Beauties of the emperor ending relationship

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beauties of the emperor ending relationship

In the case of Second Later Jin Emperor Aisin gioro Huangtaiji, he first took Hence, this interethnic marriage reinforced Manchu - Mongol alliance relationship in order to lost his job in Joseon for this breach of protocol, but in the end he was ok. Korea still sent young beauties to Qing court though for ' xuan xiu nv'. One 8th century Tang emperor spent nearly all of his time hunting and kept 5, RELATIONS IN THE TANG DYNASTY; TANG DYNASTY first time since the end of the Han period, and the Tang inherited this legacy. Beauty's Rival in Palace is a Chinese television series adapted from Xiao Qiying's short Shen'er used a lot of tricks to gain favor from the Emperor (Liu Ying), but does not get what she wants. In the end, Mo Xue yuan became Yi Fang good sister and someone whom she trusted because she realises Xue Yuan was.

Although Yifang managed to save the Empire from falling apart, her son grows apart from her- believing that he has no place in Yifang's heart.

beauties of the emperor ending relationship

The disheartened, gradually alienated Liu Qi then secretly met Wang Zhi, his childhood acquaintance and was deeply attracted to her. Liu Heng was ill but often wakes up at night to care for Yifang during her blindness.

The Chinese beauty who brought down a dynasty |

Liu Heng does his best to hide his illness, so as to not cause Yifang to worry. Finally, at the moment of their final parting, Liu Heng told Yi Fang that he has no regrets in life and he loves her with all his heart. Sensing the turbulence in palace and wanting to secure their position, Consort Wang Zhi and Princess Guantao forged an alliance, in which the latter promised to help Liu Che ascend the Throne, but Liu Che must marry her daughter, Chen Jiao and crown her Empress afterward. Liu Qi attempted to consolidate the power of the Crown by trying to subdivide the individual Kingdoms into smaller regions or states.

The Kings of those kingdoms did not consent to have their powers weakened, and went to war with the Empire - which was famously known as the Rebellion of Seven States. Zhou Yafu was dispatched by the Emperor to defeat the rebellion and bring back peace to the Empire. In one of decisive moment of the war, Zhou Yafu was surrounded and required reinforcements from Liu Wu's Kingdom of Liang which turned the tide of war back to their favor.

After the war, Liu Wu was commended lavishly for his contributions to the war effort, and slowly he grew arrogant and vain. He started building palaces, and using titles reserved for the emperor, including preparing an Emperor's gown for himself.

When Liu Qi told Yifang of this, she allowed him to punish him in whichever way he deems fit, but as long as he spares Liu Wu's life. However Liu Wu was subsequently assassinated - Liu Qi reported that he was mugged and murdered.

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Yifang was greatly distressed, and she accused him of killing Prince Wu. Liu Qi, already frail in health, coupled with physical exertion on the court affairs, was soon terminally ill.

beauties of the emperor ending relationship

Liu Qi called upon Yifang in a tender voice, as a longing son calls to his long-departed mother. The court is worried along with the royal palace of Han as Empress Bo still has not given birth to a son and not to mention her losing the Emperor's favors.

The Chinese beauty who brought down a dynasty

Wanting to eliminate potential rival to her son's position, Consort Li manipulated Empress Bo into trying to kill Consort Wang. In the end, Consort Li's scheme is discovered and as a result, Prince Rong's title was stripped and both of them were exiled. The palace maids informed the Grand Empress Dowager and she rushed to mediate their conflict but she overheard Chen Jiao say that her mother, Princess Guantao arranged assassins to kill Liu Wu secretly for Liu Che, so that the latter's path to the throne will be easier.

beauties of the emperor ending relationship

Listening to this, Yi Fang collapsed in sadness and began to cry, lamenting that all her family members are doing nothing but harming each other and she had misunderstood Liu Qi. Finally, in the last scene, old Yifang, together with Empress Dowager Wang Zhi and Zhou Yafu, were reminiscing the past, when a group of young girls who just entered the palace as maiden-in-waiting are presented to Yifang and one of them is Wei Zifu, the future Empress Wei, the wife of Emperor Wu.

Yifang gives them a bit of advice to "take in the past because in the future, you'll regret not taking in the tears and happiness". He led a force of aboutmen, inspiring their loyalty because he had been their leader for many years.

Beauties Of The Emperor eng sub epi.31

Emperor Xuanzong fled towards the southwest, intending to escape with Yang Guifei. The soldiers accompanying them, however, had other ideas. At Mawei Relay Stop, where they were to change horses, they demanded the execution of Yang Guifei, blaming her and her cousin for the rebellion and the decline of the dynasty. Yang Guifei, rather than turn herself over to the soldiers, hanged herself in the courtyard of a small Buddhist temple in Mawei village.

beauties of the emperor ending relationship

Flowery hairpins fell to the ground, no one picked them up, And a green and white jade hair-tassel and a yellow gold hair-bird.

The Emperor could not save her, he could only cover his face. It is possible that the women in the serial are just behaving what they think they are supposed to behave—cunning, cruel, betraying—in order to secure their imperial status in such a place filled with taboos and restrictions.

Feminine roles in feudal times are restricted, and they are even more so on the pinnacle of Chinese feudal hierarchy which is the Forbidden City. The show was not without its critics. Many sociologists, psychologists, and academics have criticized the show as promoting hatred and backstabbing as a "natural" matter in society, and fears that the drama will twist the youth's perception of social relationships in general.

However, many ordinary citizens simply believe the show was a reflection of the real world. When one such psychologist was asked about his views concerning the series, he stated "I think we must remind ourselves that even if the intentions of this [War and Beauty] are represented as merely fictitious harm, we should still focus on this harm nonetheless, especially when its in respect to our youth" However the creators and fans alike strongly deny such existence of 'harm', and that there are no such subliminal[ citation needed ] connotations behind the series.

This drama is considered the best drama in TVB production in year Home video releases[ edit ] DVD cover.