Kiritsugu and maiya relationship help

Fragments of Fate/Zero: Character Summary : Kiritsugu Emiya

kiritsugu and maiya relationship help

Mar 13, As a main protagonist of the Fate/Zero series, Kiritsugu Emiya lives up to his role Thus began the hostile relationship between servant and master. provided support from the sidelines along with a woman named Maiya (a. Maiya Hisau is a young woman Mage who acts as Kiritsugu Emiya's assistant during the They share a sexual relationship that contains no real emotions. Which is why I wonder Kiritsugu didn't change his surname to Einzbern. To Kiritsugu, his sexual relationship with Maiya is a rehearsal before.

Being a child soldier changed her in many ways - she was beaten, starved, but most importantly, she learnt how to shut down her emotions to become a merciless killer. Right after she reached adolescence, she became pregnant. The father of her baby was not known to her - she was raped and used as a sex object every night.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship help

The baby was successfully conceived, yet her son was taken away from her the moment she set her eyes on him. It was not known how he had managed to find her, but he took her in as his assistant. He gave her a name, Hisau Maiya, created fake documents and passports for her. She no longer had any memories about her family and her past, the only thing she remembered was the suffering in the barracks and the child that was taken away from her. A cold, emptiness shell. She was the perfect material to be shaped into a perfect tool.

Emiya Kiritsugu trained her and taught her what she needed to know to assist him in his work, then traveled with him to complete her duties. If that was what she could do to help him, she would gladly offer her services. During their working years, Kiritsugu exchanged strands of hair between both of them, which is used as the basis for a spell in order to act as a measure indicating the worst-case scenario in which it has become impossible to use a wireless network or familiar to convey information.

She followed him to Germany, where the Einzbern family offered him a deal - he would win the Holy Grail War and entrust the Grail to them, while they would provide him the most powerful servant to succeed. The only survivor he could find was a child named Shirou, who he would later adopt. He had tears in his eyes from finding someone alive.

A man who was happy from the bottom of his heart. He looked so happy, that it seemed like it was him, not me, who had been saved. And then…even though I was on the brink of death, the man was so grateful that it made me jealous. He said he was glad to have found someone, and that by saving even one person, he had saved himself.

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The tale of a man who, more than anyone else, believed in his ideals, and was driven to despair by them. The dream of that man was pure. His wish was for everyone in this world to be happy; that was all that he asked for. It is a childish ideal that all young boys grow attached to at least once, one that they abandon once they grow accustomed to the mercilessness of reality. Any happiness requires a sacrifice, something all children learn when they become adults.

But, that man was different. Maybe he was just the most foolish of all. Maybe he was broken somewhere. Or maybe, he might have been of the kind we call 'Saints', entrusted with God's will.

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One that common people cannot understand. By this I mean, that he has several strengths and weaknesses, none of which are extraordinary. As a character, he is completely laid out for the audience to see.

That both he and Sola-Ui were then slaughtered in cold blood only furthered my sentiment. Although I still do think it really says something for the directing prowess here since earlier in the episode Kayneth somewhat swindled a Command Spell out of Father Kotomine, only to shoot him in the back, and then proceeded to bitch out Lancer in full arrogant form.

Taking out Lancer, even as slimily as it was done, makes sense, but the deaths of his Masters seemed unnecessary.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship help

Killing them both comes off as excessive. Speaking of Kiritsugu, barf.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship help

Although I do agree with some of what he says — that the battlefield is hell, and that people are deluded into thinking there is something inherently glorious in war.

They die in the mud, and then they rot there.

Mia raeps Kiritsugu (HD)

Or they slowly burn out from a raging infection. For the most part, glory is for the elite, not for the common foot soldier. There are definitely people who enjoy the act of fighting, and enjoy it when done above-board, so to speak.

And there are people who act honorably during conflict, whether they are the ones we end up remembering or not.

Fate/Zero Episode 3 Discussion

And Saber is also right that to commit acts of evil, even in the name of good, will inevitably prove poisonous to oneself. Also, in regards to too much happening, we got cheated of a good fight betwixt Saber and Lancer; what we did see was rather enjoyable, but we had chatter throughout. I boggle that the dishwater dull fight between Archer and Beserker got so much screentime last week, and yet something as energetic and engaging as this fight was relegated to being talked over and cut away from often.