Niketan and urvashi relationship help

'Bigg Boss 6' Finale: Key moments before Urvashi Dholakia's win | Television News

niketan and urvashi relationship help

Bigg Boss 6: Niketan and I have moved on, says Karishma Kotak realise that there are so many cameras,” she says, adding, “Urvashi should win the show. . On being asked about his relationship with Sana, Karwal says, “We know each other How to get a free sample of the best invisible hearing aid. He can take help from only two male members of the house, for which he selects Niketan and Assem. After some time, Rajeev is seen. Bigg Boss season 6 ended on a grand note on January 12, with television's favourite vamp Urvashi Dholakia becoming the third female.

Rajeev, albeit grumblingly, makes the eggs saying that none of the other housemates have ever requested for a snack to be made before dinner. When the eggs are served to the women, Rajeev serves it in one plate. And then all hell breaks loose! Urvashi takes this as a taunt from Rajeev and says that she is tired of his taunts.

She adds that she also cooks for the entire household everyday and Rajeev is creating an unnecessary issue over eggs!

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The argument between the two escalates to Urvashi making a personal taunt to Rajeev about Delnaaz, which offends him and he is dragged out of the bedroom by Vrijesh. Everyone in the house is trying to calm tempers down, with Sapna, Karishma and Vrijesh dancing and singing around Rajeev to keep him distracted.

After a while, Sidhu approaches both Rajeev and Urvashi and is seen speaking to them and calming them down. When the house is a little settled, the funnyman of the house, Vrijesh, breaks down in front of Sidhu saying that he cannot bear the fighting in the house.

Sidhu being the fatherly figure of the house calms him down as well.

niketan and urvashi relationship help

It remains to be seen what the next day has in store for Urvashi and Rajeev as well as the other housemates. The superstar is seen shaking a leg to the 'Alag Che' song.

The 'Dabangg' stars asks each of the finalists their own opinion about who the winner would be. Prabhu Deva and Remo D'Souza cook up an electrifying performance on the show.

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Prabh Deva shows off, yet again, why he's called the Michael Jackson of India: He wants a society which is more sensitive to women. Welcomes Sampat Pal, the 'Gulabi Gang' founder, on the stage.

Rashmi Desai shakes a leg.

niketan and urvashi relationship help

Sampat Pal and Salman Khan are all-praises for the performers. Salman can't stop joking around Sampat Pal bets on Imam Siddiqui.

Meet Urvashi Dholakia ‘s JUDWAA

The latter performs on 'Ishq wala love' with Karishma Kotak. A blast of white and red on the stage!

'Bigg Boss 6' Finale: Key moments before Urvashi Dholakia's win...

Niketan Madhok has been voted out of the 'Bigg Boss' house. His brazen attack on Imam: And the award goes to Up next - Imam Siddique wins the trophy.

niketan and urvashi relationship help

Delnaz Irani's crowned the winner of this one! Dineshlal Yadav, too, has his heart on Imam; however, he doesn't think Siddiqui will be able to win.