Advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

Advantages and Disadvantages of the NPV and IRR Methods

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

The difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows. NPV is used in capital budgeting to analyze the profitability of. Internal Rate of Return, or IRR, is an easy way to estimate the value of Guide: Capital Budgeting and the Pros and Cons of IRR and NPV. Please go through the infograph of NPV vs IRR to know the difference between net present value and internal rate of Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV.

Benefits Realization and Business Cases: Pros and Cons of NPV, IRR and Payback calculations

Generally speaking, the higher a project's internal rate of return assuming the NPV is greater than zerothe more desirable it is to undertake the project. The rule with respect to capital budgeting or when evaluating a project is to accept all investments where the IRR is greater than the opportunity cost of capital.

Under most conditions, the opportunity cost of capital is equal to the company's weighed average cost of capital WACC.

Pros - It is widely accepted in the financial community as a quantified measure of return and it's also based on discounted cash flows - so accounts for the time value of money. And when used properly, the measure provides excellent guidance on a project's value and associated risk, Cons - There are three well known pitfalls of using IRR that are worth discussing: Multiple or no Rates of Return - if you're evaluating a project that has more than one change in sign for the cash flow stream, then the project may have multiple IRRs or no IRR at all.

But if this discount rate changes each year then it's impossible to make this comparison.


IRRs on the other hand cannot be added together so projects must be combined or evaluated on an incremental basis. Payback Period Description Payback allows us to see how rapidly a project returns the initial investment back to the company.

NPV - Net Present Value, IRR - Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period.

In practice, companies establish "rules" around payback when evaluating a project. For example, a company might decide that all projects need to have a payback of less than five years. The IRR method does not require the hurdle rate, mitigating the risk of determining a wrong rate.

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

Ignores Size of Project A disadvantage of using the IRR method is that it does not account for the project size when comparing projects. Cash flows are simply compared to the amount of capital outlay generating those cash flows. This can be troublesome when two projects require a significantly different amount of capital outlay, but the smaller project returns a higher IRR. Using the IRR method alone makes the smaller project more attractive, and ignores the fact that the larger project can generate significantly higher cash flows and perhaps larger profits.

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

Ignores Future Costs The IRR method only concerns itself with the projected cash flows generated by a capital injection and ignores the potential future costs that may affect profit. In the calculation of NPV, both after cash flow and before cash flow over the life span of the project are considered. Profitability and risk of the projects are given high priority.

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

NPV cannot give accurate decision if the amount of investment of mutually exclusive projects is not equal. It is difficult to calculate the appropriate discount rate. NPV may not give correct decision when the projects are of unequal life. We can define internal rate of return as the discounting rate which makes total of initial cash outlay and discounted cash inflows equal to zero.

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In other words, it is that discounting rate at which the net present value is equal to zero. IRR is a prominent technique for evaluation of big projects and investment proposals widely used by management of the company, banks, financial institution etc. The calculation of an IRR is little tricky.

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

It is advantageous in terms of its simplicity and it has certain disadvantages in the form of limitations under certain special conditions. IRR is nothing but shows high interest rate which we expect from our investment.

advantages and disadvantages of npv irr relationship

So, we can say, IRR is the perfect use of time value of money theory.