Art and american culture relationship

What Americans can learn from other food cultures |

art and american culture relationship

Guide to US and American culture, society, language, etiquette, customs, manners your counterparts, improve communication and get the relationship off to the right start. . Art is very popular in the US with galleries to be found nationwide. Arts and culture, with their capacity to move and persuade audiences and to shape in arts and culture has the potential to ameliorate the disintegrating relations film, T.V., and new media, and the pervasive influence of American culture in. issues in protecting cultural heritage is the difficult relationship between the interests of Our right to enjoy the arts, and to participate in the cultural life of the When the freed African-American slaves went back to their homeland, they built.

But the concept of cultural heritage is even wider than that, and has gradually grown to include all evidence of human creativity and expression: Today, towns, underwater heritage, and the natural environment are also considered part of cultural heritage since communities identify themselves with the natural landscape.

Moreover, cultural heritage is not only limited to material objects that we can see and touch.

art and american culture relationship

It also consists of immaterial elements: Intangible heritage therefore includes a dizzying array of traditions, music and dances such as tango and flamenco, holy processions, carnivals, falconry, Viennese coffee house culture, the Azerbaijani carpet and its weaving traditions, Chinese shadow puppetry, the Mediterranean diet, Vedic Chanting, Kabuki theatre, the polyphonic singing of the Aka of Central Africa to name a few examples.

The Importance of Protecting Cultural Heritage But cultural heritage is not just a set of cultural objects or traditions from the past.

It is also the result of a selection process: All peoples make their contribution to the culture of the world.

art and american culture relationship

Illicit trafficking of artifacts and cultural objects, pillaging of archaeological sites, and destruction of historical buildings and monuments cause irreparable damage to the cultural heritage of a country.

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizationfounded inhas adopted international conventions on the protection of cultural heritage, to foster intercultural understanding while stressing the importance of international cooperation.

The protection of cultural property is an old problem.

How Does Art Affect Culture and Society? - Masterpiece Mixers

One of the most frequently recurring issues in protecting cultural heritage is the difficult relationship between the interests of the individual and the community, the balance between private and public rights.

Ancient Romans established that a work of art could be considered part of the patrimony of the whole community, even if privately owned. The Roman people rose up and obliged him to return the Apoxyomenos to its previous location, where everyone could admire it. But cultural boundaries are not necessarily well-defined.

art and american culture relationship

Artists, writers, scientists, craftsmen and musicians learn from each other, even if they belong to different cultures, far removed in space or time. Or you could also think of western architecture in Liberian homes in Africa. Waves of more authentic Chinese food followed, as Hunan and Sichuan cooking came to the U. The city is home to 23 million people, and has more thanrestaurants, up from less than ten thousand a decade ago. Now, you can find food from all of the provinces of China in Shanghai, as well as every kind of global food style imaginable.

The introduction of global foods and brands has compounded food as a status symbol for middle-class Chinese.

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It could be a Starbucks coffee, or Godiva chocolates, or a Voss water bottle. Even waiting in line is part of the event. People may scoff at the idea of waiting two hours in line to eat in a trendy restaurant, says Mo, but waiting in line for a restaurant with your friends is an extension of your experience eating with them.

Cultural Difference: A Kryptonite to every Filipino-American relationship

How and why you eat your food, is, of course, also very cultural. In China, people eat food not necessarily for taste, but for texture.

Cultural Relations and Policies

Singer, who was born in Philadelphia, has lived in France for more than 40 years. The reality is most croissants are factory made, and most people are buying convenience food, except for the very elite.

But part of our identity relies on believing that mythology. How a country savors a food is also telling.

art and american culture relationship

In Italy, as in France, takeout is still relatively rare. Our meals are relaxed, even during lunch break. Status and wealth play less of a role in food than say, in China.

art and american culture relationship

Food as community In Arab cultures, community is key to the food culture. Families and institutions will host private iftars, of course, but mosques, schools, markets and other community organizations will also offer large iftar meals, and all are open to the public and shared. This family style of eating is not dissimilar to the dishes on a Chinese dinner table, where one does not eat a single portioned and plated dish, but is expected to eat from shared, communal platters.

It is where culture and ecology intersect. It can become even more important than language, and even geography, when it comes to culture.