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rachel and sam relationship glee wiki

With Finn and Rachel's vote, they win a free dinner at Breadstix together. . Sam becomes jealous of Finn and Quinn's relationship and starts feeling threatened. The Rachel-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Samchel, Ram or Rachel-Sam Relationship - Glee Wiki Kia's 2 cents: Glee - Moving Out. Rachel . Popular Relationships: Search all relationships in Glee: Emma and Will Wemma Quinn and Puck Quick Rachel and Finn Finchel Quinn and Finn Fabson Tina and Mike Tike Rachel and Puck Puckleberry Tina and Artie Tartie Sam and Quinn.

She serves him water and gives him advice right after Sam messed up his interview with Hunter. After that, Rachel decides to help Sam with his modeling career, introducing him the photographer from Funny Girl for a photoshoot, so he can use those photos as an introduction card to Bichette. They also share a few subtle glances with each other during the episode. They share several glances with Santana catching their potential chemistry.

In this dream, they live in New York with their friends and work in Spotlight Diner. Later, Sam seems to enjoying Rachel and Santana's performance. New New York Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with. When Sam and Mercedes say that they are a couple again, Rachel seems to be disappointed.

Bash While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn.

However, with many of Rachel's other friends, Sam sings and dances along. The dream ends with Rachel laying on the stage with everyone, including Sam booing her. When Rachel freaks out about "internet trolls" before the opening night of Funny Girl, Sam attempts to cheer her up with a song on his guitar. However, Rachel is not amused, and cuts the strings of his guitar with scissors. Sam attends the opening night of Rachel's show, which ends up being a success. Sam, Rachel and many of their friends go to a gay bar to celebrate, and dance the night away.

In the morning, Rachel and Sam and the rest of the gang go to a newsstand to see if the reviews have come out for Rachel's show. Since Rachel is too nervous to read it herself, Sam and the group take turns to read passages of the review out loud, which turns out to be positive.

Opening Night They both, along with Mercedes and Artie come to the shelter. Sam isn't treated with much respect by the members of the football team, and Rachel asks him if he is going to tolerate that. Sam explains that he's just the assistant-coach and he can't just yell at them like Coach Beiste does.

They then start discussing the arts, since Sue banned all those programs from the school. Rachel finds this ridiculous, as she thinks the arts are just as important.

rachel and sam relationship glee wiki

Sam agrees with her and suggests she takes it up with Suewhich later in the episode she does. Rachel states how bad it is, Blaine optimistic, but Sam interrupts him saying "it sucks. Loser Like Me Near the beginning of the episode, Will invited Rachel, Sam, Blaine and Kurt to have dinner with him in his apartment to talk about rules that they have to set on one another which they all happily agree.

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Sam and Rachel sit next to each other. Later on, in the choir room, Rachel hears a voice, echoing from somewhere. She meets up with Sam, asking him if he hears the voice too. He misunderstood her and starts talking about the voice he hears in his head. After failing to find the voice, she walks away from Sam, where he thinks Rachel is going a bit insane. Near the end of the episode, Sam starts to whistle, where they all start to perform Homeas they all head to the field: Sam, Kurt and Rachel riding to the field on a golf cart.

Homecoming In the boys locker room, Sue walks up to Sam, and starts questioning him and then starts to hypnotize him, to which Sam stars at the clock, as it moves side to side. Once he has kissed her, he will not remember anything. She snaps her fingers, and Sam awakens. He says hi to her, believing she just arrived.

Sue, astonished by this, walks away, smiling, as Sam continues his routine. Later on Sam and Rachel went to Breadsticks together that night, Rachel and Sam are sitting opposite, eating. They debate how their lifestyles that they know life, from how they lived in New York, Rachel saying NY was fast-paced. She asks Sam what he does, where he says he blows up glass. Rachel is surprised, yet curious.

Sam moves away from the subject, saying they need to be pro-active. He asks her what she always wanted to do. She says she wanted to always play the piano. Rachel, touched, says thanks. She states how its been a long time since being alone with a guy, saying its not a date but its good to be with someone she felt safe with. Sam agrees how is not a date, and hasn't been with anyone since he and Mercedes broke-up.

Rachel-Sam Relationship

They have an awkward silence, to which Rachel looks slightly saddened. Rachel auditions for Funny Girl and sings "Don't Stop Believin'", imagining the original New Directions members singing in the background. She is called back for further auditions for the title role, Fanny Brice.

Michele, who in real life was dating Cory Monteithhad asked to postpone this episode until everyone was ready. Rachel doesn't appear in this episode until the very end where she states, "Before Finn, I used to sing alone, this was one of the songs we would sing when we drove around together.

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Later in the episode, she states that Finn was her person and that they were always going to be together. Later in the season, it is revealed that she got a tattoo of Finn's name despite telling Kurt that she chickened out when they went to the tattoo shop. Rachel hires Santana to be her publicist, which leads her to take on a charitable cause with a local rescue kennel. She performs with Mercedes and Santana on stage for the benefit, Broadway Bitches, but the publicity stunt goes wrong when the dogs pull her down and drag her for several blocks.

Despite this, Santana reassures her and they discuss the next step in their campaign. Rachel lands the lead on the Broadway show, Funny Girl. Santana offers to be Rachel's understudy when Rachel is stuck in Los Angeles for a television show audition. Before the opening, she suffers from a bout of self-doubt, but performs after Santana gives her a pep talk.

Lee Paulblatt, a Fox Television executive, sees Rachel perform, and is so impressed, he informs her wants to cast her in an upcoming, untitled television pilot. He has her meet with the famed screenwriter, Mary Halloran, who will be creating the script. After the first meeting, Rachel is confused by Mary's ideas and idiosyncratic behavior. Rachel has the group review Mary's script, and everyone agrees it is terrible except Brittany.


Rachel meets with Mary and tells her that the lead character does not sound like her. Mary points out that television viewers want anti-heroes, but Rachel responds by singing, and Mary, uncharacteristically, is moved and made happy by the performance. She agrees to redo the script, but warns Rachel that the network will never make a pilot from it. Eventually, the network loves the script and calls Rachel, and she moves to LA to start shooting her pilot.

Season 6[ edit ] In the final season premiere, " Loser Like Me ", it is revealed that Rachel's pilot bombed. It got extremely low ratings and the show was quickly cancelled. Having burned her bridges on Broadway, Rachel retreats home to Lima and discovers that her fathers are divorcing and her house is being sold. Much to her dismay, Sue has disbanded all arts from McKinley and Rachel approaches the Superintendent to reboot the glee club with her remaining TV money to fund it.

He agrees as long as she runs the club. With the help of the newly broken-up Kurt, she restarts the New Directions, which angers Sue. She calls her old friends and former fellow glee club members Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Puck, Artie, Mercedes, and Tina to help her, and Kurt recruits students to join the glee club; he gets one student, Roderick, to audition.

Blaine, the head coach for the Dalton Academy Warblers, desperately tries to get a female student named Jane to join the Warblers, despite the members' objections. Jane eventually chooses to transfer to McKinley to join the New Directions after a brief coaching with Rachel, much to Blaine's dismay.

By the end, Rachel has 4 members of the glee club. During her time as McKinley's faculty, she bonds with Sam, who is the assistant of Coach Beiste, and develops a crush on him, despite him only being hypnotized by Sue to distract Rachel. Sam backs off, stating he is still into Mercedes, which makes her sad. Over time, they have feelings for each other, and after Mercedes giving her blessing and encourages both of them to pursue a relationship, they do. Also, by Mercedes' suggestion, she auditions for Broadway again.

rachel and sam relationship glee wiki

Rachel struggles to move on from her old house after it is sold, and her friends and students cheer her up with a farewell party. At the beginning of the series finale, " Dreams Come True ", she is seen going to the New Directions competition to assist them.

She does make it big on Broadway, marries Jesse, and becomes a surrogate mother to Kurt and Blaine's child. She wins a Tony Award, and thanks everyone on stage, especially Mr. In the final minutes of the series, she performs OneRepublic 's " I Lived " with almost every former member of New Directions and the adults during the rededication of McKinley's auditorium to Finn Hudson. Rachel then takes a final bow with the rest of the cast.

Development[ edit ] Casting and creation[ edit ] Rachel is regularly portrayed by Lea Micheleand as a child has been played by Lauren Boles. Instead of using traditional network casting calls, he spent three months on Broadway, where he found Lea Michelewho starred in Spring Awakening. Of course being able to sing helps bring a sense of comfort. The character I'm playing is really outgoing—she performs in her everyday life as though she's performing in front of a huge audience.

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Murphy said, "Every year we're going to populate a new group. There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot. It's all part of the plan and it's all good! It's going to make Season 3 amazing! Guilty Pleasures Blaine meets Sam by his locker, and says he saw him stealing food from the cafeteria and he thinks that Sam and his family are having financial troubles again, Blaine wants to help him giving him some money, so that way Sam wouldn't need to steal anything.

But Sam says that the food wasn't for dinner, it was for art and he shows Blaine all his macaroni art.

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Blaine thanks him for sharing this with him, Sam says it's Blaine's turn to share his guilty pleasure, but he says he doesn't have any; however Sam doesn't believe him. While Sam is saying this, Blaine looks at his lips like wanting to kiss him; but then he comes back to reality and say that his guilty pleasure is the band Wham!. Later Tina enters to the room and tells them that Will is sick and Glee Club is cancelled for a week, Sam makes fun of her asking if she's gonna go to his house and rub him while he's passed out, meaning that Blaine told him about what Tina did to him when he had flu.

Blaine looks like he's trying to not laugh. They decide to take the lead of Glee Club, this week's theme is "Guilty Pleasures. In the boys shower Sam confesses that he has been keeping a secret for long, a secret that he's ashamed of and needs to let it out, Blaine is confused and asks if Sam has feelings for him; but Sam tells him that it's not that, it's that he likes Barry Manilow and he suggests to tell people and let it get out.

Sam sings Copacabana and after that Blaine congratulates him for being brave and telling everyone his guilty pleasure.