Fast and furious relationship meme funny

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fast and furious relationship meme funny

From being Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious to Xander Cage in xXx, he is one of As a treat for fans, here's our Vin Diesel meme collection. 19 Stupidly Punny Memes For The Cornballs. Share 29 High-Powered Car Memes For The Auto-Enthusiasts relationships · Memes · Fast and Furious. The Fast and the Furious franchise is now seven movies deep, and just about old enough to have a driver's license ( was longer ago than you think).

Most of them treat their vehicles with more tenderness and care than they treat any of the women or men who appear in the movies. Some people are like that in real life, too. Also, like Tej said about cars: Some might say the line was crossed a little bit after Tokyo Drift and some might point out that the line between making sense and not making sense was crossed in Fast Five.

Nevertheless, when this series started, there was an air of crime—the FBI was involved and everything—but the heart and soul of what made people get so into this franchise were the street races. It would be a good thing for all fans if we could see some good old street racing in the movies still to come.

Could you imagine if Roman was the leader of the crew? First of all, everybody would probably die before the movie was over. And second of all, most of the people watching the movie would die of laughter because this film would be hilarious. Just imagining a movie with these two at the helm is almost enough to have a fan rolling on the floor laughing.

15 'Fast And Furious' Memes That Will Make You Crave Movie 9

Maybe it all really is due to this, the ultimate pun that could possibly be made in relation to these movies. Now, just imagine production team meeting together while creating The Fast and the Furious and deciding if there were to be more installations of this storyline. What else can we do with it? There are a lot of possibilities and a fair bit of speculation about what the ninth movie is going to be titled, and whether the series is actually going to extend on after that point. Many of us expected the death of Paul Walker to mark the end of the franchise, but we were proven wrong.

All the late night study sessions, trying to cram every ounce of information possible into your brain because you have no idea what will be on the finals. All the nights of sleeping an hour or two a night because you just have to finish that study guide; it's brutal. Thank goodness it only comes around once a semester!

15 Incredibly Funny Fast And The Furious Memes

This scene, however, shows us that there is another alternative. This scene reminds us in one of the most humorous ways possible that we can keep going and keep trying even when it seems like nothing on earth is going to work. The message of persistence is carried on throughout the entirety of the Fast and Furious franchise — Dom and his friends stick it out and see all of their projects to the end no matter what obstacles may stand in their way.

fast and furious relationship meme funny

Each of these men have starred in many roles and have thus proven the scope of their talent. Welcome to the Jungle as Spencer, and Hercules as the title role.

18 Vin Diesel Memes That Only Fans Will Find Funny

Welcome to the Jungle as Spencer, and Hercules as the title role. The bear behind the wheel is entertaining in and of itself.

fast and furious relationship meme funny

However, the reactions of the couple beside him only enhance the quality of this photo. Perhaps this was a still from a movie, or perhaps it truly was as crazy it looks. Why does this meme make someone want to watch all eight movies again? Why not start the series again and pay special attention to the reactions and expressions of the extras and the minor characters. The similarities to this meme might surprise you.

fast and furious relationship meme funny

Crazy stuff did go down in Tokyo Drift though, so you never know what might happen if they were to travel to Russia! As a part of the first movie, The Fast and the Furious, this scene can be interpreted as setting the stage for the rest of the franchise. However, as cute as it may appear, it is also a breaker of friendships. It turns out that any racing game is super competitive, and any win is a major victory.

Not only is this the perfect closing because it involves saying goodbye, but it also evokes so much nostalgia.

fast and furious relationship meme funny

Through this specific meme, nostalgia for Brian and his role in the movies is accompanied by the feelings of loss and sadness associated with the death of Paul Walker.