Mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

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mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, originally known as Mortal Kombat V: Vengeance . The cups would begin to move in a random order, and by the end one has to the characters and their relationships with one another mainly during Konquest to the characters was only revealed on the sequel Mortal Kombat: Deception. Mortal Kombat: Deception Go to Kombat mode then go to a level with a weapon. Then In Konquest mode, many characters will ask you to do missions for them, usually When fighting Scorpion at the end of the game, continually strafe around him to Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Zelda & Link's Relationship. Walkthrough --Earthrealm Village-- ERV.1 -- Notes ERV.2 -- Koin Find out through Mortal Kombat: Unchained's Konquest adventure mode. 5.

Man walking A6-B6 Mission: Help the villager cure his toothache Hit him here: That'll cure any toothache! Ninja looking boy B6 Mission: Find the hiding boy Find him here: Boy in front of a house B5 Mission: Find the key somewhere in the park Find it here: Behind a house in A6.

The back of the house is in the park Reward: Boy with ponytail near dojo B5 Mission: Wake up lazy boy sleeping in the woods Find him here: Woods in D4 Reward: Woman walking B5 Mission: Find woman's missing son Find him here: Old woman walking B6 Mission: Deliver note to the blacksmith Find him here: Possibly only a hint for a mission outside the village From: One sleeved boy D5 Mission: Teach Makko a lesson Find him here: In the park A6 Reward 1: Parent's hut key from one sleeved boy From: Man in front of hut D5 Mission: Reclaim the pawned wedding ring Find it here: Hit the man in front of the vases C6 Reward: Woman tending clothes A3 Mission: Locate lost bracelet Find it here: Inside a barrel in D5 Reward: Old bald man in front of house C2 Mission: Find a vase for the strange man Find it here: Inside a hut in C1 Reward: Find proof that Oni exists Find it here: C5-C6, hit the Oni walking around at Old lady in hut D5, but it's easier to look in D4 Mission: Find a lost dog Find it here: Man in hut C3, but it's easier to look in C4 Reward: Man in hut D4 Mission: Locate flour for the baker Find it here: Hut in B3 Reward: Old woman in hut D4 Mission: Fill the bucket with water Find it here: Guard standing, during evening B3 Mission: Locate five Lin Kuei before dawn Find them here: A2 woods A4 behind row of houses C4 between house back and woods D4 woods B6 behind trees at the gates Reward: Man in white D2 Mission: Use the run button R2 Yo need to run to the bridge and grab the onyx koins that appear before him reward: When you come back to Earthrealm the second time, and after training with Nightwolf, you can get in there.

You won't be able to complete until you train with Nightwolf which will be part of the storyline so don't worry Talk to them afterward and you'll get the White Lotus Emblem. You migh also want to complete your recently assigned mission beating Baraka at G4 To get Raiden's Staff go to Earthrealm when you are older before going to the last Realm, Edenia, preferably and go to the big temple to the south C7 to find Kung Lao.

You'll have to do a 10 hit combo on him. When you do, he'll ask you to find Kai at Outworl, which will be in the Ice Caves. Kai will then give you Raiden's Staff.

What does it do? With this you'll also have access to a mission from a man standing outside a hut in C6. Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: From Motaro at A3 tight of house at Monday, C3 inside beach house Key: C3 near dojo Key: D4 back of hut Key: H2 fight Kobra Key: F8 cave in Lin kuei temple at 7: KK key ying yang symbol Unlocks: A8 cave where kamidogu was.

Man outside hut in B4 Mission: Scare the old man for his nephew's entertainment Find it here: Paranoid man in C6 Mission: Discover what is happening in hut to the south Find it here: Master Shen in E4 Mission 1: White Lotus Emblem Mission 2: Locate and defeat these strange 'beast men' for the White Lotus Find them here: Woman in white robe walking near village 4: Find something to help this young woman to her home Find it here: Magnetic Ore in B7 between rocks and trees Reward: Masked man with gun in F3 Mission: Seek the purpose of the great stone circle that lies to the east Find it here: When you use the first kamidogu, return and talk to masked man Reward: Man outside hut in G7 Mission: Deliver this mysterious package to his customer Find her here: Woman outside hut in A6, Give earrings to man in G7 Reward: Woman outside hut in F7 Mission: Find her father's lost sword Find it here: Woods in D7 Reward: Gossiping ladies in C5 Mission: Man walking around D5 with red beads Mission: Find the man's lost promise ring Find it here: Old man in A6 Mission: Locate a curative agent to aid the old man Find it here: B8 between trees Reward: Red Lin Kuei in G8 Mission: Find and defeat the Shirai-Ryu to prove your loyalty Find it here: Do you wish to beat him into submission?

Defeat Kabal in 30 seconds 1 round koins E6 at night Kira Kira has laced her blade with poison! Will you accept the challenge? Defeat Kira before you bleed to death. Will you accept his challenge? Defeat Kobra before you bleed to death 1 round koins G6: Jax The only thing standing between you and the White Lotus Society Will you challenge him?

Only throws will damage him. Sindel Sindel is draining your life essence! Will you resist her? Darrius Darrius has bought the Resistance to Eartgrealm! Will you put him in his place? You cannot block 2 rounds koins F8: This is the location of trainers after beating konquest. Bo' Rai Cho G8: Each match has a different stipulation, but they are not described before the match starts.

You can not block koins Kobra: This portal will take to the other portal to the Nexus and you'll see there a chest with onyx koins. Is this all we can get by awaking Kochal? Also some Onis says that Kochal is a 3 headed demon. Well, there are 3 pillars with a giant skull behind each Black Dragon Clan member, and when you defeat one of themm the skull pilar behind him. Talk to guards after training with Ashrah: D8 inner wall corner Key: A8 outside wall Key: E8 in cave Key: A4 beat Nightwolf in Kombat Key: Guard in hut C8 Mission: Tell 3 guards about the gathering Find them here: C8 next to hut C7 next to hut C7 walking Reward: Brotherhood of Shadow member, the only one not bald walks trough C7 Mission: Find a Brotherhood of Shadow member's lost wristblades Find them here: A5 very close to big round building Reward: Find Quan Chi's amulet for Shinnok Find it here: Bald man A7 Mission: Find the oni that stole the spellbook and punch him Find it here: Brotherhood of Shadow member in hut B5 Mission: Find Sareena for the Brotherhood of Shadow Find her here: D8 behind hut Reward: Robed man walking through A8 Mission: Find a Sorcerer to remove the curse from the sword Find him here: Bald man in hut A6 Reward: Locate three Oni teeth for Jarek Find them here: A7 next to skeleton A4 outside D5 Reward: Oni standing D6 Mission: Find a shield for an Oni and return it to him Find it here: Nightwolf outside town at C5 Mission: Find the Oni who stole the Bear Totem Find it here: C6 near bridge Reward: Find Drahmin for Moloch Find it here: Plus, the death trap-related fatalities are pretty entertaining.

mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

So death traps actually turn out to be a much more fun addition to the game than you might expect. However, if you really don't like them, for some reason, you can disable death traps in the game both in offline and online play. Of course, this wouldn't be Mortal Kombat without a whole bunch of fatalities, and, fortunately, Deception's got plenty of them. Deadly Alliance had just one fatality per fighter, but Deception has two. And most of these are barbaric and really gross, meaning they're excellent.

In fact, it's fair to say that MK: Deception packs in some of the best, most brutal fatalities in the series to date. Another new addition to the series is the hara-kiri, or self-fatality. Basically, players who've lost a match have the ability to punch in a command to perform a self-fatality. These are pretty amusing, much like most all the other fatalities in the game.

mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

As a result, the losing player is given a sort of fatality advantage. Whereas the winning player must be in the proper position to execute a fatality, you can pull off a hara-kiri as quickly as you can punch in the command.

So, in practice, you won't have much opportunity to pull off a fatality against someone who's memorized the hara-kiri maneuvers. Regardless, it doesn't really matter either way, because--as in past MK games--fatalities are just for show. And they put on a great show indeed. Many of the fighting arenas in Deception are every bit as dangerous as the opponents you'll face in them.

mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

The standard fighting mode is playable versus the computer or against another player. When you play against the computer, you'll fight your way past a number of combatants until you finally square off against a typically overpowered Mortal Kombat boss. Each character has a fairly elaborate ending, should you win the bout, so fans of the MK mythos should enjoy the arcade mode if not for this reason, then because the enemy artificial intelligence is actually pretty fun to play against.

It's susceptible to some tricks and patterns, and at higher levels of difficulty it fights pretty cheaply, but mostly it's a good way to practice your skills, master some combos, and maybe see a fatality or hara-kiri you've never seen before.

Mortal Kombat: Unchained - Konquest Mode Walkthrough

Online play is a major attraction in MK: You can play puzzle kombat or chess kombat online, but the regular one-on-one fighting is where the real action is. It's easy to get into a match, and we experienced surprisingly smooth, lag-free gameplay in each of the different online modes, which is impressive considering this is the first-ever online-enabled 3D fighting game to hit consoles.

Furthermore, the game's very timing-intensive, which would make lag not just noticeable but quite detrimental. Interestingly, you have access to all of your unlocked characters while playing online. Some of the game's hidden characters seem noticeably stronger than average, so the play balance--especially with the death trap-filled environments--is a little suspect.

On the other hand, it's not like you're dropping quarters into a machine each time you play. At any rate, like pretty much any fighting game, MK: Deception is at its best when you're playing a similarly skilled opponent. And the presence of online play means you should be able to find ready and willing competition 'round the clock. It's a huge deal and a major milestone for 3D fighting games. Soon enough, you'll be tempted to gain access to the game's variety of hidden characters, alternate outfits, and additional battle arenas.

So, unfortunately, you'll have to stop playing the arcade mode and switch over to the aforementioned konquest mode.

Konquest mode is definitely the weak point of MK: It's a surprisingly long and drawn-out third-person-perspective adventure game in which you, as an aspiring martial artist named Shujinko, will get to visit many of Mortal Kombat's multidimensional locales to meet many of its characters. Konquest mode also serves as a tutorial, since it'll initially walk you through the basics of combat and teach you most of the different characters' various moves and combos.

This all might sound great in theory, but in practice, konquest mode is ugly and dull. Shujinko's journey is just a series of very repetitive point-A-to-point-B fetch quests and combat training exercises that are punctuated only rarely by an actual good, old-fashioned fight. Shujinko ages during the course of konquest mode, and there are a few other nice touches, like how you can just go ahead and punch anybody for any reason at any time while running around.

Mortal Kombat: Unchained - Konquest Mode Walkthrough

However, these don't save konquest mode from being disappointing. The whole thing just looks and feels awkward, and the lousy voice acting and poor graphics will probably keep you from getting into the long-winded and utterly predictable storyline.

Diehard MK fans will find some pleasant cameo appearances in konquest mode, but it's still a chore. Konquest mode is lame, but you'll need to play it to unlock most of the game's best-kept secrets. Yet you need to play konquest mode to access most of the good, unlockable features in the game. You'll run across vast fields while collecting "koins" and opening treasure chests that contain still more koins. Occasionally, you'll discover a key of some sort.

While a group of Earthrealm warriors prepares for a frontal assault on the Deadly Alliance, Bo' Rai Cho secretly enters the palace and escapes with the body of Li Mei. He regroups with the other Earthrealm warriors led by Raiden and retreats to safety rather than joining the attack.

mortal kombat unchained konquest ending relationship

His back story is that he has trained warriors for centuries to compete in the tournaments. After many failures, success finally came when he trained Liu Kangwho defeated Shang Tsung and became champion of the Earthrealm tournament. He appears in Shang Tsung's MK ending as having trained Shang Tsung for the role of Outworld's new protector against the now-corrupt god Liu Kang, and makes a brief appearance in the story mode and comic book prequel of MKX.

In the story mode he is seen conversing with Raiden about Liu Kang and Kung Lao's deaths before he is nearly killed by Shinnok. Whether he survived the attack is unknown. The character's name is a play on the word "borracho" Spanish for "drunk"and he is indeed usually depicted as intoxicated and carrying a canister of alcohol. His fighting moves consist of drunken style fighting mixed with vulgar actions such as vomiting on the ground to make the opponent lose their footing, and propelling himself back up to his feet by flatulating, which itself is used in one of his Fatalities as well as his Hara-Kiri finisher in Deception.

Character designer Herman Sanchez said that the word "broke itself up nicely into three Asian-sounding syllables," while the developers wanted a "slob" character for the series as well as the first one introduced who would be a teacher.

Or, in his case, a belch of fresh air. Smillie of Game Rant rated his Hara-Kiri finisher, in which he holds in his flatulence long enough that he explodes, seventh in his list of the worst finishers.

Mortal Kombat: Deception Review - GameSpot

He has a massive spiked club implanted in his right arm in place of a normal hand, wears a bizarre mask called the "Face of Kun-Lo," and constantly has an army of flies which he uses as a projectile in the games buzzing about his body.

The mask allows him to control his rage and fight with his disciplined Netherrealm style, but without it, he loses his focus and attacks with murderous insanity. Centuries ago, he was a cruel human warlord in Outworld who was exiled to the Netherrealm where his body and soul were to be tortured for all eternity.

He and fellow Oni Moloch become allies, and during the time of the Deadly Alliance, Shang Tsung fears treachery from Quan Chi and hires Drahmin and Moloch to protect him, promising revenge as compensation for Quan Chi having previously fled to Outworld without them after they had freed him from Scorpion's torture.