Murdoc and noodle relationship test


murdoc and noodle relationship test

From left to right are Murdoc, Russel, 2D, and sitting down, Noodle, all appearing to be animated, but not really. Not Pictured: Agatha Christie. A gorilla (plural. At best that is. From what I hear, they have had their shares of disagreements. And I thought 2D was the first to meet murdoc, then russel and. "When Noodle-girl gets up I'll try and talk us out of this. After breakfast Noodle sat Murdoc and Russel down to talk about their 'relationship roles'. They spent 30 minutes on Noodle's laptop taking 'Seme or Uke?' quizzes.

Why would make us do this? Plus, it would've been okay if we were to be publically humiliated. So, you have to suffer the consequences of losing. I'd do all of you and 'D's chores for a week.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Hell, I'd even kiss 'D! Just please, don't make me do this. What's that supposed to mean? Russel raised an accusing eyebrow at her, and she shook her head and shrugged, placing her finger over her lips to tell Russel not to say anything. I guess you're right! Noodle bit the inside of her cheek to refrain from laughing as Russel shook his head at their friend.

He's your boyfriend, after all. Russel sighed and walked out of the kitchen, flicking 2D in the head on his way out. His feet felt heavier and heavier with each step the closer he got to the bassist's door. Before he knew it he was standing at Murdoc's door. He raised a beefy fist to knock.

Russel is the drummer, sometimes serving as an unwilling psychic to other members of the band. For some odd reason he is the member of the band that recieves the least attention, despite the fact that he is black.

For recording of the albums he evokes various spirits and demons such as Kthulu, Scream, Hades, Hellraiser, Beldam, Beavis and Butt-head. A crazy blue ghost who lived inside Russel's head during the time of the first Gorillaz album. Del was one of Russel's good friends until he was killed in a photocopier accident.

Too much of a coward to face the Grim Reaper, Del crammed himself inside Russel's skull and stayed warm and cozy, only coming out to rap and annoy people. Two thirds of these tracks either featured 2D dropping his microphone in a puddle of urineNoodle spilling her noodle soup onto recording equipment, or Murdoc throwing his bass down the stairs and playing a trumpet with his butt.

A couple of other tracks featured random rappers with speech impediments.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Their most notable song off of this album is "Left Foot Suzuki Method ," which is the mutant lovechild of modern and classical music. The opening sounds for the song consist of Russel blowing bubbles in his milk glass through a straw shoved up his nose. Freaked out parents would say that he is hitting a bong. Noodle also would occasionally let Russel turn the guitar on while the drum machine would break down half way.

This means you can't even tell what song is what because everything is one big racket. They picked the worse songs as singles, most of the time bands don't do that! We all applaud that real courage! Though the gorillaz never meant it to be sold.

On ChristmasDamon Albarn released a bunch of random recordings he made on his Ipad because he was bored. It was named "The Fall", not because this is the fall of Gorillaz but because it was recorded in autumn. A member of which he collaborated with. The album has received large amounts of criticism for being more 'electronic' and 'mainstream' than the previous albums, and for being different to them in general. Whenever a hateful message is made about The Fall, 2D receives a beating from Murdoc.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Humanz present The bath is known to cause extreme hallucinations just look at Murdoc's face, he's seeing some shit. The fourth installment on the series of albums by the virtual band came out on Aprilnamed "Humanz". It recieved widespread criticism for being more "electronic" and "mainstream", much like The Fall. It features -- you know it -- a ton of new rappers nobody has ever heard about before.

During the creation of the album, Murdoc recieved a new substance from his drug dealer. Known only as "The Bath", it a hallucinogenic drug that causes extreme addiction. Nowadays Murdoc is constantly high on bath, even during the production of his music videos such as the All moi Loife one. Videos Feel like a Frog Inc. El Banana - Noodle is attacked by the Gravity Police on her flying windmill and is killed. Well, not really, but we just say that so it sounds cooler.

Fire coming out of monkey's ass - What it says again.

Gorillaz to premiere new album at Tokyo show

Stylol - Russel attempts to steal Murdoc's car in the hopes that he can redeem his reputation as a car company also because he's black. It's in his nature. The underlying theme of the song is to raise awareness on the issue of Black tanning - answering the age old question: De La Soul kill some superfast jellyfish and Murdoc wears a rather fetching sweater.

Also, he went into a coma, making him a vegetable Stu. In France, his nickname "2 Dents" is meaningful too in that "dents" means "teeth" in French, and he's obviously missing two of his front ones. Black, but they're sometimes depicted as being white. Whether this is merely a stylistic effect or if his eyes actually change color depending on the circumstances is unknown. The music video for Humility reveals that his eyes actually do change color, swapping from white throughout most of the video before shifting to black after Russell trips him.

Whether this is voluntary or dependent on mood is debatable. While his attractiveness depends on your opinion of the art style, he's the designated pretty boy in-universe. Most so in the video for "Humility", where he wears short shorts and the camera pans on his well-defined butt. In contrast to Murdoc2D is almost always portrayed as being a friendly and considerate guy.

Most of the timeanyway, since Phase 2 features him doing such things as fathering mulltiple illegitimate children. He has a lot of them, to the point where he's almost never seen without one throughout Phase 3. The very first image of him released for Phase 4 feature him sporting a sweet coon skin cap. Compared to the rest of the team, 2D is much more likely to curl up into a fetal position when trouble arises.

By Phase 3 he's become gutsy enough to attack Murdoc but is immediately overpowered by him in the ensuing fight. His lack of any survival skills bites him in the ass in the backstory of Phase 4, where he was forced to live off of rotten whale meat after becoming shipwrecked due to his inability to fend for himself.

He was living in Beirut before being kidnapped at the beginning of Phase 3. What he was doing there is anyone's guess. The most apparent example of this in the cast. By Phase 3, he became older, wiser and much, much more bitter. Phase 4 has a more traditional example of this. While he's arguably dumber than he was in Phase 3, he's also generally much more calm and confident in himself than he ever was before.

Older Than They Look: While 2D has gained a few wrinkles over the years, he hardly looks any different in his mid-thirties than he did in his early twenties. If anything, he looks younger. He finally looks closer to his age in more recent artwork, largely due to his shorter haircut. Went from perhaps the least likely of the group to play this role to the only person around with any common sense.

This is saying something, as 2D is far past sane by that point. Driven home by the "DoYaThing" video, where 2D is clearly sick of how broken his life has become.

Our Zombies Are Different: While he's not really a zombie, 2D — himself a huge fan of classic zombie films like Dawn of the Dead — clearly has a zombie motif going on, what with his seemingly eyeless sockets, getting revived from an inescapable coma, and having brain damage.

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While not as extreme as Murdoc's, it is long enough for it to be able to reach into his nose with ease. Although, having no front teeth in the way can be a factor. Despite being the band's poster boy, 2D does almost nothing to advance the plot when compared to the other three, and instead just kind of stands around while stuff happens near him. Repeatedly described as one, and while this is up to the viewer outside of their universe, it should be noted that his facial structure closely resembles the type used for females by Jamie Hewlett.

Hewlett also seems to be drawing 2D with long, feminine eyelashes in Phase 5 artwork as shown here: His hair generally reaches down to just above his shoulders, though it varies in length depending on his current hairstyle.

Gorillaz to premiere new album at Tokyo show

His real name is a play on "stew pot". If his multiple illegitimate children in Phase 2 are anything to go by. Red Oni, Blue Oni: The calm Unfazed Everyman to Murdoc's temperamental psychopath. It did seem to make him a bit smarter, though.

Quiz - What character from Gorillaz r u? -

Spell My Name with an "S": To Murdoc in Phase 3. Murdoc is an insane criminal mastermind who is quite possibly the Anti ChristNoodle is a genetically engineered Super SoldierRussel is possessed by demons on a regular basis and later becomes a giant and 2D is Quickly became this with Murdoc. While character interactions were tested out between the entire band early on, it became clear that none of them had nearly as good back and forth as them.

By Phase 2 it's much more likely to see them together than apart because of this. Throw the Dog a Bone: Compared to the misadventures experienced by his bandmates, his intermission between Phase 1 and 2 was practically a vacation. And while he did spend months marooned on what he thought was a desert island after the events of Plastic Beach, it turned out he was actually in Guadalupe, New Mexico and was able to enjoy a massive rave when the tourists started coming in before heading back to London with the prize money from placing third in a Wet T-Shirt Contest.

Contrast that to Noodle's accidental releasing of a demon into the Japanese criminal underground and how Murdoc and Russel spent much of the interim in captivity. Becomes this in Phase 3, though it's not exactly hard to do when your other two bandmates are Murdoc and Cyborg Noodle. Took a Level in Badass: In Phase 3, after his initial complete mental breakdown, 2D becomes a lot more active, actually attacking Murdoc, hijacking boats and subs and continuously attempting to kill the whale through The Power of Rock.

Promotional materials for The Now Now have also suggested that he has stepped up as The Leader of the band in Murdoc's absence and has finally found motivation and drive in the form of attempting to inspire positive societal change across the world. Took a Level in Jerkass: In Phase 2, where he fathers several illegitimate children, frequently brandishes switch blades and has overall become much cockier. He even makes a few terrible attempts at picking on Murdoc, only to immediately back down and return to worshiping him.

He was perpetually agitated during Phase 3, though considering the only character he was shown interacting with was Murdoc, it's hard to tell if he was like that with everyone. In Phase 4 he acquired some self-confidence that borders on arrogance, though for the most part its just posturing.

Towards Murdoc, big time. Seemingly gone by Phase 3, but revealed to still be there somewhere in "DoYaThing", where 2D lets Murdoc live at his house and still hopes that they can someday be real friends. In Phase 5 however, Murdoc is in jail and 2D could not be happier for it.

In fact, he is very vocal about not wanting him back on the band reminding supporters of Murdoc every one of the terrible things that he has done to him and the others. Part of 2D's humor is that he's a relatively normal guy surrounded by insane supernatural phenomena and only reacts to it with mild confusion at least, complete indifference at most. His original surname was "Tusspot", before his father, undoubtedly having endured a hell of a lifetime, had it legally shortened to "Pot" shortly after Stu's birth.

Even then, he's still nicknamed "Stu-Pot". A rare platonic example in Phase 3. He begins the series constantly pestering Murdoc, who wants nothing to do with him, but it's the other way around throughout Plastic Beach.

Type 1, with Murdoc and how.