The architect and oracle meet team

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the architect and oracle meet team

Meet our team of dedicated experts who provide consulting and Tony is well recognised as an established Oracle Focused “end to end” Solution Architect. Meet the Oracle Insight team Healthcare to architect business transformation and cloud strategies optimizing operational performance and delivering superior . The Architect is a fictional character in the films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix The Oracle tells Neo more about the Architect at their final meeting.

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She also tells Neo that, as a program designed to be mathematically precise, the Architect doesn't understand the inherently unpredictable nature of choice. She tells Neo to head to the true location of the Source, the Machine City, to save not only humanity, but the Machine world as well.

After Neo sacrifices himself to stabilize the Matrix, the Machines gather Neo's body and successfully 'reboot' the Matrix.

The Architect then meets the Oracle and speaks of the "dangerous game" that she played, and agrees to honor the truce that Neo brokered for his part in rebooting the Matrix. Character[ edit ] Near the climax of The Matrix ReloadedNeo meets the Architect face to face in a large oval-shaped room with two doors, whose walls are covered with television monitors. A close-up of these monitors is briefly seen early in The Matrix when showing Neo sitting in the interrogation room, but is not identified as such at the time.

Taking the form of a cold, humorless, elderly white-haired man in a light gray suit, he is a computer program that created the Matrix and now oversees its functioning.

His artificial nature is more readily apparent than that of other programs personified as humans.

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The Architect is extremely mechanical in his actions, in that he speaks in long logical chains of reasoning, utilizing several connectors discourse markers such as "ergo", "concordantly", and "thus", and has little variance in his tone of voice. He also has little facial expression beyond smirks and glares, but does exhibit emotion on limited occasions, such as regret, annoyance and arrogance. The Architect's first attempt at a Matrix was a utopiabut it failed miserably and many human lives were lost when the inhabitants refused to accept it.

The Architect then redesigned the Matrix to reflect the darker side of human nature and history, but the dystopian version failed too.

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The solution to this problem was discovered by the Oracle: This version was accepted by ninety-nine percent of the Matrix' test subjects, and the Matrix was rewritten to allow for freedom of choice. The remaining one percent, that did not accept the Matrix, would eventually destabilize the system so badly that the Matrix might catastrophically crash, killing every human that was still connected.

the architect and oracle meet team

In The Matrix Revolutionsthe Oracle explains to Neo that the true purpose of the Architect is to balance the mathematical equations that make up the programming of the Matrix, and he is unable to see the world as anything beyond a series of equations.

It is also because of this that he is unable to comprehend choice and free will and cannot see the results of such choices as they are no more than variable factors in an equation to him. Function[ edit ] With the new Matrix in place, a system was enacted to control the inhabitants who refused to accept it. While the Oracle was able to guide the actions of the humans who left the Matrix through prophecy, it was the Architect who programmed The One that would fulfill these prophecies.

The One was made carrying not only the source code of the Matrix "Prime Program", which gave him his outstanding powers over the Matrix, but also with a profound attachment to humanity that would later motivate him to fulfill the prophecies being spread by the Oracle.

Every time the free humans had grown strong enough to start threatening machine hegemony, The One would be born into the Matrix.

As the prophecies were fulfilled by The One, the machines would begin building an army to destroy Zion. Leverages the Internet and trade periodicals that focus on the contemporary, competitive, business technology issues within the financial industry. Attends industry conferences and engages in associated activities e. Defines reference and implementation application architectures. Produces technology roadmaps in support of application portfolio vision and strategy.

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Monitors application implementation activity to ensure architecture and design principles are upheld. Ensures application implementation solutions support the business objectives asset gathering, cost optimization, client loyalty improvementas appropriate. Participates in governance team discussions and provides a strong voice on critical decisions. Prior to Siebel, Michael was a Vice President at Bank of America where he managed the banking relationships of several large technology and biotechnology companies.

As Insight consultants, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape technology strategy in leading firms, bringing together the full experience of Oracle. I have had the opportunity to conduct both transformation and infrastructure engagements with major APAC and Global telecom companies as well as financial services firms. This is both challenging and stimulating and allows me to grow my skills as a leader on technology-driven business transformation.

Right away I have been able to work with Oracle clients to help them dream big, and make the business case for change.

the architect and oracle meet team

I love working at the intersection of vision, strategy, and cutting-edge technology, to empower measurable results across all parts of the value chain and all sectors of the economy.