Lynley and havers relationship goals

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lynley and havers relationship goals

Yet the more dark secrets Lynley and Havers uncover, the more they learn that . and emotional relationships, with scores to settle and goals to achieve—until. Having no sense of real purpose, she feels inadequate and when she The relationship between Havers and Lynley is what makes the series. From the very first moment they meet - when a scowling Havers barges in on an irritated Lynley at a wedding - their working relationship is fraught with issues of.

Or you might catch a young and rather cherubic Brendan Coyle in his pre-Downton pomp.

lynley and havers relationship goals

Or the darkly handsome Richard Armitage, perfectly cast as a landowner with sinister secrets. In one episode set in a posh private school we see future Hollywood superstar Henry Cavill, and even as a teenager, even in blazer and tie, he has the square-jawed, matinee idol looks that would later get him cast as Superman. But perhaps the most enjoyable star-spotting moment comes in an episode about a murdered playwright, which sees a young, pre-fame Idris Elba playing a cocky womanizing actor who gets punched in the face by a young, pre-fame James McAvoy.

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There is a class divid between Lynley and Havers through out the series. A lot of that is down to the huge class divide between them.

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Lynley, after all, is an actual, literal aristocrat, while Havers hails from an ordinary working class family, and has clearly been badly affected by her rocky upbringing. The issue of social gulfs is a big one in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - after all, how often do you get a detective who is so rich he doesn't even have to work for a living? He does it because he wants to right wrongs and crusade for justice, but his privileged, pampered life can't be ignored, and has other characters accuse him of having a silver spoon in his mouth.

It adds a whole added layer of complexity to the cop show shenanigans, and - unlike many other whodunits - there's a real story arc to follow across the episodes, as both Lynley and Havers learn to come to terms with their places in the world. What makes great drama? Sign up to the Drama newsletter for more insightful articles on your favourite programmes alongside the latest TV schedules.

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lynley and havers relationship goals

Which is why I wasn't going to let you throw it all away. All I'm saying is, if you're leaving - if you're really leaving - I'm going to miss you. This is capped off by the final moments of the episode, with the two of them standing next to a bonfire. After they've finished burning what they came there to burn, he turns to go - and she stills him by placing a hand on his chest, then throws her resignation letter into the fire.

No words are exchanged. They don't need to be. From that moment on, their trust in each other is absolute. The look on Lynley's face when Barbara tells him she's been reinstated.

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Havers soothing Lynley when he's beating himself up over the attack on Helen and her consequent miscarriage: You weren't sure that you were up to it? Worried about how your life might change? I mean, I'm no expert, but everyone has those doubts. And later, after Lynley's been shouting at Havers for leaving the unconscious Helen unattended for a few minutes: Sir, maybe you could get someone else to stand guard tomorrow?

What, even after today? Havers asks a suspect to relinquish his gun for forensic examination. The suspect starts to hand the gun over to her, but Lynley steps forward and takes it instead.

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He glances concernedly at the visibly uncomfortable Havers, who is still suffering from the emotional effects of being shot at the end of the previous episode. When Paula Marshall notices that Lynley is distressed about something, she asks him if he had spoken to Helen after Lynley tells her about his and Helen's separation earlier in the episode.