Jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

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jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

Resume Quiz Restart Quiz Despite a few bumps in the road, their working relationship eventually evolved and formed a deeper connection. They even The mug shares some similarities to 24's main character Jack Bauer. Chloe O' Brian. Relationship Status divorced. Fortunately Jack isn't a big talker, so Chloe didn't have to listen and empathize; that's not Each episode season covers 24 hours in the life of Bauer, using the real time method of narration. TAKE QUIZ. The following quiz takes place between season one and season five on some of the important characters that appear in the show. The main character Jack, who I once had a relationship with, ends up killing me. Kim Bauer. Chloe O'Brian I decide to help Jack Bauer and we date between seasons two and three.

Chloe is also the only one involved in the plot to fake his death to survive from murder attempts committed by unknown parties later discovered to be President Charles Logan and Jack's brother, Graem Bauernarrowly escaping a car bomb and a subsequent attack by the terrorists who planted the bomb.

Sadly, Edgar Stiles does not survive the events of Day 5 and Chloe watches him die through the glass door. Chloe is visibly shaken by the death of one of her few best friends and regrets having been short with him earlier that day.

24 - Jack trades himself for Chloe

Chloe is later forced to work directly against her superiors in Homeland Security in order to help Audrey and Jack. She hacks into a CTU server and interferes with a satellite tracking Audrey's car. She is able to slip into the bathroom just before being caught red handed, but Homeland Security bureaucrat Miles Papazian is very suspicious that she is deliberately interfering with their orders to attempt to apprehend Jack, at that time subject to a warrant by President Logan.

Homeland Security tricks Chloe into calling a pay phone where Audrey is currently located. Chloe is then put into custody by Miles. However, Chloe steals his keycard and escapes from detention. She grabs her laptop and leaves CTU. When leaving she encounters Shari Rothenburg but Chloe blackmails her to stay quiet.

Chloe works with Buchanan from his home but Papazian is able to track her. Karen Hayes contacts Bill to alert them that Papazian has sent a team to arrest Chloe and that she has mere minutes to leave the house. Chloe is able to escape and continues to aid Jack from a nearby hotel.

Combined with Hayes, she works to help Jack locate the passenger on a private plane in possession of the audio tape implicating Logan in Palmer's death. Eventually she confirms that it is the co-pilot who has the tape. Hayes and Buchanan bring Chloe back to CTU shortly thereafter to help Jack make an emergency landing, because Logan has ordered an F18 to shoot down the plane.

Jack eventually lands safely and escapes from Logan's marine force with the help of Curtis Manning. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Chloe, Miles destroys the digital recording while she is distracted. In the final hours of Day 5, Chloe aids Jack in preventing Bierko from firing missiles from a Russian submarine. After the mission ends successfully, Jack tells her that he is going to attempt to get a confession from Logan and will need her help.

With help from Mike Novick, Chloe is able to get Jack the necessary papers to board the presidential helicopter as a co-pilot. After Jack places a listening device on Logan that records his confession to Martha, Chloe transmits the recording to the Attorney General.


Season 6[ edit ] After the failed assassination of Assad via military helicopter, Chloe found an image of Jack rescuing the terrorist. She shared the information with Bill Buchanan, who conceded that from Jack's perspective, a rescue was the right action.

Chloe suggests if Jack is right, then Fayed should be monitored. Buchanan agrees, and subsequently CTU obtains information that Fayed was indeed behind the latest waves of bombings. Chloe is later able to recover data from the hard drive of one of Fayed's men that he was particularly interested in a specific set of terrorists Fayed demanded be set free.

Later, after Jack notices Curtis Manning's demeanor around Assad, asks her to find out if there is a past connection between the two men. She later confirms that Manning's military unit took heavy losses at Assad's hands and that Assad beheaded two members of Manning's unit on television. Jack uses that information to prevent Manning from killing Assad, though the price is Manning's life. When chatter is intercepted between Fayed and Darren McCarthya profile of the man able to arm the four remaining suitcase nukes is sent, though the message is badly degraded.

Morris works on reconstructing the image, while Milo finds information that states Morris's brother has been exposed to the radiation from the Valencia bomb and is in a hospital.

Chloe informs him, but while Morris wants to go to his brother's side at once, Chloe insists he retrieve the data. After Morris downloads an illegal program that will speed up the reconstruction of the data, he leaves, and Chloe kisses him goodbye.

Chloe then monitors the retrieval to find that the engineer was, in fact, Morris. Bill has her call Morris via cell phone with Jack on the line, and Chloe jumps nervously after hearing gunfire erupt as McCarthy corners and kidnaps Morris from his car and put into his with the help of McCarthy's girlfriend, Rita.

Chloe works to help locate Morris, who was tortured by Fayed into programming a device which would allow the detonation of the suitcase nukes. Chloe gives Jack the needed information in how to disable the suitcase nuke Fayed left behind after CTU assaulted his safe house. Afterwards, Jack and Chloe have a reunion at CTU where she thanks him for saving Morris's life, and she tells him she's glad Fayed didn't kill him.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

Jack thanks her for everything. She later visits Morris in the infirmary, but her attempts at compassion are dismissed by Morris's claims that he's responsible for Fayed ability to arm the remaining suitcase nukes. He tells her to go away. She later goes back to say they have a lead, and asks him to return to duty.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

He dismisses it as a ruse to get him to go back to work, and admits he's a coward. Chloe retorts he's pissing her off, and Morris says she can add it to his list of failings. Chloe slaps him, and he tells her if she wants to save somebody, save somebody who is worth saving.

She tries to slap him again, but he blocks it.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

She tells Morris to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back to work. Later, she finds Morris is not at his work station. She investigates his palmtop, and calls his sponsor, who says she hasn't been in touch with Morris for years. Chloe confronts Morris in the men's room.

However, when Chloe leaves, he drains what is left of a bottle of whiskey down the sink. When Milo suspects that Morris has been drinking again, he asks Chloe to check Morris for any signs of alcohol. She reluctantly agrees, and walks over to him and kissed him, when he asked "What was that for?

On ‘24,’ Jack is back, but let’s praise Chloe

However, Morris discovers her act and forces her to tell Bill. When Bill orders everyone to help Jack Bauer under presidential order, he excludes her saying that "I don't trust you" but he changes his mind in the next episode when he tells her he needs his best people working on this.

Chloe is apparently upset and angry at Morris for forcing her to tell Bill the truth and the pair argue until Chloe's anger gets the better of her and she throws the fact that he armed nuclear weapons for terrorists, back in his face. Chloe insists that she didn't mean it but Morris puts in for a transfer out of Com and to no longer work aside Chloe.

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She is visibly upset and scolds herself for pushing the issue too far. Later, she attempts to apologize, but Morris tells her that their relationship is over.

As Morris goes back to work, Chloe bursts into tears. Minutes later, Nadia notices that Chloe is not at her station and Morris claims not to know where she is. Later, Chloe confronts Morris over his decision to break up. Morris tells Chloe that he ended their relationship because he felt that neither of them would be able to move past the fact that he had armed the nuclear weapons.

Soon afterwards, CTU came under attack and the entire staff, including Chloe, was taken hostage. Eventually Nadia, Jack, and Morris attacked the men holding them hostage and Chloe commended Nadia on her bravery.

While at work, Chloe faints and is taken to the CTU medical department. It was revealed near the end of the final episode that she is pregnant. Morris, presumably the father, appears pleased at the news, and the two resume their relationship once again in typical Morris fashion, he dismisses their breakup with a "Sod that! Season 7[ edit ] Chloe does not appear in Redemptionthe two-hour TV prequel, which aired on Sunday, November 23,[6] she and Bill Buchanan first appear in the third episode of the season.

Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub revealed her role in the upcoming seventh season: So far he's taking care of the baby, but he'll be around. Kiefer Sutherland commented "Chloe is crankier than ever; the dammit count is pretty high. Chloe co-ordinates numerous operations for the team, until later they become compromised through their efforts to secure the CIP device used by Juma's henchman, Dubaku to launch attacks on America.

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Later on, after Dubaku is captured and the threat seemingly ended, Jack is informed by Tony of another impending attack. Mary Lynn Rajskub on returning to 24, and why Chloe secretly loves Jack Bauer 4 years ago Share The brand spanking new series of 24 is just days away, and have to say we are pretty excited about it. It's been a full four years since we've seen Jack Bauer hinder yet another terrorist attack, and while many have said the series may have served its time, we reckon there's life in the old dog yet.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quiz

The former CTU agent seemed to constantly be getting himself into some life threatening pickle down through the seasons, and who emerged as his most loyal accomplice and sidekick? Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub joined the show in series three, by the end of series five she was lead female, with top billing second only to Kiefer Sutherland. The star chatted exclusively to entertainment.

Live Another Day has in store for her. If the trailers are anything to go by, it seems like Chloe has very much ditched her CTU life, and embraced what you might say is some kind of She's become anti-government and has also suffered a personal tragedy so her look is reflective of that". Sounds like young Chloe has really been through the mill then!

And what of her relationship with Jack?