Vincent and catherine first meet

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vincent and catherine first meet

But when they finally did an episode that gingerly addressed this, fully halfway into season 2, it was clearly the first time Vincent and Catherine. The first season of Beauty & the Beast, an American television series developed by Sherri This season revolves around Catherine and Vincent trying to pursue a relationship together, whilst being hunted down by a top-secret government. Beauty and the Beast Casting Scoop: Meet Vincent and Catherine's Relationship quality time with Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), even acting as The First Images of Netflix's Carmen Sandiego Are Here.

However, when Catherine shows up, they convince her to let them go and later save her life when the Muirfield agent tries to kill Alex. Catherine helps Alex disappear, but not before Alex lets her know that Vincent is in love with Catherine.

Things are awkward when the three dine with Heather's date, Darius. Vincent suspects Darius is hiding something. When she goes looking for him, the bookies knock her out and force Darius to shoot and kill her. Vincent jumps in and saves Heather's life, but accidentally kills Darius.

This causes huge ripple effects, as Darius is the brother of Catherine's bosswho becomes vengeful and intent on finding his brother's killer. Catherine, though, knows the truth and decides to stay with Vincent, leading to their relationship becoming romantic. A task force is set up to hunt down Vincent, and Catherine is assigned to it.

Her partner, Tess Vargasalso is assigned, and ends up cornering Vincent. She tries to turn him in, but after Vincent saves her life and Catherine talks to her, Tess decides to keep Vincent's secret. Soon after, Catherine finds out that Gabriel Lowanthe man in charge of the task force, is also an experiment of Muirfield, and is trying to find Vincent because he uses medication to control his beast transformations, and is hoping Vincent's blood can help him control it without the pills.

Vincent agrees, and uses Gabe's medication to stop him from becoming a beast. He starts to believe he might have a "normal" life with Catherine, until J.

Catherine Chandler

Vincent, though, wants to believe he can take a chance to be happy with Catherine. Gabe kidnaps Catherine to get to Vincent. Vincent finds Catherine, and he and Gabe get into a fight after transforming.

Suddenly, a helicopter appears, and shoots down Gabe. Vincent is then captured in a net by Robert Reynoldsthe head of Muirfield.

vincent and catherine first meet

Catherine tries to save Vincent, but he's taken away by Reynolds, his fate left unknown. He is seen being captured by Li Zhaothe creator of Muirfield, but he escapes and tries to kill Zhao.

Catherine finds him at this point, along with J. They immediately notice he's changed, because he can now move fast enough to blur, and is more immune to tranquilizers. Vincent leaves later, but believes them when they say he knows them. Vincent is found to be carrying out hits on orders from Agent Reynolds, who anonymously poses as his handler.

When Catherine shows up looking for him while he's hunting down Zhao, Vincent decides to save her instead of killing Zhao. They come over to her home; though he still can't remember her, he stays with her when she gets emotional.

Vincent later sneaks away and kills Zhao. Vincent next makes his way to Rikers, where he purposely drugs an inmate so he can interrogate him, posing as a doctor in the infirmary. Catherine follows him to Rikers, but Vincent kidnaps her, thinking she's a threat. However, he softens towards her, admitting he feels a connection. He leaves, saying he has work to do, though he doesn't specify what work. Catherine finds him at a club, where she realizes Vincent's on a mission to hunt down other beasts.

Vincent eventually comes to Catherine's apartment again, but becomes violent when she asks about his missions, and shoves Catherine away. He immediately regrets it and leaves. He meets up with J.

vincent and catherine first meet

He sees her again on his boat, where she says she's willing to forgive him. He asks her for a second chance, and they agree to a date. Vincent goes to meet Catherine, but realizes she was actually on his boat to get information about his missions.

He lies to Catherine, claiming he had a memory flash, but Catherine realizes Vincent's on to her. She tracks him down to an art gallery, where his target, Sebastianis supposed to be.

Vincent thinks she's out for revenge, but she clarifies that she's been protecting him, and is hurt at his accusation. Catherine and Vincent eventually corner and kill Sebastian. In the process, Vincent saves Catherine and regains some memories of her.

He later comes to Catherine's apartment, and reveals that he is starting to remember her; Catherine, though, decides to distance herself from him. He wants to test it before trying it on Vincent, and points him to Eddie Longa pyromaniac beast. Vincent goes after him, but ends up getting knocked out. He's admitted to the hospital; while he's there, two arson officers show up to question him, and one happens to be Aaron KellerVincent's nephew.

Vincent starts getting memory flashes of William, Aaron's father, and his family. He and Catherine later go to meet Aaron to help the arson investigators find Eddie. Aaron disappears when the targeted building is set on fire, intent on killing Eddie. Vincent goes in, and is able to save Aaron's life. Catherine is attacked by a beast in her home, who is looking for Vincent.

Vincent hears about the attack, and despite Catherine discouraging him, he tracks the beast down. This traumatic event has left Catherine fragile emotionally in regards with what happen to her mother.

Her toughness, courage, and fearlessness serve her well on the job as a detective in pursuit of criminals, but also during Vincent's transformations. Catherine is able to maintain a calm and level head in these heated situations. Catherine is highly altruistic, supportive, and resourceful towards her peers, but also towards those she serves.

The development of her character along with her personality is likely to change as the series progresses further. Appearance Catherine stands approximately 5,4 same height as actress Kristin Kreuk and has a mixed background, half asian, half caucasian, and has dark brown hair. Catherine is mostly seen wearing jeans along with her casual top, and jacket as a detective. She changes her look frequently depending on the time of day, and occasion, such as her Dad's wedding.

Why did my car break down that night? What if my mother simply hadn't answered her phone? Who were those men? Everyone told me it was just a wild animal.

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That this thing I thought I had seen was just a result of my concussion. She graduated from Fenton High School in[3] and attended Princeton, planning to become a lawyer like Thomas. Catherine is saved by Vincent. On her first night, she had car trouble after closing up and called her mother for help.

After Vanessa came out there, two men showed up and gunned down Vanessa in front of Catherine. When they tried to kill Catherine, she ran into the woods but tripped and fell. Suddenly, the two gunmen were attacked by what Catherine described as a "beast. Season One Nine years later, Catherine and her partner, Tess Vargaswere investigating a case, and Catherine discovers a clue that leads her to Vincent Kellera soldier, who was reportedly killed by enemy fire while serving in Afghanistan in Catherine follows up with his roommate and friend, J.

Forbesand finds out that Vincent is actually alive. He advices her not to tell anyone he's alive, but she notices an article about her mother's murder in his belongings, and insists on getting answers. She finds out that there was a hair with cross-species DNA found in her case, similar to one found at her mother's murder. She tries to get answers from Agent McClearybut she almost gets killed.

The same mysterious beast saves Catherine again, and Catherine finds out the "beast" is actually Vincent. Vincent later tells her how he was part of a classified military experiment called Operation Muirfieldwhich changed his DNA and turned him into a beast. The experiment went awry, and the military shut it down by killing all the experiments. Vincent survived, and has been hiding.

Catherine decides to keep Vincent's secret, but also lets him know that she will not let him push her away or disappear again. Catherine quickly learns that working with Vincent would not be easy. Catherine is glad when Vincent lets her be a part of his life, but realizes she's going to be leading a "double life," hiding her life with Vincent away and lying to her family and friends.

vincent and catherine first meet

Muirfield is alerted to Catherine's involvement with Vincent, and starts digging. Eventually, Agent Silverfox kidnaps Catherine, hoping to make her give up Vincent to them. Silverfox tries to scare her, then offers Catherine information on her mother in exchange for Vincent.

Catherine is let go, and tells Vincent what happened. Catherine is shaken up, but when J. Catherine tells Vincent she'd rather spend time with him, but he encourages her to go to the party. During the party, her co-worker, Evan Markskisses her, surprising Catherine. Catherine later asks Vincent to join her for dinner, because that's what she would want for her birthday.

Vincent never shows up, and Catherine thinks it's because he's not interested, and starts to pull away. Catherine is around when Vincent finds out she's not the trigger, and the blackouts are actually a side effect of the experiments.

Catherine goes through her mother's old files, and helps J. Catherine is upset that her mother was responsible for what happened to Vincent, but Vincent tells her that it's not her fault. However, during the reception, Vincent sneaks in and the two share a dance.

Catherine, though, finds out that Evan has been studying Vincent's DNA, and discovered that it has been slowly mutating, making him become less human. She shares this with Vincent, who leaves the reception.

However, she ends up getting into a serious car accident after Sabrina Meyer tries to kill her. Evan performs a roadside surgery on Cat to stabilize her so she will make it to a hospital. Catherine finds out later that her attending nurse, Alex Salterknows Vincent and caught him visiting her. Catherine finds out Alex has a stalker, and is suspicious that it's actually Muirfield. Catherine thinks Vincent might still be in love with Alex, and tells him to find out if that is true.

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She comes to terms with the fact that she is in love with Vincent, and confesses her feelings to him. Heartbroken, Catherine decides to let him go, but warns him to be honest with Alex about what happened to him. However, she finds out that Muirfield has been watching Alex, and Vincent's in danger.

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She goes and finds them in a cabin, where she helps Vincent kill the Muirfield agents who come after him. Alex sees Vincent as a beast and walks away, unable to handle what he has become. Vincent later comes to Catherine, and apologizes for choosing Alex, saying he realizes he would never be happy with her. Catherine, though, can't trust Vincent anymore for not choosing her, and decides to distance herself from him.

Vincent promises he'll do whatever it takes to make things right with Catherine. Catherine must deal with conflicted feelings of her mother's memory across this season, having been determined to solve her case for all this time. When Catherine watches her father get run over in the season finale, she then learns that, biologically, he was not her real father after all. Vincent's DNA mutates as the season progresses, as he becomes more beast-like. He begins experiencing black-outs, which J.

Cat and Vincent will stop at nothing to see each other, however. Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Lowen visits Cat's precinct to investigate the beast-like attack in the city and over time he reveals that not only does he know about Muirfield but that he shares the same ability as Vincent.

At first an enemy, Gabriel goes on to become an ally to Vincent by the end of the first season and suggests he has found a cure to the virus inflicted on them by Muirfield. Vincent ultimately wonders if he wants to be cured or not.