Soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

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soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

Manga. Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor Soushi has light brown hair over his shoulders and tied at the end. His fringe is usually Relationships Edit. Soukyuu no Fafner - Heaven & Earth» Soushi + Kazuki Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor, Episode [End] . super intimate moment (everyone who doesn't believe that the relationship between the two (however you may interpret it). 'Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus' Anime Gets New TV Spot .. Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch.. complicated relationships and twisted ending.

The convenientsteps-from-his-room vending machine stands out. In the extended cut of the first episode of Exodus there is a whole sequence dedicated to showing off his dorkiness.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

Says this to Kazuki as he's being assimilated into the Festum hivemind at the end of the first season. And he is; he stays in a state of crossing with Kazuki for two years.

His Exodus relationship chart says he might have romantic feelings for Toomi while the novel states that Kazuki is the most important person in his life. He also shows far more worry for Kazuki then for any other pilot including Maya and gets some teasing moments with both of them, though with her they are more ambiguous.

It's all very confusing, mostly because Fafner - in true Fafner fashion - doesn't confirm anything. On the novel's colorpage he has bright red hair instead of the usual light brown. In Heaven and Earth, understandable because he showed up the least when compared to other characters.

Subverted in Exodus where he's well, his voice actor the top billing cast in the credit. With Kazuki in Exodus. In Exodus 2nd ending. Never, ever, threat or hurt his friends or he will send you to nothingness with his Mark Nicht. He and Kazuki single-handedly salvage the situation in India once they show up with Sein and Nicht.

Of the Long-Haired Pretty Boy variety. In the novel, when Kazuki asks him who he bet on in Kazuki's matches with other boys, he says "I Kazuki doesn't buy it for a second but had a feeling he would says so anyway.

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When Akira asks him how his "Akira curry" tasted he replies with "Extremely ordinary" without missing a beat. When he and Kazuki arrive in India in the middle of a battle, he nonchalantly asks Kazuki whether he slept well and if he had nice dreams.

Kazuki responds in the affirmative. Probably befitting his status as Kazuki's closest friend, he is this in the novel. Kazuki notes that Soushi has a whole fanclub following him around at all times.

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With Kazuki though they spend five years not speaking to each other. Oh so very much.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

He treats every task, no matter how mundane, like a war council. It's the source of many weird looks in universe. In the extended first episode of Exodus he for some reason carries a stop watch and clip on thermometer with him and in Exodus 2, in the middle of a war situation he for some reason has a ruler on him to cut Kazuki's hair with. Minashiro Soushi, prepared for any situation. The franchise's secondary protagonist.

Kazuki Makabe

Gets caught up in a cocoon of Festum tendrils as they slowly attempt to assimilate him, and just as you think he might get out of it he gets full-on kidnapped by them. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Worst offender of the franchise.

Even the Guys Want Him: The fanclub mentioned under Chick Magnet is, according to Kazuki, made up of equal numbers of boys and girls. Between Heaven and Earth and Exodus his hair grows out, becomes a bit messier and developes a wave.

Considering the Character Development he went through since episode one and how relaxed he is in Exodus it fits nicely with his far less cold and forcefully controlled personality.

He has a scar over his left eye that's left him blind on that side. Kazuki did it to him when they were children to save his life. He was getting assimilated. When he was returned at the end of Heaven and Earth his sight was restored, but the scar still remains. Go Out with a Smile: Stoic to the bitter end but when he's saying his goodbyes to Kazuki after his death he's last seen smiling before his body fades away.

He likes doing this with Kazuki a lot. In Exodus he and Kazuki share a scene where he mentions how long Kazuki's hair has gotten and suggests he cut it. Kazuki calls him out on it. Later, after Kenji has taken control of the Siegfried System for the first time, Soushi tells him not to shoulder everything by himself. Both Kenji and Kazuki call him out on this.

Says this to Kazuki at the end of the first season, and again in the movie. Killed Off for Real: He claims this is his fate at the start of Exodus. It comes true in the final episode.

To Kazuki, consistently throughout the series. Exodus Kazuki, who is much more stable than before, flees the NUN pilots to go to see Soushi, calming down significantly and immediately once they're together.

Funny enough, Kazuki is this for him too. Living on Borrowed Time: It's heavily implied in Exodus that he's only alive because he's part-Festum now. Already this in the original but even more so in Exodus where his hair is even longer and falls far less strict. In Exodus, only for a while, though. Until his Midseason Upgrade. Required of him while he's operating the Siegfried System, as any show of emotion could negatively impact the pilots.

He has no clue of how to do casual conversation. See the episode where he takes Kazuki into his bedroom. It's turned into a sort of Running Gag where he treats a menial task as serious as a war council and Kazuki fondly says "You're really awkward, aren't you? Right of Left especially shows us that Soushi's stoic demeanour is at least partly a facade. In actuality, his coldness is a front used to bear the weight of his responsibilities, namely the potential of having to sacrifice the pilots for the sake of the island.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

This vending machine is 11 steps from my bedroom. You're really awkward, aren't you? Also played straight when he pilots Mark Nicht in Exodus.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

He turns out to be one of, if not the most aggressive among the pilots on the entire show. Played straight in the original and Heaven and Earth. When the island Mir resonates with Emery he and Miwa are the only ones not bothered by the apparently incredibly loud and painful noise it creates. In the novel, Kazuki describes him as a generally pleasant and gentle person which he pegs as one reason for his massive fan club so when he starts getting erratic and irritated Kazuki knows that something really bad is about to happen.

His father dies near the very beginning of the series. His mother sacrificed herself while pregnant with Tsubaki to stabilize the island's core. His very first line in the first scene of the first episode of Exodus is "My name is Minashiro Soushi.

Two years after the end of the original Fafner in the Azure TV series, Tatsumiya Island and its surviving residents have returned to some semblance of recovery. With Misao's arrival, hostilities break out anew between the Human Army and the Festum, and the Fafner pilots are thrown into the most desperate battle of their lives - this time, with the fate of TWO races riding on their shoulders.

Exodus [ edit ] A. The fight against the Festum, a silicon-based alien lifeform that destroyed much of the world, enters a new phase. The first Azure Operation crushed the Artic Mir, scattering its pieces around the world.

Soon those fragments began to act of their own volition. While the majority of the Mir wage war, embracing a hatred for mankind, some of the Festum chose to co-exist with humanity.

There were humans who also thought it was possible. Mankind and the Festum, co-existing. The concept questioned the very reason for the war, giving birth to even more hatred. This is no longer simply a fight between humans and the Festum. Under such circumstances, Tatsumiya Island disappeared from the front lines, going silent. Through the encounter with Misao Kurusu two years ago, the island had a means to converse with the Mir.

It gave the island a unique capability. And now, a new chapter is about to begin on the island. A girl who understands the Festum language.

A girl the Festum protected.