Ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship trust

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ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship trust

Page 7 of 13 - ⒶⓇⒿⓄⒺ ♥ Ariel Lin (林依晨) & Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) The male Dog is a sensual and passionate person who values companionship and trust above the .. No one really knows the real relationship of Joe and Ariel. but what I know is this. [Movie] Ripples Of Desire (花 漾) [] - last post. Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me. The actor asserts that they are not in a romantic relationship. Posted: 01 Jun Share this: joe1. During the interviews, both Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin admitted that, both of them Ariel Lin's mother was crying and felt like her daughter is really getting married.

That witch is finally going down! What's there to worry about? I'm worried about Selina. I mean, how would she take it? She must have liked him for a long time already. It just feels so wrong, as if I'm stealing Joe away from her. And would you please stop calling her a witch. That's them isn't it?

Watching them still had the effect of putting her stomach in churning motions. Joe had said that he didn't like Selina that way, but if he had misunderstood his feelings for Ariel, how could it not be possible that he might misunderstand his feelings for Selina? She knew she shouldn't be thinking too much, but still Instantly, all three of them shot up from their seats, in guarded and cautious positions.

I swear if you try anything funny I will burst your head open! Wait until your next lifetime when you're reincarnated into a man, okay? What do you want? If you plan for a bunch of gang to rape us again I swear I'll--" "Look, that's not going to happen again," Mike cut through, raising his hands in defense. His tone made everyone a bit taken aback. I was only trying to scare you. I didn't mean for things to turn out that bad. You clearly do not know what trauma you had put Ariel through.

A simple apology won't heal everything! That entire revenge thing was just an excuse. You're not trying to mend things with her, are you? It's too damn late! I just want to finish what I'm saying. Although his eyes no longer held that hard edge, she still doubted him. That is what a low life bastard like you deserves!

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship trust

I'm kind of glad actually. I felt that it was unfair to her because I really didn't feel for her that way. It was just a mistake--" "That you can't unwind--" "What is wrong with you? I have a freedom to express--" "So do I! Then he turned to Ariel, giving her his full attention. Ariel had never seen him so serious. I'm just here to express my deepest apology. I deserve every single lashing from you, Ariel, for betraying you, using you, making it hard for you. Hebe breaking up with me is my well-deserved dessert.

I realize that I've done so many shit to you that you don't deserve. The guilt gnaws inside me, you know? I just want to let you know that I'm remorseful. Even if I don't deserve your forgiveness, I owe you this apology. Nobody was able to contain their disbelief. Was this really the Mike that they knew?

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It was as if a totally different person was standing before them. How could this be the Mike that had once hurt Ariel? She remembered those painful three months when she nursed her broken heart, the stinging hope that they'd get back together, and all of their awkward encounters. They had hurt her so much to a point that Ariel questioned if the damage could ever heal.

Could she forgive him? Joe once told her that she was anything but cold. She was really ferocious outside, but inside, she wasn't that tough as she appeared to be. You don't have to live with the guilt. Ariel wasn't the type who'd hold you up for anything.

I'm not some petty person, okay? Besides, you clearly did try to save me that day. You better take it before I change my mind. You deserve so much better. But I believe that your choice this time is right. I wish you and Joe happiness. Ariel's eyes immediately went to search for Joe and Selina. But they were gone from their previous stance. You talk so god damn much! Everyone turned their gazes to where Gillian was pointing at, and indeed, there they were, in the far corner near the entrance door.

Joe was so tall that he completely blocked Selina. Mike couldn't help but add on, "Go get your man! Ariel gave a smile to her friends, appreciative of their encouraging comments. I gotta give him a hand huh?

From Joe's body language, he appeared to be in discomfort and Ariel was prepared to ease that. Rainie watched Ariel's back, eyes watering. Oh, Gillian, what am I going to do without her? And that was when a piece of paper slipped. She wasn't sure how she was going to look at Selina.

The girl had been so nice and sweet--how could she do this to her? Even Joe didn't look that tensed anymore. Her friendliness only made Ariel feel even worse. Do you remember what I once told you? I only treat him as a brother. But even then, Ariel doubted the truth of her words.

Even Joe was smiling. What was going on? When I heard that you two were item, I wasn't really that shocked. I have suspected that you two have some sort of relationship.

Even if it's a bet, I could clearly see that you two had genuine feelings for each other.

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Selina turned to look at Joe, poking his nose playfully. Such intimacy still made Ariel wince. He was denying his feelings right on the spot. Even Rainie railing on him didn't do much. So I thought I had to do something. I knew that he wasn't going to realize his feelings until he's pushed towards the cliff. And that's exactly what I did. At that time, she only managed to think that Selina bore Joe hidden feelings.

Never would she have imagined that it was all an act. Fancy manipulating me like that," Joe commented. There was still a matter not yet clear to Ariel. He turned his face away before I even touch his lips. You left before you even saw what exactly happened. That's when Joe finally realizes that he doesn't love me. All along, he has always loved you, Ariel. Joe, I never knew you had it in you!

See, my boyfriend's coming for me.

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But we've been going out for a few months now. But since you never told me you were with Ariel before, then I guess it's even, haha. He had golden spiky hair that glowed under the sun and a tan that looked naturally good. She couldn't help but let the surprise lingered on her face. Joe, too, was taken aback. You're face is just too sweet," Jiro suavely replied, before turning to Joe and Ariel.

Ariel, Joe, Rainie, Gillian, Selina, Jiro, Mike, and even Jolin were all present, along with many other classmates, in anticipation for Rainie's little show. Everyone was in pairs. It was only her that was completely dateless.

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship trust

Well, except for Gillian but then, she didn't count. We could all wish for them to end up in marriage but sadly they did not. Ariel is now married to Taiwanese business man Charles Lin. We can only wish nothing but the best for the new couple. As for Joe, he surely will find her real life princess soon.

His Ideal type of woman In many online blogs and sites that contains several interview details with Joe and Ariel, both of them previously admitted they considered each other an ideal partner. He is amazed by how serious Ariel is when it comes to the scripts and the role assigned to her which definitely transcends in all her series and movies.

How he thinks about marriage Joe Cheng once said he wanted to get married when he turns As a young man he is just like some of us, totally fascinated with the idea of happily ever after with his princess.

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship trust

However, as he grew into an adult and got busy with his modeling, singing and acting projects, the initial idea was temporarily dismissed. We all know someday soon Joe will find the woman truly meant for her. Meanwhile, we can continue with our admiration for his charm and talent while he is still single and wholly dedicated to his career.