When will arnav and khushi meet the fockers

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when will arnav and khushi meet the fockers

A darker version of Arnav and Khushi's first meeting. This story is kind of disturbing so if you don't like Arnav hurting Khushi don't read it. .. Khushi went to see her parents and after a slap and a few lies she came back to her. Arnav: Khushi I will not do anything you don't want me to. . Khushi and Payal had decided that they would go to their parents' home on alternate days. Tukhko milkar dhankhane gun gune lagti hai (After meeting you my. It is a love story of a girl named Khushi who is married to Arnav. She was thinking of something then she saw Khushi's parents walking toward them. ( She said getting shy)Garima:He had gone to meet Shubharda jee and Devyani jee.

She wanted him to come but she knew that it was best for him to stay because he did not get enough sleep and he was running around like a freak screaming at everyone because how much work he had. She always did what was best for him so knew that leaving him here was the best. Khushi had been thinking and it had been Arnav who had shaken her out of her frozen state.

Also I will try to come if I can do work from Italy. Chapter 3 A wonderful dropoff Payal and Anjiliji were talking to Khushi about how she could not go. It's best for her to stay for her, the baby and Arnav.

But they knew that Khushi was stubborn so they let her have her way. If you don't tell him I will. I think Khushiji should do it is her job to do so and it is her baby. So we should not interfere. Also Khushiji you should tell him as soon as possible is all I have to say to you Khushiji and also have a good flight.

As they were talking Arava was with nani and Nk. Akash was talking to his brother. But all Arnav could see was Khushi. He wasn't even paying attention to what Akash was saying. We will talk to tomorrow. While Khushi stood in same place and was checking the time. While Arnav walked towards her. And as he walked towards her she noticed him. So she stopped looking at her watch and turned to face him.

Until the called her on the speaker. And before Arnav could say anything. Called Arava and took him by the hand and they both gave everyone their final goodbyes. Before she went through she gave Arnav a wink and then they left. Chapter 4 Thinking It while for Arnav to understand what Khushi was trying to him.

He was at home and on his laptop when he realized that his Khushi was pregnant. He should have known when she put hand on her stomach and the wink before she left was to confirm it and now he also realized why everyone was giggling at him. But now Arnav regretted letting Khushi go because it would have been better if she stayed. He would have went in her place. But he knew that is his Khushi was stubborn, so he was going to have let go anyway.

Arnav just smirked at her reaction. She turned her head to see him looking at her. Arnav fell asleep after a while knowing he had seen her face before going to bed. Once he was asleep Khushi carefully turned around. She looked at him and smiled. After a while she slowly fell asleep. Next morning both were up, got ready and packed. After breakfast Arnav took Khushi to GH. Once he had helped her take everything to the house he left.

Khushi went inside and got into conversation with her family. Her family were satisfied and then went onto other subjects.

How the days had passed no one knew. Arnav was at the airport going through the baggage checks. He was back from London. The whole time he had been there his thoughts were only on Khushi. How he missed her. Once he saw her beautiful smiling face cloud his thought his anger would subside and he would have a smile on his face. He realised something while he was in London. It was high time he told Khushi about his past.

He knew a lot about hers so she deserved to know about his. He went out to the arrivals where his driver was waiting. Once he got into the car he asked Mohan to take him to Gupta House. He was dying to see Khushi but instead of the Gupta house Mohan took him to the hospital. Mohan why the hell are we here? Arnav bhaiya I was told to bring you here. Arnav panicked why had his di asked Mohan to bring him here.

He got out and went towards the entrance. As soon as he went inside he saw Anjali and was relieved that nothing had happened to his sister. Di why are we here? Arnav was now really panicking.

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Nothing has happened to Khushiji. Come I will take you there. Anjali got hold of his arm and went with Arnav. Arnav was really worried. He knew how close Khushi was to her babuji and how the last time she had broken down. He wanted to be beside her. Once they got to the room the whole family turned around to see Arnav with Anjali but his eyes just darted towards Khushi.

Chapter 2 The half truth | The way IPKKND should have been

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. He wanted to go near her and say everything was going to be ok. Something he never said the last time round.

when will arnav and khushi meet the fockers

The doctor came in and saw the amount of people. Everyone please the patient needs his rest. There can be family only in here. We are family doctor. Doctor was surprised to see ASR there. Khushi looked at Arnav and she felt happy he had said that. Doctor Can I have a word outside. Khushi looked at him wondering what he was going to say.

She looked back at her father who was looking at her. Khushi got up and went outside. She started looking for Arnav and the doctor. She headed towards there and saw the doctor and Arnav speaking. Nothing just an anxiety attack. So he has been here overnight for observation. Please let me go. All through this ASR was watching her with a kind of sick pleasure. Maybe next time she'll think twice before she goes up against Arnav Singh Riazada. After a while, Khushi became aware that she wasn't alone in the room.

She turned around quickly to find Arnav staring at her. She became aware of her situation and tried to fix her dupatta to cover herself more. Arnav was staring at her and Khushi was staring at the floor, shifting uncomfortably. After a while Khushi spoke, "I'm sorry, I didn't know I was thrown into someone's room.

Как назвать эту любовь?

Can you please open the door so I can get out? Arnav took a step towards her and she took one back. They kept at this until she hit the door and finally looked up. It was the same man who had caught her when she fell off the stage. Thank you for catching me when I fell off stage. I can be really clumsy sometimes. Now that he had been staring at her for a while, he could see her beauty.

Her big brown eyes, which had gone slightly red due to her crying, he could stare at all day and not get bored. Her porcelain skin was flawless except for the tinny mole on her cheek, which in his opinion, added to her beauty.

Her slightly sniffling red nose. Her plump rose lips that were begging him to be kissed. He wanted to fist her glossy black hair. Saying that Arnav Singh Riazada was hypnotised would be an understatement. He kept on stepping closer as if stalking his pray. He could see the movement of her breasts heave up and down due to his closness. He smirked before he realised he was openly admiring her.

when will arnav and khushi meet the fockers

Khushi was confused at the man who was slowly etching towards her with passion filled eyes. She had never seen a man looking at her like that before. Sure she's seen men look at her with lust or longing but not the kind of intensity that this stranger was giving her.

Chapter 2 The half truth

She couldn't tell what it was about him that made her so breathless. For a minute she forgot why she was even in the Sheesh Mahal and concentrated on the man in front of her. He looked like a Greek God. The stubble on his face really defined his jaw line. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair just to see if they felt as soft as they looked. He's shirt did nothing to hide his muscular form and Khushi wondered if God had spent extra time in creating him.

Before she knew what was happening he grabbed her hand and twisted her around and brought her crashing into his chest. This caused her dupatta to slip off a little. He revelled in the feeling for a while before he got back to the task at hand. Khushi was so shocked at the turn of events that she didn't know how to react and Arnav used this to his advantage.

When she didn't reply, he shook her and this seemed to bring Khushi out of her dazed. Khushi hissed in pain but managed to mumble, "I don't know what you're talking about. He had been preparing for this show for over 6 months and he wanted perfection. But this girl had to come and ruin it. He was going to make sure she was punished and punished severely. Especially a low class girl like her who is always after easy cash.

I bet she doesn't know the meaning of hard work. A little discipline will help her in life. He spun her around in his arms again until her chest crashed with his. Her dupatta had completely slipped off now and was only being held together by their bodies.

Then he brought his other hand up to her dori. Khushi gasped and looked at him with pleading eyes. He smirked and ripped the dori.

As the small pearls fell on the floor, Khushi's heart sank. She knew she was in big trouble now. She tried to struggle in his arms but his vice like grip didn't falter. Who sent you here?! You have 1 minute to give me an answer or else. By now Khushi was shaking badly and she had tears streaming down her face.

She didn't understand what was going on but she knew that he wanted an answer. For some reason that Arnav couldn't understand, he wasn't enjoying her tears as much as he had hoped to but he brushed that thought aside.