True blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

10 Couples That Hurt True Blood (And 10 That Saved It)

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

Human blood. HBO. Human blood. HBO. Whiskey. Thinkstock HBO. Tara. HBO . Tara. HBO. Vampire Tara. Arlene. Sookie. Pam. Jessica. See results from the True Blood Romantic Relationships Quiz on Sporcle, the best Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman. Eric and Sookie Relationship Information Status Shared Blood, Made Love, Lived together, Blood Bonded, Close Friends, Love each other, Kissed, Sookie.

Theirs was a relationship that fans were happy to see still going strong in the flash forwards in the finale. There was the fact that it started as an affair, even though Sarah and Steve's marriage was never going to last. There was the fact that the Newlins wanted Jason to be part of their anti-vampire church army.

In addition, there was Sarah reappearing in his life and telling him they should be together because god wanted it. He actually fell for that before falling back into bed with her. Their relationship was never about them. Instead, it was about other characters. First, it was about Steve, and later, it was about Jessica. It was just a complete mess of a relationship.

However, by then, fans had been itching to see the series take advantage of their chemistry for years. It was just too bad that their relationship started when he didn't have his memories. With Sookie's feelings for Bill pretty much always a factor, they sadly didn't stand a chance to last any longer than they did.

Eric & Sookie - Mercy - True Blood

Even after their relationship ended, he still looked out for her. He went to see her when he expected his life to end.

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

Even as the series came to an end, he was still her protector. This happened while he was dating and then engaged to Arlene, who deserved so much better. True, Arlene's relationship with Rene resulted in a baby, Mikey. However, because of Rene's violent past, Arlene was worried about their child taking after his father.

She even lied and told Terry that the baby was his for a while before admitting the truth. Lying about paternity is never a good storyline for a show.

This only happened because of her relationship with Rene. That is, they could have been if True Blood had ever devoted enough time to and explored the relationship. Pam saved Tara by turning her into a vampire at the beginning of season 5.

Tara then proceeded to work at Fangtasia and learn from her maker for the rest of the year.

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

They didn't get off to the best start, but after Tara helped rescue Pam from the Authority, the two kissed. After that, Tara took a silver bullet with U.

Tara was a final season casualty, and there was no time to ever see the two of them together.

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

Still, the tease of their relationship was a smart move. What wasn't good for True Blood is that they got back together in season 4. What they find is something Eggs says is horrible; they just aren't sure what it is other than a circle of stones.

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Pam stops in to visit Lafayette, who's suffering from a form of PTSD and tells him that he'll need to start selling V again. Sookie begins her work with another vampire-supporting human, Hugo, who puts her mind on the idea of 'turning' before they head out to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun.

They arrive and pretend to be a newly-engaged couple seeking a church and Steve Newlin forces them into the basement, much to Sarah's disapproval.

Lorena, Bill's maker, overpowers him to prevent him from rushing to Sookie's aid. A bus in the woods While Sookie's closest friends console her in the wake of Gran's death she finds that many of the townspeople can't help but think her death was both inevitable and caused by vampires. Sookie breaks down emotionally, lashing out during the funeral. Jason, meanwhile, decides he needs to get his hands on some V and heads to Fangtasia; here he meets a free-spirited girl named Amy who heads back to his place.

Sookie inevitably lets out her frustrations and sleeps with Bill. Tara's mother approaches her for money in order to get an exorcism to remove the demons inside her making her drink.

Inevitably, Tara agrees and the two of them meet a woman named Miss Jeanette in the woods where she proceeds to remove the demons from Lettie Mae, much to Tara's surprise. The next day, Lettie Mae has no compulsion to drink though Tara worries after Miss Jeanette's comment that she may have a much worse demon. Which of the following isn't one of these? The Odd One Out: Question by author mchem.

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Her boss, Sam, can turn into any animal at will - a true shapeshifter, while Alcide Herveaux, being a werewolf, can only turn into a wolf. Maryann, a maenad, turns into a horned monster and wreaks havoc. Dwarfs haven't made an appearance on the show, up to the fourth season.

Question by author makayla Alcide While Sookie was cleaning up the blood from her carpet she heard someone's thoughts from behind her. She knew it was a werewolf and started to run but he let her know that Eric Northman sent him to look after her. As they were sitting at the table he learned she could really hear everyone's thoughts and they talked about how Alcide's father owed Eric money and he was trying to work off the debt. All about Tara, Season 1 'True Blood' click to play it.

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

Question by author marcieray Stupid people Sam didn't want Tara to work at Merlottes because he was afraid that she would go off on all his customers. So, she tells him that she only goes off on stupid people. To which he replies, "Most of my customers are stupid people. Then she gave Tara a picture which was Tara and Sookie when they are little girls with Sookie's grandmother.

Do You Know "True Blood"? Sam Sam breaks a pool stick in half ready to stake Malcolm so Malcolm threatens him. What sort of animal does Sam sound like when he is sleeping? Question by author jondalah. A dog Tara and Sam bond over their dislike for Bill, and over their both suffering from unrequited love Sam for Sookie, and Tara for Jason. Both Sam and Tara reveal that they are lonely, Tara wonders why Sam has a such time opening up, after all, as she states to him "please, what have you got to hide?

Tara returns to her home in the morning leading to physical altercation with her drunk mother which results in Tara leaving and moving in with Lafayette. She reveals to him that Sam "barks in his sleep". What club does Adele belong to? The Descendants of the Glorious Dead Adele had been hoping that Bill had been a part of the Civil War, and it turns out that she is in luck. Sookie wonders if he would be willing to attend a meeting of Adele's club.

Bill agrees to attend if his going will make Sookie happy; this is despite the fact that he objects to the name of the club, stating "there is nothing glorious about war". This development leaves Adele needing to call a special night meeting, as the usual daylight time would be rather inconvenient for Bill.

Question by author Gamemaster Eric tells Nora to not "stir this pot" and they both leave. Sookie is happy to see Eric and runs up and hugs him, when she sees the dark veins on his chest she is devastated claiming that he can't die on her.

As Eric holds Sookie he further tells her about his travels after the events of Season 6stating that he thought he might see the world "one last time. When the group arrives at Fangtasiaas weak as Eric is, he tries his best to help Sookie save her friends from Hep V vamps.

After Eric drinks the cure from Sarah Newlin's blood, he comes to see Sookie to let her know that he's alright. Sookie is rejoiced, but informs him that Bill is sick.

Eric promises to help Bill. Sookie tells Bill to drink her blood, but he refuses. Eric holds Sookie as she cries into his chest. Sookie tells Eric to try to convince Bill to take the cure. Eric tells Sookie to let Bill go.

true blood sookie and eric relationship quizzes

He tells her that Bill's made up his mind and that she should let him go. Eric then flies Sookie to her house. She remarks that she's never seen Bon Temps from high above. Sookie invites Eric in, but he says goodnight and turns around to fly home.

The next day, members of the Yakuza speed their way to Sookie's house to kill her since she's aware of the cure. Eric kills them before they get to her house. It's implied by cast and crew members that Eric will continue to look after Sookie. Trivia In the books, Eric and Sookie are married for a brief time. Eric and Sookie are one of the most popular couples of the show Both Sookie and Eric come from royal bloodlines.

Sookie is shown to be the only human to have ever sat on Eric's throne in Fangtasia. They shared their first kiss in the Season 3 episode " I Smell a Rat ".