Uhuru ruto and kalonzo meet

President Uhuru - National Prayer breakfast

uhuru ruto and kalonzo meet

Musila says Kalonzo if free to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta at anytime but the meetings READ ALSO: Eldoret youth leader endorses DP Ruto's son for MP. Deputy President William Ruto has revealed unknown details of a private meeting he and President Uhuru Kenyatta held with Wiper Party leader Kalonzo . However, he is disappointed that Mr Kibaki failed to meet his end of the But he had not reckoned with the determination of Uhuru and Ruto.

Mr Ruto claimed that the position taken by the Nasa presidential running mate was the reason they fell out with him after "we realised that were dealing with an enemy," after he allegedly laid bare his ambitions to their face. In the biography written by former Nation journalist Caleb Atemi, Mr Musyoka recalls in cinematic detail the tension-gripped night meeting in his Karen home in which he claims the Jubilee duo pushed him out of their alliance.

He said there was no agreement of a Musyoka candidature between them, adding that the reason they kicked out the Wiper leader was because he told them "a very weird thing" during one of their meetings.


He told us, gentlemen, why can't you allow me to become the president. In any case you will be in jail for 10 years after which when you come back I will be through with being the president and then you can take over from there," said Mr Ruto. President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto, though facing charges of crimes against humanity at The Hague, went ahead to win the election.

Kenya: William Ruto Recounts Night Meeting in Kalonzo Musyoka's Residence

The controversial issues of corrupt cartels financing elections also came up, with Mr Ruto challenging the opposition to come out clearly on why their campaigns are allegedly being funded by people with dirty hands and stop making false allegations against the government. May be he should get an opportunity to explain himself," he said, adding: Following this, he was elected as one of the four national vice-chairmen of KANU in the same year. This move by Moi was seen as a ploy to install Uhuru as a puppet so that even in retirement, Moi would still rule the country through Uhuru and presumably insulate himself against charges of abuse of office that plagued his presidency.

uhuru ruto and kalonzo meet

The result of this was a vote against the adoption of the draft constitution by a noticeable margin, which was a great political embarrassment to Emilio Mwai Kibaki. However, further court proceedings followed. In the events that followed the annulment, Kenyatta was seen as lacking direction and being a reactionary leader. The supplemental budget was to cover the budget gap that had arisen due to slow economic growth.

The government required an additional Kshs 38 billion, but compromised on a figure of Kshs 22 billion and non-essential proposed expenditure was postponed as a result.

After voting on the bill brought forward by Kenyatta, Gitobu Imanyara brought up discrepancy questions as to what exactly had been approved by the house. The Deputy Prime Minister initially defended the budget that had been passed but later admitted that there were computer or typographical errors in the budget bill.

Uhuru, Ruto meet Odinga and Kalonzo!

An investigation by the CID and a parliamentary committee was ordered by the Speaker, to question him on the discrepancies. In furtherance of his political support for Kibaki's PNU at the time, he was accused of organising a Kikuyu politico-religious group, the Mungikiin the post-election violence.

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Overall, the post-election violence of is said to have claimed about lives. Uhuru maintained his innocence and wanted his name cleared. On 8 Marchwhile serving as minister in Kibaki's government, he was indicted after being summoned to appear before the ICC pre-trial chamber. He was to appear at The Hague on 8 April alongside five other suspects. Quoting unnamed sources in CORDa reputable online newsletter this week reported that Raila had declined to meet the President for discussions that may lead to his retirement.

However, a senior aide to Raila that has spoken to The Standard On Saturday claims that there has been at least one face-to-face meeting.

Kenya: William Ruto Recounts Night Meeting in Kalonzo Musyoka's Residence - dansunah.info

He said Jubilee want to engage Raila "as a statesman". Any deal on non-Cabinet Government positions or Raila's retirement would not necessarily affect the balance of power between the Government and the Opposition in Parliament. A proposal to also have Raila do the same has since been rejected as unseemly.

uhuru ruto and kalonzo meet

Murkomen, who is eyeing the position of Government Chief Whip in Senate, however, rules out the possibility of Raila and Kalonzo themselves being absorbed into Government, as was the case in the last Parliament.