Fate zero gilgamesh and saber relationship

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fate zero gilgamesh and saber relationship

Gilgamesh, also known as Archer, is the secondary antagonist of Fate/Zero and the He also approves of Shirou's relationship with Saber and states that she is . Gilgamesh and Saber is the best pair in Fate Stay Night in my opinion. .. had some ounce of truth but *sighs* fanfiction keeps my hopes alive. This is a blog on Fate/Zero specifically no oth. Kiritsugu Emiya is Saber's master and most active with gun in the war. When caster showed up in the river in a gigantic form, Gilgamesh didn't even want to be in the battle.

Surprisingly, this child version of Gilgamesh is well-mannered, polite, and amiable, not to mention perfectly sane, rational, and experiential, completely different from his extremely haughty, obnoxious, cunning, and rude and sometimes hot-tempered, irrational, and violent adult counterpart.

Gilgamesh (Fate)

He becomes popular and an idol among children in Fuyuki, as he is seen leading a Football team with amazing and flawless leadership. As a child, he not only retains his memory but also his royal and divine charisma as well. He remembers Shirou and greets him politely, while Shirou initially wonders whether he is Gilgamesh's younger brother before being corrected, though the child Gilgamesh wished he had brothers and sisters.

He also expresses his uneasiness of how he grows up becoming someone so unpleasant, referring to his adult alter ego's personality. He also approves of Shirou's relationship with Saber and states that she is unsuitable for someone his age. Seeing him with the children, Shirou wonders how Gilgamesh will grow to be someone so unpleasant. He retains his boy alter ego and amiable personality even when he reverts back to an adult, as he is seen fishing with several of his children companions dubbed Gil's Brigade at Fuyuki Dock, along with Archer and Lancer.

He is also less arrogant than usual, showing that his personality has improved greatly somehow, even when he is boasting of his superior quality rods compared to Lancer's and Archer's own. He is also apparently a fan of Weekly Jump, telling one of the boys that he can read it after Gilgamesh is finished. While there were other candidates, they liked his strong-sounding name and myth. Since his initial conception, the overall concept of the character has changed very little.

While the relic used as the catalyst looked like the broken fragment of a mummy, it was actually claimed to be the fossil of the first skin ever shed by a snake. He immediately takes notice of both Saber and Rider due to their status as kings. As they exchange their philosophies on ruling as monarchs, he develops a fascination for Saber due to her flawed ideals and the chance to see them crush her in despair.

He feels Rider is a suitable opponent after witnessing Ionioi Hetairoi, and exclaims that he will be the one to kill him. He eventually begins to take an interest in the actions taken by Kirei Kotomine, Tokiomi's disciple, because of the conflicts in his heart.

He has begun to find Tokiomi boring and uninteresting to view, so he attempts to guide Kirei into finding true pleasure in his otherwise empty life. He suggests that Kirei should determine the backgrounds and the motivations of the other Masters and Servants as to why they wish to obtain the Holy Grail. As Kirei takes an interest in Kariya Matou, he convinces him to learn about him specifically In the culmination of these events, Kirei reveals that Tokiomi will use a Command Spell to force Gilgamesh to commit suicide to gain the Holy Grail and proposes that he should form a new contract.

Gilgamesh allows him to murder his former mentor and forms a contract with Kirei afterward. He continues to observe Kirei's movements with interest, and finally has his duel with Rider that ends in Rider's defeat. In a moment of respect, he spares Waver Velvet after the fight because he no longer has any claims as a Master, only proclaims that he is Rider's follower, and says that as his king told him to live, he cannot seek revenge only to die.

During the final confrontation with Saber, he proposes that she becomes his wife while she lays defeated in front of him. Due to his proximity, Gilgamesh is caught off guard and becomes drenched by the pollution that spills from the Holy Grail. He obtains a physical body, and because he has been incarnated into the world, he decides that it is time to once again unite the world under his rule.

He continues to follow Kotomine after the war is over, and Kotomine provides him with energy drained from children orphaned by the fire to sustain himself.

He decides to wait for the next Holy Grail War to cleanse humanity, so he retrieves a potion of temporary youth from his vault that reduces his physical age and allows him to smoothly blend in with society for ten years. Bring thrice as much if you want to stain me!

Fate In Fate, he kills Caster as she assaults Shirou's residence, and later ambushes Shirou and Saber during their date. After that, he kills Lancer.

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Gilgamesh attempts to use Shinji as the core of the Holy Grail, but he is killed by Archer after being cornered by Shirou. It is interesting to note that in Unlimited Blade Works, Gilgamesh was depicted as a complete monster, unlike his other appearances in other Fate titles and routes.

However, he underestimates her regenerative abilities and is devoured by her shadows. In this form, he acts much more tolerant of his master and is, in general, more honorable but retains his excessively haughty attitude. This is possibly because of the manifestation of his childhood friend, Enkidu who also appeared in this war. Gilgamesh was the first to initiate a fight in this holy grail war. When he found out about Enkidu being in the war, he confronted Enkidu in the middle of the desert, both Enkidu and Gilgamesh using EA, canceling each other.

They were both happy about the other's presence in the war and they were enjoying the fight. Their enjoyment was interrupted when False Rider showed up, and they left the battlefield.

fate zero gilgamesh and saber relationship

He and his master stay in a hotel on an upper floor of a tower. True Archer fires through their window with his shockwave arrows and Gilgamesh protects her and confronts True Archer with his aircraft, Vimana.

fate zero gilgamesh and saber relationship

True Archer, in a fit of rage to being ignored, unleashes hundreds of Noble Phantasms from his Gate of Babylon at True Archer, but True Archer survives without a scratch. True archer encourages Gilgamesh to use EA as that would be the only way to get on his level. The fight is interrupted by True Rider and Gilgamesh sits back and watches.

Epic Of Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh in Fate Stay Night

He intervenes when he notices that True Archer completely outmatches True Rider, inciting a series of heated dialogue where True Archer and True Rider discuss their background. Before anything can be resolved, True Caster interrupts and takes away the magic of everyone with his Noble Phantasm; Grand Illusion.

He angers Gilgamesh to no extent by creating an illusion of Enkidu, but they make a truce and they leave the fight unscathed.

Emiya Shirou kills Saber, Lancer, Rider and Caster - Fate/kaleid Movie: Oath Under Snow

At the end of Book 5 the most recent implementationhe showed up and remains at the hospital skirmish and has yet to make his first move.

As a child, he is extremely popular with other children, retaining his royal charisma but also affable and amiable.

fate zero gilgamesh and saber relationship

When Shirou reunited with this younger Gilgamesh, Shirou did not recognize him and was surprised as to how Gilgamesh would eventually grow into such a haughty and selfish person. It is possible that Gilgamesh is a better person when he is still a child, or the potion he consume to revert to child affects his personality as well as his age.

He is also aware of his adult alter ego and wonders why he grows up becoming someone so unpleasant. Other than that, after the destruction of the grail the team walks away from the war with no worries at all. Rider was summoned by a student known as Waver Velvet. Rider is a huge man and truly a warrior worthy of leading an army, and Waver is small and weak. These two seem like total opposites and they pretty much are, when compared in physical abilities.

But the two of them together create a rather unique aspect to the war with such opposites that get along. The reason I say that these two have the best relationship, is because these two are basically never seen apart from each other. The two actually do act like brothers in a sense, as they do argue a lot but always end up on the same page.

No matter what happens between these two they stay together. This stays true until the end. While Lancer is one the servants to follow chivalry very closely as a knight, he is very respectful to his master. But Kayneth does not exactly respond the same as Lancer does to him. Due to his chivalry, he finds Saber the only other opponent that is strong enough to match him on his level, as well as his own chivalry. Because of this he refused to actually kill her multiple times, because of his chivalry he angered Kayneth over and over.

Lancer always saw Kayneth as his master and showed his respect always. This made Kayneth furious, and Lancer was forced to apologize several times. So, as you see Lancer and Kayneth are a pair that pretty much argue as Lancer will agree to the argument of his master and continue with what he said. This is due to him being faithful to his master no matter what even if his doesn't understand his chivalry. That chivalry though was what created any conflict amongst the two and the downfall for both of them.

Now, how about we choose the quietest character in this war… Assassin. At first Kirei used one Assassin to attack Gilgamesh, and was defeated quickly.

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This allowed Kirei to use Assassin to easily supervise the war with Tokiomi, to see what the masters and servants were doing before anyone actually attacked except the attack on Assassin. Assassin though was used more for spying as the war moved on when everyone thought the servant was defeated and the pace of the war became much faster.

This is when he used his command seals to get assassin in battle. His initial attraction and indeed, love at first sight, if Fate is to be believed, would not have existed if not for the unique situation of her insertion into her life. Sex plays no part in Shirou's love for Saber, although Saber opening up to the fact that she is indeed a woman does come into play after sex. On the other hand, Shirou's attraction to Rin is a result of their history - much like HF, in that sense.

Rin, as the school idol, naturally has many admirers, Shirou being one of them. Basically he liked her even before he knew her, but the image of the school idol crumbles before him after they meet each other as Masters. What causes them to enter an eventual relationship, if one can even call it that, is the unique circumstances with both of them Servant-less, on the run from other Masters, yet actively attempting to win the War. I would personally have found it more believable if the Dark Sakura persona emerged earlier, which makes Shirou appreciate Sakura's presence, or something like that.

Realisation of importance after the loss of such an important thing rather than realisation of importance after sex. Fate would have been strong by sheer virtue of it being the first route, and thus our first look into the Holy Grail War, as well as a reflection of the identity of Saber, and the conflict her history has with Shirou's ideals and future.

UBW would have been just fine with the Archer-Shirou conflict, eventually adding up to Shirou surpassing Gilgamesh and choosing to protect his ideal by saving Shinji. On the other hand, HF hinges entirely on the concept of the romance between Shirou and Sakura, while dropping all the cool fights, and indeed, to the exclusion of any other inter character relationship.

Saber is stolen from Shirou early into the story. Rin's relationship with Shirou merely acts as a foil and a source of jealousy to fuel Dark Sakura. Ilya merely represents what the Holy Grail should have been, and indeed, mainly serves as an explanatory voice for concepts that would be beyond both Rin and Kotomine. Oh, and Zouken poofing out of nowhere is pretty random too.

On top of that, Sakura's magehood seems practically pulled out of a hat, with the only clue to it being Shinji's artificial Command Spell.

Kotomine didn't just become a "Nice Guy". He became the manipulator. He controlled everything as much as possible.