In the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

In the Flesh Season 1 Episode 3: Finale Recap – Metawitches

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), pale as actual death and with freaky Instead of just another zombie story, “In the Flesh,” is suicidal, gay. We picked over the bones of In The Flesh series 2 with creator Dominic Mitchell, Those questions are really tantalising to me. bit in a story of someone that would be reflective of Kieren and Rick, and how Kieren It was one of those stories that sheds light on everyday human relationships, not just supernatural fantasy.

Then Kieren asks why they buried him, when he wanted to be cremated. Steve is saved by the ringing phone.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

Steve takes the opportunity to get far away from difficult conversations. As soon as Steve is gone, Kieren puts on a large hoodie and leaves the house.

Shirley is comforting Ken. Another couple is preparing to hang up missing posters for their lost daughter. Kieren walks to the closed side of the graveyard, where he was buried, and visits his grave.

Everyone wonders if Rick will be partially deceased. Silent is the voice we loved to hear. Kieren flashes back to rising out of his grave, with others rising around him. He saw his hunting partner, Amy Dyer, rising at the same time.

The holes in the ground are still in front of all of the tombstones. She spots him, then says she recognizes him. Amy is a breath of fresh air. She wears bright colors and swirly dresses, instead of the dark neutrals favored by everyone else in town. She asks if he picked it out.

And he wanted to be cremated.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

She talks Kieren into going with her. This slideshow requires JavaScript. He climbs out of the back of the truck and scans the crowd, looking for Kieren. Sue and Jem are there, instead. Rick has severe wounds on the left side of his head, with staples holding large gashes closed. He worriedly looks for Kieren again. No one says a word, but Bill looks proud. Amy and Kieren go to a carnival. Kieren is nervous, while Amy revels in the excitement. They argue over the necessary amount of mousse.

Bill and Rick do some target practice in back of their house. Bill notices that Rick is wearing a medal. Keep that in mind as the rest of this episode and the next one play out. Was shooting things really the first thing Rick wanted to do after 4 years away from home? Rick was in an actual war before The Rising. Does he need more violence, pretend or otherwise, to stir up his brain? This is probably what Bill and Rick have done to bond since Rick was 5 years old.

Janet is hiding in the bathroom, trying and failing to get through to the PDS hotline. She gives up and takes some anxiety meds.

As Amy and Kieren ride the rides at the carnival, she argues that a second chance at life should be approached with gusto and joie de vivre. She says that he has some good ideas. She quotes a mash-up Bible verse, Revelation PDS might mean immortality.

In the haunted house, Kieren sees Lisa around every corner, while Amy feels no guilt over her acts while in an untreated state. He brags about what a great fighter Jem is, despite coming from a family of losers. She says that Kieren had something wrong in his head, then Bill blurts out that Kieren was a selfish weakling who killed himself. Most scream and run away, but several chase Kieren. Despite his zombie-like lack of coordination, he outpaces them, and eventually loses them.

He cuts through the woods to get home, and sees a vision of Lisa, again. She leads him to a cave entrance. HVF members Gary and Dean approach the vicar to request payment for patrolling the woods. Vicar Oddie grumbles and rages, but Philip says the parish can afford to pay them, so Oddie gives in.

They wait out front, by the street, for Steve to get home, to discuss the Rick situation. Jem argues that Kieren will obviously find out, but the parents are willing to put it off until he finds out on his own, gambling that they can keep him locked inside for the foreseeable future.

How stupid do they think Kieren is, and how isolated do they intend to keep him? This is turning into a pathological level of avoidance on their part. Kieren sneaks in the side door while his clueless parents argue in the front yard. He gets set up at the computer just in time to pretend that he never left the house. Kieren is relearning how to repress and avoid, just like dear old dad. Gary tries to argue, but she says the display could be offensive to some patrons.

Being segregated to a hallway will definitely make them feel welcome. The Macys, including Rick, enter the pub. The Walkers are eating dinner. Kieren, who is still full on pretending to eat, with a plate of food and compliments to the cook, sits at the table.

Jem, who is actually eating, sits on the couch and complains that Kieren is at the table pretending to eat. Jem might be the only person to survive this household. Then the doorbell rings. Steve and Jem argue over whether she can keep her handgun in the house or not while Sue answers. Sue takes one look at Amy and is gobsmacked.

Amy invites herself in and sits down at the dinner table, talking frankly about not being able to eat and what happens if she does. All while going au naturel- no contacts or mousse. Jem storms out of the room again.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

Could turn into a fun drinking game- drink when she storms out, yells at someone else to get out, or refuses to come out of a room. That would take care of most of her scenes. Kieren brings Amy up to his room, telling her not to talk to his parents like that- meaning, with honesty.

Jem searches for the rest of the HVF patrol, but no one answers on the radio. She runs into Dean, and tries to join him. Those two are always looking for each other. At the pub, Rick chats weaponry with Gary and answers some hard questions from Philip. Janet will catch the meaning, but she already knows she failed to stop her husband from bullying and abusing their son.

Amy tells Kieren that she loves his family. She asks if he had a chance to say goodbye before he died, and what killed him. What was your last thought? I just remember feeling relief. How did you croak, Kieren Walker? Kieren looks over her shoulder at the painting of Rick at the end of his bed. Jem dramatically opens the bedroom door. Was she listening to their conversation?

Kieren storms downstairs, with Amy following. Amy and Kieren take off for the pub. Must be real slim pickings in that town. Rick drinks it all, then goes to the mens room to vomit it all up as black bile. When Kieren and Amy get to the pub, he panics. The Legion hated him before he was partially deceased, just for being different. Amy and Kieren breeze into the pub, Amy still without contacts or mousse. The pub goes silent. Pearl tells them have to order a drink, so they get the cheapest thing she has.

Bill starts to make a scene because there are rotters in the pub. Philip approaches to show them to the PDS section. Rick and Kieren come face to face. Their hearts grow wings and flutter around the ceiling together, while they lock eyes. Unicorns jump over rainbows on the floor.

Amy and Philip try not to be in the way. Eventually, seating arrangements come up. Ren gets Amy a free pass out of the hall, too. She races out, searching for Kieren. Kieren is out wandering around. When Janet gets home, Bill is drinking a beer and watching the game, as if nothing has happened.

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She pretends to have been at a church committee meeting. Then he sets off on a hunt of his own. She sees Rick, and runs inside to Sue. Ken watches the whole thing from his living room chair. Bill is watching the game, while Janet is watching Bill in confusion, when Kieren storms in. Kieren replies that he was barred from the house 8 years ago for making Rick a mix CD. Music being too girly for Bill. Kieren asks what Bill is talking about.

But this time, only the good dead are gonna come up. The right dead, not imposters like you and that thing. Bill says he got rid of an imposter. The real Rick would never have stuck up for Kieren like that. Kieren yells that yes, Rick was like him, and he was only coming back once.

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It was a gift, and Bill ruined it. He murdered his own son. Janet has been slowly taking this all in, and it finally sinks in that Rick is really dead again.

Kieren says she should be upset, her son was just murdered. Bill tries to explain to Janet that Vicar Oddie says Rick will come back during the second Rising, after Bill judges the rest of the current lot, and gets rid of them. Janet grabs the knife from the arm of the chair, where Kieren buried it when he entered the room, and slashes at Bill.

Kieren holds Janet as she collapses, both of them crying together. Dean is still in the cage. He just put down a guy who was on a murder rampage. He considers shooting Dean, but decides not to waste the ammo. Janet and Kieren rush outside. Janet kneels down next to her husband, softly saying that someone should get him help.

He walks until he comes to the cave where they spent time together. Kieren slowly walks in. Steve and Jem wait at home for Kieren. Steve is silent and looks gutted. Steve puts his head in his hands. Kieren sits in the cave, in candlelight, facing the spot where he and Rick wrote on the wall: He needed to be in the cave, where he and Rick used to meet. This time, you live. I know how it feels, to lose someone.

She quit college, came home, and decided to end it all. She burst into tears, right there in the store.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

This kind fellow took her in the back, made her a cup of tea, and listened to her while she talked for hours. He made her laugh, too. Kieren asks where Steve is. When Sue and Kieren get home, Jem and Steve are still on the couch, worried sick. Steve tries to put a good face on it, but Kieren wants him to express his real feelings, not pretend everything is okay.

He wants Steve to make him understand how much he hurt the family when he left them so suddenly. No contact for days. Jem thinks she knows where you might be and she tells me. So I put on me jacket, I grab a torch, and I go up in the woods. And I get there. Get to the cave. And there you are. I see that Swiss Army knife I got you for your birthday. I take you in me arms. I run with you in my arms. And I run and I run and I run. Kieren has been gutted by this story, too.

They hold each other as closely and tightly as they possibly can. He and Steve are pallbearers. Bill will be buried nearby. Rick is allowed to be buried in the cemetery, rather than disposed of as a rotter. It was too late for Janet to be a better mother for Rick, but it allowed her to have a moment to share her happiness with her community before it fell apart.

And group therapy opened up the floodgates of emotion and good sense that Sue had been bottling up for fear of rocking the boat and making things worse again. Shirley and the others helped her finally understand that Kieren was still just him, and she could talk to him like her son.

Then Kieren pushes Steve to tell his story and express his feelings. Finally, the air is clear between all of them. Now they understand what happened to him. In the funeral scene, we see one father-son pair who were brought back together by a strong mother, while the other is buried after the father killed the son. She knew Kieren needed to hear it, and Steve needed to say it. They not only live, they become truly close again. On the other hand, in the Macy home, only one person is allowed to express opinions or make decisions.

When the power that Bill has gathered during the war is threatened, he becomes more violent in an attempt to maintain his power, aided by the vicar, who is also trying to hold on to his increased influence. Homophobia and misogyny are the rule. That was probably violently physically enforced when Rick was small. So he has no support at home to disagree with his father on the smallest matters or to be the bearer of bad news.

In the Flesh Season 1 Episode 3: Finale Recap

Yet, Rick still listens to his father most of the time. He still allows his father to treat Kieren badly most of the time. Why not grab Kieren and some Neurotriptyline and go on a road trip for a few days, until Bill cools off?

Or at least drive through the village until he found Kieren and made sure he got the warning? Because his parents taught him that Bill will always win. Eventually, Bill goes too far, and Rick finally stands up to his father. But he made the mistake of trying to talk to his father like a human being, when all Bill understood was violence and force. But this one ends in tragedy. Everything Bill said and did was a trap to lure Rick in so that he could kill him easily.

Bill was an abusive tyrant at home, and I suspect an alcoholic. He was a violent tyrant in the village. But no one would stop him. The PDS sufferers were left to defend themselves, even when he pulled people out of their beds and shot them in the street. Either way, Sue and Steve opened their hearts, and the Walker family is healing. The Macys kept their hearts closed until it was too late, and they are destroyed.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship questions

Rick likely still had freakouts and doubts, and he let himself be pushed into the military by Bill, but he and Kieren were a thing. I suspect Rick was capable of doing the same thing that we saw Bill do. So their relationship was probably always volatile. For whatever reasons of his own, in interviews toward the end of season 2, Dominic Mitchell bizarrely tried to retcon Rick and Ren into being friends who never got to the point of being a couple.

He was playing up the importance of the events of season 2 at the time, but there was no reason to negate some of the most important facts of season 1 to do it.

Why would Kieren kill himself over a friend and unrequited love? Why imply so strongly that Rick was running away from the combination of his relationship with Kieren and his relationship with Bill? The other promptly joined him in death. If this were a boy and a girl, there would be no question about what they were doing in the cave. I just hate that kind of inaccuracy and retconning.

Rick was a good first love, because they were all each other had, living in a small village. It made their relationship intense and the most important thing in their lives.

They felt like no one else could understand them the way they understood each other. The show went out of its way to make sure we realized how much Rick was like his father. Rick is a tragic figure, not just because of his deaths, but also because of his two lives.

lucky ones - simon/kieran/rick

He eventually found courage in each life, but both times, it was too late to save himself. Janet raised Rick to do what Bill says, without complaint, and then sneak away quietly later to do whatever he really wants to do.

That strategy works okay for a housewife who just wants to go to group therapy occasionally, but not for the gay son of a homophobe. Apparently Janet just stood by while Bill abused their son and harassed Kieren. The more Bill suspected that his son might be gay, the harder he pushed him to uphold unrealistic macho standards.

He was still using that strategy after Rick came home again, very pointedly jumping in and stearing the conversation toward girls or guns at the right time.

Fallen Rocket: Relationship Spotlight: Rick Macy & Kieren Walker (In the Flesh)

He also extended its use to proving that Rick was really alive instead of partially deceased. Keep Daddy happy, or everyone will suffer.

Which leaves Rick torn in two, because part of him does want to live more openly and stand up to Bill, like Kieren does. Bill was horrible and deserved to die. And Vicar Oddie was cunning enough to do it where no one else could hear, so no one knows the full part he played in the tragedy. Until this episode, Oddie and Macy seemed like equal partners, the head and the hands.

This episode made it clear that, while both were fanatics who left sanity behind long ago, the head was manipulating the hands into outright evil actions. He could have killed another dozen of her friends and neighbors, while she watched.

This is why the small towns were so angry that the professional military ignored them. This is why they were eventually rounded up and quarantined instead of exterminated. A partner, thick clothing, any kind of sports helmet, and some netting are enough protection and weaponry to catch them. If you have Amazon Prime, episode one of the series LoreThey Made a Tonic, does an excellent job of showing how the 19th century fear of those accidentally buried alive evolved into a fear of and belief in vampires by the END of the century.