Emily thorne and aiden mathis relationship

Revenge Season 2: If Aiden Mathis Disappears Again, How Will It Affect Emily's Revenge Plan?

emily thorne and aiden mathis relationship

Amanda Clarke-Porter is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the .. Aiden Mathis - Emily met Aiden in at a New York nightclub when she was sent by Satoshi Takeda to access the kidnapper of. Barry Sloane, aka Aiden, weighs in on the 'Revenge' series finale: Why RELATEDRevenge's Emily VanCamp Speaks Out: Did Emily Really Get Victoria's Heart? it might interest you to know that the late Mr. Mathis — or at least his . she never had that kind of connection with Jack – he was more of a. And thus began the story of Revenge, where young Emily Thorne (aka some insightful new details about Emily and Aiden's relationship.

After the death of SammyEmily and Jack share a kiss. Ashley is looking into the window when they kiss, and imediately tells Daniel. When he confronts Emily about it, she admits to it, and they split. Season 2 Initially Emily and Daniel are not in an relationship, having separated several months before. During this time Daniel starts a relationship with Ashley Davenport.

After having left the Hamptons for several months, Emily returns to a memorial for Victoria, briefly reuniting her with Daniel. While Daniel remains with Ashley unaware of Ashley using the relationship to keep him away from the company business for Conrad GraysonEmily begins dating Aiden Mathismuch to Daniel's jealousy.

Although secretly remaining in a relationship for some time Emily and Aiden publicly split up at a restaurant that they are aware Daniel is at in order for Emily to try and open a relationship with Daniel. Very shortly after this Daniel and Emily meet on the porch of her home and exchange a kiss and beginning a new relationship. For Emily this relationship is only a ruse and she is using it to obtain connections and influence with the Graysons inorder to get to the Americon Initiative.

Aiden is aware of this yet still harbours resentment that he has to keep his distance from her and that Emily is in relations with Daniel.

As such Emily tells Daniel she wants to take the relationship very slowly and allow them to get to know each other again. Daniel flies Emily to the West Coast under the ruse of going for a meal, having in fact an important meeting to obtain a company for which he wishes her good influence to help him obtain although also offering her plenty of free time relaxing.

Upon receiving information from Victoria Grayson that his life and those of the people he cares for are in danger from the Americon Initiative Daniel rings Emily Thorne and ends their relationship for her safety although he tells her its simply due to him being too busy as CEO to have time for her.

After getting back together, Daniel shows up to Emily's house with her engagement ring telling her that if she put the ring back on the next time he saw her they would be engaged again. They kiss and then Daniel leaves, Emily says Yes! By Nolan; "A fitting act, to a path of revenge". Daniel and Emily set sail for their honeymoon family cruise, where Daniel is shocked with news that Sara attempted suicide.

Daniel leaves to get air when he overhears Emily confessing to Victoria that she was never pregnant. At first, Amanda was insistent on not believing and used the money she got from her inherited partial ownership of Nolan's company, NolCorpfor her own personal, useless gains but eventually went back to the Hamptons to stay at their old summer home that was decommissioned and under Conrad Grayson's ownership. There, she began reading her father's journals and began realizing the truth.

After waitressing for a New Year's Eve party of the Graysons at their mansion, she became more aware of the evils of the family and their involvement in the framing of her father when she finds the dead body of Roger Halsteda friend of her father's that she approached at the party who planned to aid her.

At that point, all the hurt and anger built up in her came out and awakened the desire for revenge against those who betrayed her father. Nevertheless, she knew she could not get close enough to her goals as "Amanda Clarke".

emily thorne and aiden mathis relationship

They exchanged names and lives: Under the guidance of her sensei, Satoshi Takeda who himself had a secret grudge against the Graysonsshe learned the ways of revenge on an island in Japan.

Rise for Reputation Work in progress. Has to do with her school activities and charity work before going to the Hamptons.

Includes her meeting Ashley. One night around Thanksgiving ofon a mission to bring down Dmitri LvovskyEmily met Aiden Mathiswho ended up killing Dmitri after he taunted him about his vanished sister. Realizing that he needed revenge just as much as she does, she convinced Takeda to take him in, threatening to leave if he didn't accept him.

During the mission, Emily had a brief encounter with Ashley Davenportwho at the time had just moved to New York and was about to resort to prostitution to pay the bills. Neither apparently saw each other's faces clearly enough to get a lasting impression. Speaking to her through a door, Emily gave her a bundle of dollar bills in exchange for a information about when Dmitri was arriving. While in training together Emily and Aiden developed a relationship that was interrupted when Aiden left to pursue a lead to his sister.

Revenge School There still is a lot about Emily's years spent training under Takeda that remains unknown, but it is revealed during " Trust " that she created a fake history on top of her assumed identity of "Emily Thorne" which stated that she was the daughter of a wealthy American expatriot who left behind a sizable inheritance which she used to travel the world and get academic degrees.

In the novel named, " Schooled in Revenge ", It Is revealed they were several other students training on the Island. So far, it is said Emily bond with a Girl named Ava Winters, described as a 'beautiful young heiress', who has just joined her training school helping her focus on the movation of her revenge. Season 1 Emily begins her revenge In " Pilot ", Emily bought her father's old house in the Hamptons, then she met with the former owner Lydia Davis.

But she saw Lydia and Conrad coming. So she disguised herself as a waitress and poisoned Conrad. Then when Conrad had an attack she appeared and asked Lydia if she could help. At the party, Ashley introduced Victoria to her, and mentioned in front of her and Lydia that she met her at the South Fork Inn and asked for her husband.

She dropped her glass to Daniel to introduce herself. At night Nolan came telling her that he could help but she refused. Emily sets a trap to Bill Harmon In " Trust ", Emily He made him think that Nolan would ally with AllCom so he put all his money in there but Nolan was teaming with it's competence so he lost all his money. She discovered that Nolan bought his house, which made her angry until he told her that he did it to make sure she would get it as Victoria also wanted it. She had a perfect first date with Daniel that ended with a surprise party in her house.

Both women overcome him as David, Jack and the police find them. Emily brawls with Malcolm, but he gains the upper hand. Before he can kill her, David shoots Black into a furnace, killing him. After this, Emily begins a relationship with Jack's partner and later detective, Ben Hunter.

emily thorne and aiden mathis relationship

Margaux LeMarchal, Daniel's pregnant girlfriend, repeatedly attempts to destroy Emily, culminating in a miscarriage. Feeling guilt, Emily changes her public narrative of Daniel's death to one closer to the truth and reveals her true identity to the world.

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After her reputation is publicly ruined, Victoria ends her own life by detonating Grayson Manor while inside, but leaves evidence suggesting she was murdered. Emily is arrested by the police. Jack and Nolan arrange for Margaux's arrest, allowing Emily to interrogate her.

Margaux reveals that Victoria is in fact alive. Emily conveys this information to Ben, who investigates the home of a deceased woman whose body was used in the "murder".

He finds Victoria, but is murdered by an assassin Margaux hired, "White Gold". Emily escapes to hunt down Victoria, discovering that she used her mother's body in the setup. White Gold stabs Jack, which pushes Emily to her breaking point. She confronts Victoria for the final time with the intention of killing her for her crimes. Before she can fire, David appears behind her and kills Victoria, who shoots Emily in the back before succumbing to her wounds.

Emily barely survives with the help of a heart transplant, which is revealed in a recurring nightmare to have come from Victoria. It is left ambiguous as to whether this nightmare is real. David, who has cancer, is released on compassionate grounds before dying of the disease. Months later, Emily marries Jack and they sail off on their honeymoon.

Amanda Clarke

In a voiceover, she remarks that karma spared her from suffering the consequences of her actions, and asks the viewer to consider her story as they embark on a journey of revenge of their own. Relationships[ edit ] Victoria Grayson - Emily detests and hates Victoria for her role in her father's downfall and wishes only to see her suffer, making her the ultimate target of her revenge.

While Emily shows no trace of her negative feelings around Victoria, the two have a tense relationship throughout the series especially when Emily begins dating Daniel, Victoria's beloved son.

emily thorne and aiden mathis relationship

Victoria's distrust of Emily goes as far as to suggest framing her for Tyler's murder because it was committed with her weapon, and contracting Gordon Murphy, who killed David, to kill Emily. Victoria later uncovers Emily's true identity and, feeling that she is responsible for the death of Pascal LeMarchal, murders Aiden.

In retaliation, Emily leaves her in a mental institution. After six months, Victoria manages to escape and takes revenge on Emily by getting to her father first and feeding him lies. Emily admits that she has considered killing Victoria, but has not gone through with it because she had no intention of causing death and too many lives had been lost by that point.

Charlotte becomes one of the few people Emily seeks to protect from her revenge scheme. Charlotte developed an addiction to oxycodone, and she attempted suicide in the first season finale, though Emily's reaction to this was never depicted.

At one point, Emily attempts to console Charlotte on her porch swing by telling Charlotte a story she remembers from her childhood that she claims Amanda told her. Charlotte trusted Emily enough to tell her that Victoria was alive and in hiding.

Emily is shown to realize the relationship she is missing with Charlotte by posing as the real Emily Thorne, and vice versa. When Charlotte announces her decision to change her surname to Clarke on her 18th birthday, Emily is seen smiling.

Animosity develops on Charlotte's part towards Emily when she discovers her pregnancy was false, and continues in spite of Emily revealing her true identity as her sister. Charlotte is so angered that she subdues Emily in the Stowaway and sets it ablaze in an attempt to kill her. Emily decides to forgive Charlotte, who later calls on her for help when she accidentally kills a man she had slept with, who threatened her father. Taking Emily's advice, Charlotte leaves for rehab.

Nolan Ross - Emily met Nolan when he released her from juvenile detention in He gave her the Infinity Box, which contained her father's possessions and proof of his innocence. Years later, when Emily returns to the Hamptons, Nolan offers his assistance, which she initially refuses. Despite being antagonistic with him at the start, Emily finds his technical genius and ability to be quite useful, though her plans put him in physical danger numerous times. She later warms to him and accepts him as a friend and trusted ally.

Nolan also acts as her conscience and tries to reason with her when he feels she is taking things too far. Nolan considers Emily to be family, going so far as to give up Nolcorp, his company, to Grayson Global to prevent a forensic investigation that would expose Emily. Nolan affectionately refers to Emily as "Ems". Some fans support a romantic relationship between Nolan and Emily. While Gabriel Mann has entertained the prospect of "Nemily", [12] creator Mike Kelley and VanCamp are opposed to the idea, considering Nolan and Emily to have a sibling relationship.

However, this is complicated by real feelings that Emily develops for him.

Emily Thorne

They become engaged midway through the first season, although Daniel's decision to conceal his father's part in framing David Clarke ruins her love for him. The engagement ends when Ashley tells Daniel she saw Emily and Jack kissing.

However, Daniel never quite gets over Emily, and she still views him as someone useful. They reunite, with Emily asking to take it slow, although she has a dream at one point where they engage in passionate sex. They become engaged again in season 2 and marry in the first part of season 3. However, on their honeymoon boat Daniel discovers Emily has been using him and shoots her off in a drunken rage.

Emily becomes sterile as a result of these wounds, but stays in the marriage through blackmail for a little longer.

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After Daniel learns Emily's real identity, they become cordially, if not exactly friendly. Daniel finally understands why she used him, although he still resents her. Daniel overhears Emily fighting with Kate Taylor and runs to her assistance, taking a fatal gunshot wound for her.

In his final moments, Emily holds him and admits that despite all that happened everything that the two shared was real.

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Emily stops him from killing his sister's kidnapper twice and puts herself in physical danger to rescue him. Two years later, a flashback shows that Aiden was recruited by Takeda and that he and Emily had begun a relationship, a weakness Aiden exploited in their training.

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Aiden prepares to leave when Takeda locates his sister, and chooses to bring Emily, although he instead leaves her behind. This causes Emily to become embittered towards him in season 2, rejecting his attempts to reconcile. She eventually forgives Aiden and they rekindle their relationship.

The two argue often, but have a deep love for one another. Aiden wishes for Emily to finish her revenge so that they can be together. This dream is shattered, however, when Victoria murders Aiden in cold blood. Initially, the two often engaged in physical fights, although they later became friends at the suggestion of their warden. Eight years later, "Amanda" reunites with Emily when she murders Frank Stevens after he discovers their secret. Amanda then begins to complicate Emily's plans by becoming involved with Jack Porter and thus endangering him to the Graysons.

Though the two have a rivalry, Amanda stands by her vow to "do anything" for Emily. Tyler later kidnaps Amanda and turns her against Emily, although she ultimately remains loyal to Emily and disappears from the Hamptons for several months. By the time she returns, she is six months pregnant with Jack's child, which breaks Emily's heart. Amanda, freshly trained by Takeda as an asset to Emily remains loyal even after she nearly loses her baby in a fall. At her son's baptism, she notices Emily's misery and believes she deserves a family like hers, a claim Emily rebuffs.

Amanda desired to confess her identity to Jack, feeling guilt for stealing him from Emily, although Emily advised against it. In her dying moments, Amanda returns a locket necklace that Emily gave her years ago and thanks her for giving her a "real family".

Emily is incredibly devastated after Amanda's death, which fuels her to refocus her revenge back onto the Graysons. Kara Wallace Clarke - Emily had very few memories of her mother, who she believed dead of an illness unknown to her. After learning that she is in fact alive, Emily postpones her revenge plan and goes so far as to put Amanda's life on the line to locate her mother, only to be disappointed when she finally resurfaces.

As a child, Kara's psychological issues led her to attempt to drown Emily, and to keep her from danger Kara left the Clarke family, David lying that she succumbed to her sickness.