Optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

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optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

What i am telling is the version shown in transformers prime animated series bacially plus some other sources. Back in the golden age of cybertron optimus was. Although it was only hinted at, I enjoyed the fraternal relationship given to Optimus Prime and Megatron in the TFilms (which had never been. Megatron to Optimus Prime, "Chaos Theory Part 1" .. Megatron roused Trypticon by exploiting the connection they now shared thanks to both A month into the journey, Megatron agreed to a therapy session with ship's.

Sentinel Prime was a direct descendant of the first Cybertronian, Primus, and was believed to be the last of the Primes. In the movie continuity, Optimus Prime was originally named "Optimus". He and Megatron worked with Sentinel Prime. But there was more to Optimus than meets the eye. Optimus is actually a direct descendant of one of the Primes Prima, to be specific. It was Optimus Prime's ancestor who finally vanquished the Fallen to another dimension in the battle for the Matrix of Leadership, but his orphaned descendant who was hidden away from the Fallen grew up with no knowledge of what he was.

Sentinel Prime told Optimus of his theories about Prime's lineage Though Optimus was too humble to accept, not believing Sentinel's claims about his heritage, Megatron overheard their conversation and became jealous of his "brother. By having Optimus investigate the remains of the Primes' civilization, it would encourage him to believe in his lineage. Eventually, Optimus finds proof that he is a descendant of a Prime. It is then that the other Autobots begin addressing him as such, and he becomes known as "Optimus Prime".

optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

Back at Burthov, he came upon Ratchet, Arcee, and Elita-One scanning the pieces of the other artifacts. Arcee then discovered that the pieces all contained the same symbol on them, and that the same symbol was on Optimus' head.

Megatron (G1)/IDW Generation 1 continuity

Ratchet declared that the symbol was proof of the Dynasty of Primes, and it indicated Optimus himself was a Prime. Ratchet and the other Autobots began to dub him "Optimus Prime" [snip] Optimus also informed Sentinel of the marking on his head that proved he was right all along: Megatron was not a direct descendant of a Prime.

He was jealous of Optimus. But Megatron resented his comrade, knowing he was a Prime and therefore Sentinel's favored son. For anyone into comics or cartoons in the 80s, few figures are as memorable as the leaders of the two factions of Transformers; The Autobots and the Decepticons.

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They have always had a special relationship built on hatred, rivalry, opposing ideologies, mutual understanding and occasionally respect. While it often comes to physical blows between them, the mind games are just as important. I have dabbled in Beast Wars and other more recent animated series, even some comics like Transformers: Energon, but most of my knowledge and impressions are from the original Marvel Transformers comics, the 80s cartoon show and movie, the rebooted IDW comics and the War For Cybertron game.

Optimus Prime started out as Orion Pax. What Orion Pax did varies, but I believe the current canon is that he used to be a police officer. Not the biggest or meanest person on the force, but determined, honest and quite capable. Where they tend to converge is that Optimus was pulled into the war and leadership unwillingly. He never asked for such power or responsibility, but he stepped up when he was needed.

Villains rarely did in the old 80s cartoons.

optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

This has later been amended to Megatron starting out as a mine worker who got into activism because he was fed up with the corrupt class system that was firmly entrenched on Cybertron. He is put in a situation where he snaps, and discovers he has quite the propensity for violence.

He gets together with other malcontents and psychopaths and ignites a civil war. Megatron craves power, though he sees it as a means to an end, and always has an end goal.

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He will use any means necessary to get there, no matter who or what he has to kill or destroy, and he never has any regret for any of it. A lot of people mistake him for a dumb brute, but he is in actually quite clever and cunning.

Current canon seems to be that these two met even before either of them became a leader.

optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

Reading about it was quite interesting, though not much to write about. These two have always been a pretty even match. In sheer physical strength, Optimus would usually win out since the Matrix has elevated his physical form significantly, and he tends to be the better tactician and better shot, but Megatron would still win because he was willing to fight dirty and cheat like a bugger to get his way.

optimus prime and megatron relationship counseling

No ploy or tactic would be considered too low for Megatron, and he was often able to catch Optimus off-guard for that very reason.

They have traded many near-fatal blows, with quite the story behind most of them. Now Megatron is the stronger one by far something also evidenced in the Michael Bay movies, but the less said about those the betterand Optimus is the one needing to resort of tricks and clever ploys to win out.