Jun and kazuya relationship advice

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jun and kazuya relationship advice

Pulmonary venography and contrast esophagography examinations were performed to determine the anatomical relationships among the. When Jun is mean to Hotaru, Yuki immediately comes to Hotaru's aid despite Hotaru's blunt disapproval of her brother's relationship, stating that Hotaru will. Chun-li and Cammy vs Kazuya and Jun by: dansunah.info 10 pages. Chun-li and Cammy give relationship advice to Jun Kazama.

That was the moment I recognized Him for the intruder He was. As soon as I held you and looked upon you that night, I knew that Devil wasn't me. Because I would never try to hurt you. Even right now, I can feel Him inside me, clawing to get out.

But for the first time in my life, I recognize Him. To have my entire world destroyed in that instant, to have the mindset that I had been carrying on for decades to be shattered in one moment, I couldn't handle it. Just imagine looking back on your entire life, and suddenly realizing that you've been a plague upon everyone you met. I hated myself so strongly that I couldn't even function. So I rejected it.

I forced myself to deny the truth, no matter how obvious it was. All day and all night, I struggled to convince myself that Devil wasn't a spirit, but that he WAS me. It hurt me so much that I would have rather gouged my eyes out than have to see it. But if I've learned anything during my life it's that denying something doesn't make it go away… Even when you bury your emotions deep below the earth, they're still there.

They always manage to dig their way up. And just now, as I stood here screaming at you, they reached the surface.

I was going to hurt you. I wanted to hurt you so badly that even as you screamed at me to look at myself, I refused to listen. And finally when I did, finally when I saw what Devil was doing to me all over again, everything shattered. I saw the gap between myself and the spirit within me. How right you had been all along. I realized how blind I had been all these years.

Story Time with Jun! - How Kazuya and I Met

You made me see the truth… And to think that I had been pushing you away for all this time… That I had been blocking you out and forcing you back and running away from you as if you were the one that I had to fear. You wanted to show me the truth, and I feared you. No matter how amazed and captivated I was every time I saw you, I forced myself to turn blind. To turn away and despise the caring, pure, thoughtful, beautiful soul that you are… it was the worst mistake of my life.

Jun why is your face so close- It was too close. Wait- Jun leaned in and with all the gentle power of a thousand whispers she kissed him, pressing her open lips against his mouth and obliterating every word Kazuya was about to say. Like an avalanche tumbling downhill and gaining tremendous speed by the second, they crashed wildly into each other.

The crashing avalanche grew so loud that its sound became silence. In that moment, they just were. After just seconds of chaos, the emotional avalanche that felt like it had lasted a million years finally started to subside. Its ferocious roll began slowing until it became but tumbling whispers, and the two separated. Kazuya and Jun pulled their lips away at the same time, arms refusing to release.

Their mouths moved back but they remained close, foreheads pressed together. Eyes closed, noses touching, they rushed to catch their breath.

jun and kazuya relationship advice

Bit by bit, they hurried to resume the personas of their former selves. In that chaotic moment of love, every trace of their outwardly distant identities had vanished.

But as the storm subsided and their rampant emotions calmed down, they found themselves standing alone. For a while, both rushed to catch their breaths. Finally… "Jun…" "Kazuya…" Kazuya breathed heavily as he appeared to struggle through everything that had just happened.

Although his eyes were shut, he could feel Jun's skin pressed against his and he could sense her closed eyes just centimeters away from his. Pure madness…" He stammered. Jun said nothing back. She knew that she had been the one telling him that only some minutes ago. The words sounded equally familiar as Jun found herself confronted with the very same statements she had uttered in response to Kazuya's fury.

The two were silent once more. Kazuya's question hung in the room like an anvil. Jun didn't say anything. Her slow, deliberate breathing betrayed an internal conflict. Kazuya listened to the silence and yearned for her to answer him.

For her to make sense of it all once again and kiss him so strongly that he forgot everything. But she said nothing. And Kazuya's turmoil grew. We… we can't just… we can't just explode like that! We can't just fall into each other and lose ourselves out of nowhere… We just ca-" "You're right. Kazuya felt Jun's forehead push off against his own. She was pulling back, and so he opened his eyes. Jun was waiting for him, her endless hazel eyes a familiar vortex for him to fall.

Around those pools, Kazuya noticed fresh tears. Yet her expression was strikingly tough, as if she knew she was about to say something difficult. And it's something I only wish I had seen sooner. It took you years and years and years to finally see the truth, and when you finally did, it only hurt. It always seems to hurt. All the time I've known you, I've wanted you to see yourself for the man you really are.

My theory on the Jun/Kazuya dansunah.info other - Tekken Zaibatsu Forums

And now, even though it's only a start, you've proved something powerful to me. You have proved something that I have been struggling to convince myself of for years: Just as it wrenched open your eyes and finally made you aware of the terrible truth you've escaped for so long, it did the same thing for me.

What I mean is… just as you now see the truth that I was trying to show you… I now see the truth that you've been trying to tell me. What are you saying? About how I treat life like… like a fantasy world. His explosion of anger towards Jun only minutes ago was a wild blur, and he hardly remembered scolding her at all.

jun and kazuya relationship advice

She, however, remembered it perfectly. You said I wasn't serious enough for this world… and you were right. You were right about all of it.

And I told myself that I was doing it because I wanted to bring out your human side. Not shake it to the point of making you angry, but just to the point where I could remind you of all the parts of life that you've left behind. The resistance, the joy, the pleasure, the humor, the mystery, the wonder, the excitement, the unknown… all those parts of life that you had long ago abandoned and declared as 'weak'. To make you a better person by reminding you of how great life can be, by changing your perception of the world, you name it.

That's what I told myself… but that's not the real reason I was doing them. And now I see how wrong I was. Not just for your sake, Kazuya, but for mine. And I know I might be overstepping my bounds by saying this Things like joy, wonder, excitement, the unknown; these were all things that had been completely absent in his life for untold years, but were everywhere he looked when he was with Jun.

He could hardly even remember a time when he had felt so alive. Even when she is admitting to vexing me… she still tries to vex me. Even now, after his perception of Jun had changed so much, he still found it hard to admit she was right about anything. If his admission had given her any pleasure, she did not show it.

I keep thinking I heard of that before that came out. Maybe I am wrong. I'm not really sure about that, but I'm going to skip over it cause it's not even the issue here. It's just yet another example of how Namco never explain lovey dovey crap. As for my so called morbid theory? Your a lady, of coarse you are not going to believe Jun, the main heroine was raped.

So, if I was a guy, I'd be more likely to accept the idea of her getting raped? If anything, I'm closer to the reality of rape and know that it exists. My gender isn't the issue here. Yikes, if that is true then Tekken really is sexist. Women are either 1 Losing and failing Nina cant assassinate one person 2 Slutty Anna and sometimes Christy dresses up kind of slutty 3 Getting raped Maybe Jun 4 Ditzy Xaiyou or however you spell her name Wow, then I guess that they're racist too, since the Tekken's have only been won by japanese people.

Like poor Paul, he gets screwed over every time, because in none of the Tekken tournaments has he ever been defeated. T1 by the time he beat Kuma Kaz had won, T2 he got stuck in a traffic jam, T3 he beat Ogre and thought he'd won and returned home, then Jin came along and defeated True Ogre. Not to mention that rape's a bit more than 'sexist. But to answer your points: T1 and T2, Anna got in the way.

T3 she's being controlled by Ogre, so it's not like she knows what she's doing, and when Ogre's killed the influence is released. She had no reason to kill Jin for herself. T4 she finds out that the hit is her son, so it's not like she could kill him. And in the story mode, isn't there a picture of a guy with his throat slit? How do you kill a guy like Jin who survives being shot in the head? Or Kaz, who returns from being in a volcano and survives being thrown off a cliff as a child?

Or Heihachi, who's as old as hell but still survives a cliff, too. A distraction technique lol. You could say that the guys fighting with their shirts off is the same thing. Face it, they're not going to wear a potato sack, something loose and flowing just gets in the way of combat.

You need something sleek to have freedom of movement. Not to mention that Christie would never win because she's an amateur anyway, hadn't Eddy only been training her for a couple of months at best?

jun and kazuya relationship advice

And she didn't enter the Tournament to win. She was looking for Eddy. Same as Anna was only in the tournament to stop her sister from being a killer or getting herself killed.

Also, I always thought that Jun was the one who 'defeated' devil with her holy power and compassionate nature, and Kazuya, minus his Devil power, got his ass kicked by Heihachi. Jun would never have been interested in running the Mishima Zaibatsu anyway. If Jun beat Devil, Which we know she did for a fact at least once, while she was pregnant who is the most powerful out of the Mishima's, that means Jun is stronger than them all. She's a young girl with a good heart, but she's never come across as lacking intelligence, to me.

Not to mention that in her T3 ending she kicks Heihachi's ass. She's at the Mishima Polytechnical College, so she can't be stupid. It says she dislikes Math, but that doesn't make her stupid. She has a crush on Jin and wants to help people T4 and T5 story so how does that make her ditzy? When you make claims that you can't back up, it's too easy to take them apart.

Only Julia and Michelle dont fit the bill. Other than the fact they lose. Julia was in the tournament in T3 to find Michelle, who had been kidnapped by Heihachi. In T4, she wanted to reforest her home, and in her ending it shows that she had been duped into creating Genocell, which had a duality of being used to manipulate the Devil gene.

She successfully wiped out that data, so it's not like she accomplished nothing. She wasn't there for the win. Michelle I can't really answer for, other than she was in it for revenge and was ill prepared, and the Mishimas have first dibs in the revenge department because their reasons are stronger.

She's strong, but her style has too many weaknesses. Kuni is greedy, and has a really crap knife. Yoshimitsu has a sword.

It's pretty obvious who was gonna win, although Kunimitsu was well improved in TTT. Though I personally half-believe that Yoshi killed her. Asuka Kazama seems to be a strong contender, and I wouldn't be surprised if she beat T5. Anyways, the whole 'Tekken is sexist' thing doesn't have anything to do with believing that rape is a part of the story.

Yuki Minagawa

This is all possibility. For all we know, maybe Jun slept with every guy in the game. I use that apparently. Also the purple suit man! On a more serious note Nina didn't really have any major grudges against Kaz for the most part and he knew both of the sisters or he could of gotten the hook up with Lee. Or any girl for that matter. Instead he picks Jun which makes me consider what Violet said: They knew each other as kids, they loved each other, he got throw in a volcano and things happened to make them frosty but they might work together for the sake of their son or something.

To make it worse this seems to support that because the game has little to no details on their relationship compared to Kazumi and the other women parents.

It was just "Jin Kazama is the son of Jun and Kazuya. There were hints in T2 but barely enough to consider them bumping boots. He could had banged anyone but instead he picked her which implies a connection.