Saltwater and freshwater meet quran download

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saltwater and freshwater meet quran download

This page is on: The Scientific Miracles in the Quran - The Quran on Seas and that in the places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. It has been discovered that what distinguishes fresh water from salt water in. List download link Lagu MP3 Freshwater Saltwater Dividing Line gratis and free Fresh Water Meets Sea Water – Boundary ExplainedPlanetLagu FAST. The barrier between salt water and fresh water in perspective to Al- Quran. Download Quran, He is the one who has set free the two kinds of modern science found that Medite rranean sea meets the Atlantic.

There is also a quarantine area for the fish between the fresh and salt waters. At the point where the fresh water river or waterfall meets the sea water, the fresh water moves down. At that point there is a distinct area which is neither fresh water nor salt water and is off limits to both.

It descends in a cylindrical fashion and has its own specific species of fish which can survive in it. Neither the fresh water fish nor the salt water fish can survive in this quarantine area.

It is a mixture of fresh and salty water and sustains only its own variety of fish. The fish in this quarantine area also are unable to cross into either the fresh water or the salt water, or else they will perish. Fourteen hundred years ago the Holy Prophet saws alluded to these phenomena which were only discovered and understood centuries later by modern scientists.

A light of Safety and Hope for such a hopeless time. Let us again have a look at Figure 1. A slow transition between river and ocean is taking place. A non-physical partition between the two water bodies is preventing them from coming into each other. A physical partition like an underwater hill is present and this separates the two water bodies.

Three possible working principles of an estuary which a layman who has no knowledge of science but has common sense can think of All these cases are shown in Figure 2. So up to this point, we have not used anything other than common sense, but we have already made a lot of progress. Surely people during the time of Muhammad had common sense.

Two waters do not mix - Exposing Dr Zakir Naik (Oxford university)

Even if they did not know how an estuary really works, they would have easily figured out that an estuary should behave very similar to all or some of these three cases. Only definite answers can be demanded for scientific claims. So let us again refer back to Figure 2 and decide which of the cases are closest to this verse. Surely it is either Case 2, Case 3 or both.

Does the Quran get the mixing of saltwater and freshwater wrong?

Why not Case 1? This is because Case 1 is a transition and not a forbidden partition. Still, if one argues that this intermediate water of Case 1 is the forbidden partition and surely many apologists will make this argumentthen we have the following answer: It is evident from common sense that Case 2 is literally a forbidden partition.

Now, Case 1 can only be true if Case 2 is false i. So according to this verse, Case 1 is discarded.

Meeting of Fresh and Salt Water in the Qur'an

Summary of what the verse tells us Let us summarize what the verse tells us. It tells us that: This is Case 2. This is Case 3. This means that the laws of nature will not allow any other circumstances like Case 1. What we expect elementary science to tell us Firstly, let us ask ourselves what we expect from science.

Science should corroborate observational evidences. So if we observe in our daily life that ocean water is not coming into the river we drink river water regularly and its sweet taste remains unchangedscience should explain why this is happening.

For example, if we observe that leaves are green, science should explain the reason why they are green. If it concludes that leaves are blue, then it is not science. So, let us scrutinize Cases 1, 2 and 3 under the light of elementary science.

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What elementary science tells us Let us assume that we have elementary knowledge of science. The following picture and quotes are from NASA. Notice how the NASA scientist used the words: These subsurface internal waves occur at depths of about m, but appear in the sunglint as giant swells flowing eastward into the Mediterranean Sea.

A top layer of warm, relatively fresh water from the Atlantic Ocean flows eastward into the Mediterranean Sea. In return, a lower, colder, saltier layer of water flows westward into the North Atlantic ocean.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran download

A density boundary separates the layers at about m depth. Like traffic merging on a highway, the water flow is constricted in both directions because it must pass over a shallow submarine barrier, the Camarinal Sill.

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When large tidal flows enter the Strait, internal waves waves at the density boundary layer are set off at the Camarinal Sill as the high tide relaxes. The waves—sometimes with heights up to m — travel eastward. Even though the waves occur at great depth and the height of the waves at the surface is almost nothing, they can be traced in the sunglint because they concentrate the biological films on the water surface, creating slight differences in roughness.

In this image, the tidal bore creates internal waves top arrow that propagate eastward and expand outward into the Mediterranean in a big arc near bottom. Linear and V-shaped patterns bottom arrow are wakes of ships, providing evidence for the heavy ship traffic through the narrow waters between Spain and Morocco.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran download