Velma and shaggy relationship trust

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velma and shaggy relationship trust

Trust me, this whole Shaggy/Scooby-Doo/Velma thing worked out much . the way Velma acted re: the Shaggy relationship deal, but, trust me. In doing so, they needed to work on the inter-character relationships and use This is probably a spoiler, but if the idea of Velma and Shaggy dating doesn't sit. Is Shaggy still dating the dog? posted by The Shaggy-Velma relationship makes sense within the context of the show. . Trust me on this.

They were now the closest that they had ever been. Their on-off relationship and been very much on for quite a few months now and showed no signs of dampening down. She had spent ages discussing this with Fred, mostly talking at Fred about it if the truth were known.

Daphne suspected the change started when Velma was hospitalised with a bad head injury she received whilst on a case. Shaggy had been very supportive during her recovery, this made a deep impression on Velma and she had responded with warmth towards him ever since. The experience had also touched Shaggy and he had remained very attentive towards her even when her recovery was well under way. Then there was the time when they all thought Velma had been eaten by a monster leaving just her clothed skeleton behind, that had forced Shaggy to face up to his feelings about Velma.

That's when it all came together for them thought Daphne. Shaggy had shown a level of physical courage Daphne had never seen before, but only when Velma was in danger, Velma had made sure that she was the bait rather than Shaggy so she could be sure he was safe and the two of them had show open displays of real affection towards each other.

Daphne had since spied them cuddling up together on the sofa, holding hands when out walking together and, after checking to see that they were not being observed, passionately kissing; they had even been sneaking off to 'look for clues' while the gang had been on cases, the same thing she and Fred used to do when they were first dating.

But maddeningly for Daphne, neither Shaggy nor Velma would acknowledge that they were officially an 'item', and Scooby wasn't talking either no matter how much she tried to bribe him. She overdid the ice-hockey yesterday and needs the rest.

Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley

No free samples for us yet, the first load of the products got stolen before they left the company warehouse After the gang had left Shaggy busied himself round the house. A few hours later he thought he could hear some movement from Velma's room so he went to see if she was up. He knocked on her door "Velma, are you up? The mass of aches, pains, bumps and bruises slowly coalesced into a just about awake Velma which sat up in bed, put on her glasses then promptly went back to sleep.

velma and shaggy relationship trust

She was awoken by knocking on her door "Room service" called Shaggy "Come in Shaggy" she replied then stretched and yawned. A couple of trays piled high with food, fruit juice and coffee with legs underneath entered the room "All your favourites Velma, told Daphne I'd pamper you.

She told me not to make too much food so I've only done two trays. Velma patted the spot on the bed next to her "Thanks Shaggy, come and sit here, I think I'll need a bit of help with all this. First things first, painkillers for you, Daph's orders. Velma took the tablets "Thanks, Shaggy, I can't decide which part of me hurts the most so don't squeeze me too tight.

In his own way Shaggy did know how to pamper her. Velma, as a practical person, appreciated practical pampering, sure the sessions that Daphne would take her on were nice, but nothing actually got done. She now would have a few easy days with the time to concentrate on her projects; finish a series of gadgets that Fred wanted to install on the Mystery Machine, and Shaggy, though the gadgets would be taking a back seat.

Shaggy nodded "She knows Velms.

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I guess your right; let's tell her when they get back. Velma grabbed her backpack and stuff the clothes into the bag, going to her bathroom and grabbing a toothbrush. After Velma grabbed her things, she left the bathroom and turned off the lamp.

Velma quietly walked to her window and opened it, she threw the bag down to the ground. Velma climbed out of the window and jumped down to the floor. Velma grabbed her bag and started walking a few blocks away from her house, when she reached Shaggy's house she went to the back of the house where the basement door was. Knocking on the door, Velma waited patiently feeling her heart beating a bit faster. Velma felt her stomach get tied up in knots when the door opened and there stood Shaggy with his tousled messy hair wearing a green over size shirt and brown shorts.

With a little smile, Shaggy rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Like, hey. When Velma was inside, she searched for any signs of Scooby but he was nowhere to be found. My folks are sleeping and they don't really know you are here. I couldn't sleep and I felt lonely tonight. I really needed a friend and I thought I could come to you since Daphne is with Fred now.

Shaggy got closer too and said, "So, what's been bothering you or like what's up? How come you've felt lonely? I wish a guy could like me and find me attractive. I'm lovesick, Shaggy and I hate it really. I'm the girl who hides behind books and never gets looked at twice.

velma and shaggy relationship trust

Just admit it, Shaggy. Not even you found me attractive. Velma quickly looked up and said, "N-no! Even though Fred is cute and all, I would never like him in that way. The intensity was thick in the air between them and Velma regretted even calling Shaggy then. How could I've been so stupid to come here Velma slowly looked up at Shaggy and saw his eyes brown eyes looking deeply into hers, it was then Velma felt her heart beating so loud and everything around them except Shaggy became a blur.

I miss you, Velma. Shaggy got closer to Velma that their knees touched, he reached for both of Velma's hands and said then, "You are beautiful and your like so smart, that's what I really like about you. And you wanna know something else? All of this was surprising to her, "I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry that I chose Scooby over you.

I still love you and Scooby the same way, don't feel like your left out. Velma moved her hands up Shaggy's back before tangling one of her hands into his messy hair, her other hand going inside Shaggy's shirt and running her hand down Shaggy's spine. Shaggy moved away from Velma's lips and began kissing Velma's neck, Velma's breath quickened and she bit down on Shaggy's shoulder causing him to groan and grind himself against her.

Velma's eyes went wide when she felt the excitement in Shaggy's shorts, he has a erection Velma tensed up when Shaggy's hand went inside her shirt, she began feeling a wave of pleasure strike down to her girl parts and she moaned at the feeling.

Shaggy took the hint and grind himself against Velma again and Velma moaned again. Do you like, want to This would be the first time Velma would ever have sex and if she did it now it would be with Shaggy. I trust him and Velma nodded and she kissed him, soon the kiss deepened. Shaggy started pulling on Velma's shirt and she helped him take it off, Velma took her turn to pull up Shaggy's shirt and take it off from him too. Shaggy stood up on his knees and Velma sat up on the bed looking up at Shaggy as he took a moment to admire Velma's breasts.

Velma blushed and tried covering up her chest but Shaggy stopped her, "Don't worry, their beautiful. Velma gasped as she felt Shaggy cupped one of her breasts and began nibbling on her neck again. Velma ran her hand down Shaggy's chest, her hand moving lower down to his abdomen finally touching his erection which was throbbing and as hard as a brick. Velma heard Shaggy gasped into her ear, Velma began making circular motions on Shaggy's erection and she heard his breathe quicken, his hips bucking against her hand.

Shaggy moved away from Velma's ear, looking down at her. Velma could see how dilated Shaggy's eyes had gotten then, his gaze held desire and lust, the way that he looked at her made Velma feel a chill go up her spine.

Shaggy stopped Velma and barely with a low whisper, Shaggy said, "You're really a tease, you know that right?

velma and shaggy relationship trust

Shaggy let go of Velma's wrists and began unhooking her bra and taking off her panties, that made Velma feel even more shy but Shaggy said then, "Zoinks, like No, don't do that. Shaggy stopped and looked at her, "Velma, you don't have to be embarrassed about anything. Like, I love you. Please, like trust me? It was then when Velma felt Shaggy's tongue touch her down there and she almost screamed out in pleasure but she bit down on her lip so hard instead.

Afraid she would wake up Shaggy's parents. Velma began arching her back as she felt Shaggy do many things to her, she was nearly on the edge of losing her mind but before she could even find a release, Shaggy stopped.