Gilgamesh and lugalbanda relationship

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gilgamesh and lugalbanda relationship

The Epic says that Gilgamesh is the son of Lugalbanda, the priest-king bit of the mystery embedded in the relationship of these two buddies of world literature. Lugalbanda is a character found in Sumerian mythology and literature. Lugalbanda is listed in a mythological text from Abu Salabikh that describes a romantic relationship between Lugalbanda and Ninsun. In Akkadian versions of the epic, Gilgamesh also refers to Lugalbanda as his personal god, and in one episode. Gilgamesh's father was the Priest-King Lugalbanda (who is featured in two poems concerning his magical abilities which pre-date Gilgamesh) and his mother.

See now also Steinert a. We only have two further attestations of somebody being two thirds of something, both of them from the first millennium BCE.

gilgamesh and lugalbanda relationship

In the first one, we encounter Lu-nanna, who is a two-thirds apkallu. Another hindrance to a satisfying interpretation is —once more — the frag- mentary condition of the cuneiform text of the epic. We have two other instances of the fraction two-thirds in the epic V, 12 and XI, 79 but both lines are broken and do not help our understanding.


This solution was proposed to me in a personal communication by Simo Parpola. For an edition of this text, see Lambert The first time he occurs in the epic is X, 87, while he also plays an important role at the end of XI.

George explains the name through a lexical list dated to the first year of Cyrus, which offers the equation mUR. To make this a little clearer: Nobody would argue like this be- cause we clearly mark the position of every number in our place-value system — some- thing that was not common in cuneiform. A brother or sister may sometimes be the soul sibling, especially in case of twins or siblings which age group is very close. This first assumption is introduced from the start in the Epic, because the text says clearly that both are meant to be one of a kind.

How does this bond develop?

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The bond with the Soul Sibling is fundamentally based on companionship and sharing in many levels, but not necessarily in the physical sexual sense. The level of reciprocal appreciation goes indeed beyond physical stereotypes to involve the inner complementarity of selves.

Sensual because there is a lot of sharing: The question that came to my mind while I was meditating on the Soul Sibling is why then not so much is said or written about the vital relationship we have with them? Best friends are a reality, a sacred bond that is respected, but somehow not fully acknowledged or encouraged as a fundamental experience in defining the Self, the essence of the personality in the world that also reflects the World Soul.

To fully appreciate this question means to dive into the depths of our full humanity and go beyond sexual preferences, something all fundamentalist faiths do not handle very well due to their own agendas about being and behaving. Best friends make us whole, they are the first initiators we have who teach us about the mirrors of wholeness of what we may become. This is why there is so much ambiguity about them, i.

Another sign of our modern religious impoverishment, because Gilgamesh is passionate about Enkidu, although it is never said that the feeling is sexual, that they did make love to each other.

If this is so, we can clearly see why the exaltation of the best friend is a major problem for all father-oriented religions of our days. I would like to stress the point that it is not implied in the text that Gilgamesh and Enkidu were lovers in the physical sense.

They were though the best friends possible in all worlds, and this is a grace beyond measure. What can we then learn about Enkidu and Gilgamesh, or the transformative gifts of the Soul Sibling? And just perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the Soul Sibling is that there is no asymetry in the relationship: This is the real meaning of the bond between Enkidu and Gilgamesh, ideal self and bright shadow that stands by wherever we are.

Finally, how have I experienced the mystery of Gilgamesh and Enkidu in me?

The Nurturing Goddess Ninsun: Worshipped by Ancient Mesopotamians and the Mother of Gilgamesh

In real life, I have lived in many places, in three continents, to be more exact, always long enough to meet a best friend. These have been intense, vibrant relationships that do not involve sexual feelings, but shared experiences in multilayered levels. None and all of them, because we all reached out for one another in different times.

Personal meaning of this article This was a piece difficult to write because I was searching deep within the right words, and somehow I had to come to terms with the memories of so many best friends I left behind in my life.

And the last words are for you, Vinny. There were too many tears for some, as you have shed for Tava, but in the end, tears are the measure of the joy that was. I never cease to get amazed at the beauty and depth of human soul.

gilgamesh and lugalbanda relationship