Rose and greg meet

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rose and greg meet

Greg and Rose's meet-cute is this show's equivalent of the beginning of a standard romantic comedy—something that we're told over the. In “We Need to Talk” (S2, E9), we get to see how Greg met Rose and the Crystal Gems. He almost instantly falls in love with the giant woman. Greg explains that Marty was "an old amigo from way back when". He also explains that Marty was his manager from when Greg met Rose. Steven then asks.

It is shown that Rose can display the same star-shaped irises that Steven has at times. The same happens along with her laugh.

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In this episode, The Crystal Temple has only two missing arms, when it usually has three. It can be presumed that due to the Rebellion against Homeworld that humans are very aware of the existence of magic and the Crystal Gems, as Greg does not appear to be fazed in any way by the Warp and Amethyst's shapeshifting.

Cultural References Marty is portrayed by guest voice actor Jon Wurster. It is also a possible reference to David Bowie's " Ziggy Stardust " persona; Bowie similarly to Greg wrote a lot of outer space-themed songs with one being called "Starman". Greg's Album "Space Train to the Cosmos" and his conversation with Rose about it may be references to the Anime series " Galaxy Express " about a boy riding a train through space that stops at different planets.

Continuity This episode revolves around the time Greg first met Rose Quartz. This exact moment is mentioned in " Laser Light Cannon ". In his van, Greg has two pictures; they are: The picture of Rose and himself in the ocean frame Amethyst gave him in " Maximum Capacity ". A picture of Steven with cat fingers from " Cat Fingers " taken by Ronaldo.

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The fence around the Crystal Temple's beach, previously mentioned by Pearl in " Full Disclosure ", appears in Greg's story before he runs it over with his van. Greg plays the same short song in the beginning of the episode like " The Message ". Pearl's outfit in this episode was seen very briefly as a silhouette when she regenerated in " Steven the Sword Fighter ".

Universe" t-shirt that Greg gives Rose was also seen in " Lion 3: Straight to Video " inside Lion's mane. The manner in which Greg stops his van in order to throw Marty out, as well as the location near the Beach City limit signis identical to when Steven forces Greg to stop the van in " The Return ".

The manner in which Greg drives his van back to the beach, as well as the location, is identical to the way he does in the opening sequence in every episode. In " Steven's Birthday " it is revealed that he was 22 years old during the events of this episode. Errors Greg and Marty hair error. When Steven shouts "Story for Steven", the rivulets of rain on the windows can be seen being rewinded to their position and size from a moment earlier.

Although, it's possible that Buck Dewey is also the name of Bill Dewey's father i.

Story for Steven

Buck's grandfather considering that the episode takes place in the past. She fought and shattered her former ruler, Pink Diamond, then led the Crystal Gems in battle against the Homeworld for a thousand years before, at great cost to both sides, the war was finally won.

Then, more than 5, years later, Rose met Greg and fell in love. I was five years old when my biological mother died, but my memory began with her death.

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Maternal love is both mythologized and simplified in our patriarchal society, but behind all the sentiment and symbolism with which we imbue that love do lie certain inevitable traits. Maternal love is nurturing and protective, abundant and, at least theoretically, unconditional. As it is for Steven, so it was for me. My grandparents never fail to note, upon my visits, how I have her face, her hair, her eyes.

rose and greg meet

Her wake, I am told, left a line of visitors wrapped around two blocks adjacent to the funeral home, so great was the impression her kindness left upon those she knew.

And like Steven living with the Crystal Gems, I was left surrounded by the best of people: How could I ever measure up? Only, it seemed, through love. Loving, supportive, understanding relationships make a person strong and a life worth living. For someone like me, whose default method of knowing a person is to pour all the love I have into them at any given moment, it is inspiring and validating.

Rose Quartz

It is also, in terms of how one can actually do that without becoming utterly emotionally spent, illuminating. The people we care about have flaws and failures.

rose and greg meet

They can be cruel or apathetic, smug or selfish. Often, they let us down. Human beings are, to put it simply, imperfect—as are Gems. Steven and the Gems visit an ancient battlefield from the rebellion in order to gather some of the weapons left by fallen Gems. But you have her gem! That place is yours now! Learning, finally, that Rose kept secrets even from her, she lashes out at Steven as he tries to reassure her that Rose was probably just trying to keep Pearl safe.

Steven wipes away a tear before turning to Garnet: Did I do something wrong?