Shanks meet usopp and nami

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shanks meet usopp and nami

"Shanks!" The crew except Nami looked on with surprised looks on their faces. " Hello Nami But first lets go meet someone shall we Usopp.

He also fights everyday with Sanji. You all should have heard about him.

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Nami grabbed Luffy's hand embarrassed. Usopp ran to Yasopp yelling dad. Sanji is my cook, he makes me yummy food. He also is a major flirt so I always keep Nami close to me.

shanks meet usopp and nami

Nami-swaan Luffy's being mean. Luffy pulled Nami into his lap protectively whilst mouthing 'mine'. Zoro hit Sanji on the head with his sheathed swords. Luffy was just sat there smiling.

shanks meet usopp and nami

Nami hit Sanji and Zoro over the back of the head. They now had huge lumps there. Luffy's trying to say something to the man that technically saved us all. He has eaten a devil fruit like me. So even though he is a reindeer, he can talk and walk. He is my doctor. She also ate a devil fruit, so she can grow any part of her body on any surface, she is a couple with Zoro and she's my archi-oligistisen.

He is my ship write. His soul will live on forever.

shanks meet usopp and nami

He plays great music. But together with Sanji they make the perverted duo of the crew. Even if she does hit me it doesn't hurt. Shanks' crew looked on remembering how Luffy's head had hit the ground the time he ate the devil fruit. You can't have a girl like that, she would have just hit you away. Usopp's introduction at Syrup Village. Usopp was overjoyed to have real pirates arrive, and greeted them with a cleverly-conceived act designed to fool the pirates into believing he was the commander of his own huge pirate fleet.

The ruse failed, and Luffy and friends proceeded into Syrup Village unhindered.


Soon the Straw Hats made friends with Usopp when Luffy discovered he is the son of Yasoppone of the pirates in Shank's crew. Kuro had been spending three years posing as a caretaker for Kaya so he could set himself up to inherit her fortune.

shanks meet usopp and nami

He plotted to kill her without anyone suspecting he was behind it. Kuro allowed Usopp to flee because no one would believe him, which proved to be true when the villagers chose to not believe in Usopp's warnings.

Merryarmed with a gun, chased him off.

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Usopp then lied to his crew in order to protect them from harm. The Straw Hat Pirates were aware of the situation however, and decided to lend aid on the side of Usopp and Kaya, and they prepared with setting up traps. Jango was forced to hypnotize Luffy to sleep again, but he accidentally caused the crew to be knocked out by the ship's stempost that Luffy was holding in the air at the time he fell asleep.

Kuro then appeared disgusted by how Black Cat pirates were getting beaten by children, and he gives his crew five minutes before he kills everyone.

shanks meet usopp and nami

She held Kuro at gunpoint and tried to get him to remember the fun times they had.