another survivor, David. Rick eventually confronts Carol about the murders, and she confesses. Daryl, MichonneBob and Tyreese set off to find antibiotics and anti-viral medication at a nearby veterinary college. The group scores the meds at the vet school.

rick and the governor meet walking dead

But Bob nearly dies when he refuses to let go of his backpack during a walker attack. Daryl is furious when he discovers that Bob was transporting liquor instead of medicine. Rick takes Carol on a supply run, during which Carol explains she had to kill Karen and David to keep the outbreak from spreading. Rick exiles Carol from the prison, leaving her behind with a car and supplies.

At the prison, more victims succumb to the virus.

rick and the governor meet walking dead

Outside, walkers break down the perimeter fence and stream into the prison yard. Rick and Carl team up to shoot them down.

Arrow on the Doorpost

As an infected Glenn teeters on the brink of death, Daryl and his crew return with the meds. In a flashback, the Governor is abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert after slaughtering the Woodbury residents.

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Pretending his name is Brian, the Governor grows close to the family. When David turns after dying from lung cancer, the Governor bashes his head in, terrifying Meghan.

rick and the governor meet walking dead

The Governor decides to leave, but Lilly insists he take them along. He and Lilly begin a romance. On the road, they run into Martinez, who has started his own camp. The Governor fortifies the camp, but after a walker nearly kills Meghan, he decides to find a safer location. The next day, the Governor scouts out the prison. The Governor arrives at the prison with his army. Rick invites them to live together in peace, but the Governor responds by decapitating Hershel. Lilly then walks up to the Governor carrying Meghan: Rick pummels the Governor, who is later shot dead by a devastated Lilly.

Walkers stream through the broken fences and flood the prison. Rick and Carl flee into the woods and stop to rest at an abandoned house. Gravely injured, Rick falls unconscious. Carl, angry at his father for their predicament, goes off to scavenge alone. Michonne wanders through the woods alone. She has a nightmare about her dead boyfriend and toddler son. When she tracks Rick and Carl to the house, she bursts into tears of happiness.

Lizzie and Mika hike through the woods with Tyreese, who carries Judith. Sashafocused on finding a safe shelter, reluctantly agrees.

Rick Meets With The Governor | The Walking Dead Locations

They encounter a sign for Terminus and head toward it. Back at the prison, Glenn teams up with Tara to escape. Tara, guilt-ridden over her role in attacking the prison, agrees to help Glenn find Maggie. On the road, Glenn and Tara meet Sgt. Abraham Ford and his comrades, Rosita Espinosa and Dr.

While recuperating at the house, Rick hides from a gang of violent men and strangles one of them to death.

The Walking Dead - Season 4 Recap - AMC

He escapes the house with Carl and Michonne. At the railroad tracks, they find a Terminus sign and decide to go. Beth embarks on a mission to find alcohol.

He argues to preemptively attack The Governor at the meeting, but the others are committed to obeying Rick's orders and stay put, fearful of potential casualties.

In the meeting, The Governor blames Merle for his atrocities. He reveals that he has surveillance on Rick's group and warns that Woodbury has superior manpower and firepower.

Eventually The Governor offers whiskey and relates his sympathetic story about his wife's death, to which Rick drinks. However, Rick expresses some skepticism, though The Governor then reveals one final offer: Rick must hand over Michonne Danai Guriraor have his whole group annihilated.

Rick Meets With The Governor

The Governor gives him two days to decide and meet. Both groups depart after the meeting and though reluctant, Andrea chooses to go with The Governor and his group. The Governor returns to Woodbury and secretly orders Martinez to set an ambush at the barn, to bring Michonne back alive, and to kill Rick and any of his people who show up to the meeting. Milton takes exception to the ruthlessness of the plan but does not press the issue, while The Governor keeps the agreement terms from Andrea.

At the prison, Rick tells the group that The Governor wants them all dead and that they are going to war. He privately confides to Hershel the true terms of the agreement but, while knowing The Governor would kill them all anyway, he must consider the possibility it would not happen and if safety for the prison can be guaranteed in exchange for one member.