Sebastian and blaine meet me halfway

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sebastian and blaine meet me halfway

“I want to meet him,” Blaine says, ignoring the raised eyebrow Kurt directs at him. . Call me. Got it.” Chandler says with a nod, eyes still trained on Sebastian. Blaine and Sebastian meet in this episode when Blaine visits Dalton Academy to invite the Warblers to see West Blaine replies "That means nothing to me. Domestic life of Kurt, Sebastian, and Blaine. He said getting up a little to meet Sebastian halfway for a kiss. "You're lying to me Blaine.

There was a good chance his soulmate was human. It wasn't completely unheard of, but it was rare. Usually humans didn't have soulmates at all, scholars said it was because the large majority of humans were capable of loving more than once.

With non-humans; werewolves, vampires, witches male and femaleand fae who were almost never seentheir soulmate was it, they were incapable of loving anyone else, even if one soulmate were to die. Because of this, humans were rarely taught to recognize the signs of impending soulmate connection.

Blaine worried for a moment that his soulmate would dismiss the feelings and they would end up missing their connection. He had heard horrible stories about missed soulmate connections. He was going to make eye contact with every man in that theater until he finds his soulmate.

He would find the boy he was meant to love. Kurt Hummel had been feeling strange all morning. He usually didn't get nervous before a competition, but this was his first in-competition solo, so he excused himself for it. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

It was finally his moment to shine. Everyone out there was going to see what Kurt Hummel was made of and they were going to be in awe. Of course he can, he's been devoting all his attention to rehearsal. Of course, he's had an ulterior motive for that. Spending so much time in rehearsal gave him an excuse for when his dad asked why he looked so tired, and served as a way to avoid any more potentially hard to answer questions.

sebastian and blaine meet me halfway

He couldn't tell his dad the truth. He couldn't tell his dad, who had enough to stress about while trying not to be stressed for his heart health, about how bad the bullying had gotten. It wasn't just Karofsky anymore he'd been hanging back after… the incident, in fact, Karofsky tame compared to the others. He suffered through taunts, locker shoves, slushies, dumpster dives, before. But the force and frequency had been increasing rapidly. He seemed to never be without a bruise, or several.

But sometimes the words hurt worse. Why couldn't they just let him be? He knew he had been using focusing on the solo as an excuse for pulling away from his friends as well. He also knew Quinn and Santana knew what he was doing. They tried to get him to talk about with them, someone, anyone, but even Santana's threat of "goin' all Lima Heights" didn't work. He didn't want to talk about it, he wanted to ignore it.

The Garglers are going first, then us, then… you know what I stopped listening too. But get your ass off the bus we have to go to the green room to start getting ready. They all knew it, the Warblers were their biggest competition at Sectionals this year, Puck had even suggested Kurt go to spy on them, but that was out of the question.

Dalton was a non-human school, no humans allowed for the safety of everyone. He didn't know much about the non-human world, no one did. The non-humans were secretive and kept a lot about themselves shrouded in mystery. And of course, when there is something humans don't understand, they get defensive and aggressive.

Therefore, the non-humans and humans tried to stay away from each other as much as possible, and they definitely kept their schools separate. He'd really never paid much attention to affairs concerning non-humans.

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As far as he knew there weren't any in Lima, if how people in Lima reacted to him being gay was any indication, non-humans wouldn't feel welcome here anyway. He knew werewolves turned into wolves, vampires drank blood, witches had magic, and that fae kept to themselves, but not much else. Go make out with Finn or something. And that often led him to wonder if that was because of who they were, or if it was because they were soulmates, a fact Rachel loved to rub in everyone's faces.

We were meant to be," he'd heard he say it many times. He was happy for his brother, and sometimes for Rachel.

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She was crazy, but he still loved her, even when she tried stealing his solos. He was there when the connection happened. It was sophomore year, when Rachel and her Dads moved to Lima and she became one of the first members of the new Glee Club right away.

The moment they made eye contact at Finn's first practice, Rachel ran into his arms, and to everyone's immense surprise, he welcomed it. Rachel had an idea of what was happening right away, Rachel would study up on soulmates just in case she ended up having one, and they went to the doctor to confirm they were human soulmates.

Finn wasn't his brother yet at that point, but when their mom and dad married, he not only inherited Finn as a brother, he got Rachel as a sister. Thank God they weren't allowed to move in together until they graduated high school, and thank God for Quinn and Santana. Quinn and Santana kept him sane when Rachel was driving him up the wall.

They validated his opinions when he was venting and gave him a places to hang out when he wanted to get away. He never thought he would become best friends with the seemingly cold hearted cheerleaders, but somewhere between helping Quinn with maternity clothes and helping Santana come to terms with her sexuality, they did.

Sebastian then compliments Blaine saying that if there is anyone who could whip New Directions in a legitimate threat it would be him. Blaine excuses himself from the table to get another coffee which gives Kurt and Sebastian time to say exactly what they think of each other.

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Kurt says that he doesn't like him or the way that he speaks to Blaine. Sebastian unphased by Kurt's insults replies that he doesn't like him either and that Blaine is too good for Kurt. He also says that by then end of the year he'll have Blaine and a Nationals Trophy and that Kurt will have khakis, a Lima Bean Apron and that 'gay face'. When Blaine returns to the table, Sebastian says they were discussing future plans to go drinking again, then leaves, telling Kurt to "take care of that Warbler.

Kurt sees this during the performance, and gives Sebastian a threatening stare. Kurt exclaims that he's always at The Lima Bean. Sebastian states that the New Directions cannot perform Michael because he previously changed the Warblers' setlist to include Michael Jackson after Blaine gave him the idea that morning.

Sebastian says that he had just called for a tip on how to remove red wine from his blazer piping, but Blaine would not stop talking about the New Directions' plans for Regionals. Following the Warblers' and New Directions' performance of BadSebastian attempts to toss a slushie at Kurt, but Blaine pushes him out of the way. Instead, it hits Blaine's face, Sebastian seems surprised when it hits Blaine and seems possibly remorseful quickly telling the Warblers to get of there forcing Blaine to later have surgery on his right eye for a corneal scratch.

He tells Santana it's a shame about Blaine, he was pretty. And appears remorseful when Santana tells him Blaine will need surgery.

Later in the episode, Sebastian reveals to Santana that he added rock salt to the slushie.

sebastian and blaine meet me halfway

Throughout the song, Sebastian makes extra effort to sing it directly to Blaine and by getting in his face. Blaine, however, mainly stays clam and collected, appearing unimpressed from the groups performance - although there were moments where he shows some concern. At the end, Sebastian tells Blaine that he is welcome back to re-join the group that he "abandoned.

He apologizes to Blaine, saying that he is sorry about his eye. Blaine replies "That means nothing to me. Sebastian appearing remorseful of his actions towards New Directions and Karofsky says "it's all fun and games until it's not.

Sebastian does the same for the New Directions. When the winner is announced, Blaine is seen shaking Sebastian's hand, possibly ending the feud. On My Way Although Sebastian doesn't make an appearance this episode, Blaine and Sebastian's relationship is used in comparison to Kurt's relationship with Dance with Somebody. Both Blaine and Kurt are in a couples session, Blaine openly admits that the texts that he and Sebastian were kind of the same as what Kurt and Chandler were doing.

This could mean that Blaine returned Sebastian's feelings to some degree, or that he accepted that Kurt and Chandler's texts were innocent.